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  1. Alright Everything in the event is "Doable". I'm wondering out of ALL the People who will do the event ; How Many of them will get ALL 12 keys the "Doable Way" without just buying the keys when they're available ( and the time frame for the "Doable" Option )
  2. lol I've actually noticed the REVERSE of Your experience. Every now and then without changing ANYTHING on My character BEFORE reset ; When I log in afterward My AP INCREASES 10-15ish points and a few other stats like Critical DMG increase by 2-5% Rare , but it has happened.
  3. Someone scratched the surface. The "Bar" for the keys is Purposely set Super High to "encourage" You to spend Money and Buy Keys. ^_^ "Ain't it Grand?" ^_^
  4. ROFL! Was already contemplating quitting bns for good due to "numerous flaws and inconsistencies of game / service" in BnS. This only helps strengthen My resolve to play RO even more. At least I will be able to play RO without doing every 15secs approx. Lol Sorry. Sucks too. I tried to give NC a shot. I missed >;P
  5. 1 Good for U. 2 As previously stated I've been having problems since update 24 3 NCSoft has a bad reputation for poor service. I am seeing that now. 4 patch was on 26 Oct 2016 and I was able to play after the patch for a few days. 5 Still no response from NC it's been 4 hours.
  6. Not every time I tried to login, no. Until 3 days ago even now as I type. Lol still no response from NC. This leads Me to believe that they are at fault / behind this mess.
  7. Title says it all but I'll elaborate. Finally sent in a ticket and it's been over 2 and a half hours and no reply other than the fact that they received My ticket. Spent over 300$s on this game and I can't even play it. I think this is pretty messed up
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