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  1. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    Alright Everything in the event is "Doable". I'm wondering out of ALL the People who will do the event ; How Many of them will get ALL 12 keys the "Doable Way" without just buying the keys when they're available ( and the time frame for the "Doable" Option )
  2. AP nerfed?

    lol I've actually noticed the REVERSE of Your experience. Every now and then without changing ANYTHING on My character BEFORE reset ; When I log in afterward My AP INCREASES 10-15ish points and a few other stats like Critical DMG increase by 2-5% Rare , but it has happened.
  3. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    Someone scratched the surface. The "Bar" for the keys is Purposely set Super High to "encourage" You to spend Money and Buy Keys. ^_^ "Ain't it Grand?" ^_^
  4. For those of you planning to quit to RO...

    ROFL! Was already contemplating quitting bns for good due to "numerous flaws and inconsistencies of game / service" in BnS. This only helps strengthen My resolve to play RO even more. At least I will be able to play RO without doing every 15secs approx. Lol Sorry. Sucks too. I tried to give NC a shot. I missed >;P
  5. 1 Good for U. 2 As previously stated I've been having problems since update 24 3 NCSoft has a bad reputation for poor service. I am seeing that now. 4 patch was on 26 Oct 2016 and I was able to play after the patch for a few days. 5 Still no response from NC it's been 4 hours.
  6. Not every time I tried to login, no. Until 3 days ago even now as I type. Lol still no response from NC. This leads Me to believe that they are at fault / behind this mess.
  7. Title says it all but I'll elaborate. Finally sent in a ticket and it's been over 2 and a half hours and no reply other than the fact that they received My ticket. Spent over 300$s on this game and I can't even play it. I think this is pretty messed up
  8. Queue is BS!!!

    Fair enough. Honestly though, I really think it's a ploy to get people to buy premium ^_^ The rest of My post was just filler and I was just trying to cover My arse. Take it with a grain a salt however. I wouldn't have posted if I wasn't in que for like, 2 hours ;)
  9. Queue is BS!!!

    lololol Someone posted in another thread and maybe a few Others in this one that : "I think the que times is a ploy by NCSoft to get more people to buy Premium." I also thought that Myself but really don't want to believe it. During the day to mid day starting early morning today at 4am PST there was NO wait for Me AT ALL ....... After 2pm one could say " Forget it". The only thing I can think of about que times after 2pm is " Schools Out " ;p