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  1. Can Not receive items

    I have tried re logging and emptied my bag. I can not receive anything that I have gotten from the wheel or have bought...pls fix this

    Look I love BnS but we really REALLY need mounts. Ik people say but you can run and fly though! Well idc XD I want a mount if not for transportation then for pure cosmetics. Anyone else want mounts? :3
  3. Outfit pouch.

    I have transmuted 2 outfit pouches and have gotten one outfit from them.
  4. Is Roleplay a Thing Around Here?

    Jiwan is where the RP is at :D I am an RPer in an RP guild. Jadestone and Yeharas Mirage are typically where we all hang out at :3 feel free to walk up and say hello~
  5. Guild question?

    So will there be an option to have a new leader if a leader if gone for a long amount of time? Or will the guild disband on its own with the leader being gone :/
  6. Fashion/Clothing/Outfits Suck

    I do agree currently the outfits are not great but It always starts that way till they add more in future updates. The other versions of the game are ahead of us but that doesn't mean they can just put the outfits on the NA servers real fast they have to translate them and do alot of other coding. Just be patient :3

    Ok :D Look forward to meeting you

    Request: Hi I have changed my faction after seeing that most RP guilds seem to be in the cerulean faction. :) I would love to join an RP guild with PVP (though PVP is not required for me to join). I would like a guild that has a set guild RP but if you don't I will still consider joining. A little about me: I have been RPing for about 10 years on and offline. Most of my experience is offline though. My character is a lyn male named Kofi if you would like to mssg me in game :D Happy Playing ~
  9. I give up.

    Dont give up :D
  10. Factions?

    Is there a way to change factions? Or are you stuck with the one you choose o.o?

    Hi ^^ I'm looking for a RP guild that also likes to do Pvp (its fine if they don't do pvp though) on Jiwan in the crimson faction :D I love to RP and have done it for years. I currently have a Lyn character that I love but I don't have a backstory yet for him ^^; that is a work in progress. Feel free to reply ~ :D
  12. Wicked ~ PvX/RP Clan

    So do you have a certain guild rp or no o.o (srry if this is posted twice)
  13. Factions Are filling up

    I'm on jiwan and the crimson faction keeps saying its full. I finally got it to let me in but just so you know alot of you might have to join the other faction if it keeps doing this :(
  14. Well i wait 85 minutes

    D: ok I'm prepared
  15. Well i wait 85 minutes

    I havent got in yet to play but I love the lyn race :D I'm trying out summoner for now and I hope I like it ^^