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  1. i like this they are helping out the people who aren't too heavy geared i'm glade since i only went to awakened oath belt recently this is what people should look forward to them helping out a good number of the players instead of the few.
  2. no i mean i join a clan for like 5mins or so to obtain the outfit then fork over the gold leave clan would i still keep said outfit...
  3. what happens if u leave that clan do u lose the outfit and 2nd if not dat means u can buy clan outfit and adornments right?
  4. nothing crazy some sillyness on my end but it was enough to be locked out tho
  5. i admit i have done some wrong today and NCsoft sought fit to forgive meh and i wont ruin this chance given im impressed with the response time for my ticket that and probly when i sent my ticket it was within work hours but i am great full
  6. will there be any more costume items being added to the achivement vendor like like some of the missing or extremely rare drop rate items such as but not limited to.. Female versions of wind and thunder god and Aura's. only reason why it worries me is because this area of content is nearly a ghost town. it would be easier for you guys to add it to the vendor rather than the loot table since the loot table it self its the bug problem with the outfits.
  7. i want this so badhttp://s31.postimg.org/q2ottb0sb/posting.jpg
  8. the pink sweater omg name more pics and how long ago it came out dam i want this one so bad
  9. perhaps and im basing this off some thing else perhaps they do get impregnated by some male of another race and return to w/e there home village is the land it self my have magic like properties that always makes are child birth there a female. its the only thing i can make sense of it considering the amount of spirit like energy influence this game has i wouldnt be surprised if that were to case. cause if anything they would probly be male yun if born out side the home land but im guessing here this topic been reading it for the lore and the comical comments lol.
  10. welp im not sure what they are doing in this matter but 2 live streams back the GM women whos name escapes me clearly showed the white version of Cobalts outfit and acessorys which isnt obtainable in the game no way no how so with that in mind you can expect to see the white version in the store. at this RNG isnt my friend and im willing to pay any price. (<-- perks of having a job)
  11. you think dats bad today i broke 150 runs in poh 4man dung with no pirate princess outfit in site the Drop rates are poor and unjust the amount of weeks i spent on farming that outfit i cant even say i have seen and say i got out bided for it i never seen it at all and its a blue item no one should have to do anymore than 50 runs to see anything drop
  12. well the white version should be in cash shop since they arent drops and there no exchange ticket
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