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  1. TBH i was riding on this june 1st update and it saddens me not only that. but this event with the nebula stones have ruined everything MATS wise you cant afford *cricket* Supply and demand B.S its to far gone. the game in it self doesnt produce enough MATS were its stable  and forcing people into the oath and breeze path will only make it worse. its like getting 30 people share a table for 15. and when i say MATS im refering to stingers because everything else can be gotten in a larger number. And no its not about rushing it about being fair as far as supplying what the players need. 6man dungs should always drop 4stingers no matter what and 6man should drop 6stingers no matter what. you run a 6man asura and half the time you dont even get stingers you get some other junk you dont need.  and unless some one can come here and show me a screenshot of every dung you ran and got more than 2 stingers constantly. your replying with lies.

  2. not much they can do the economy is run by us the players its like asking to the government to bail you out because stocks are crashing. yea the RNG boxes  effect the value of gold sure but people are being to passive  and the high demand for MATS gems outfits etc. isn't being balanced just yet. and untill 60% of the players don't need certain MATS like stingers  or Mass farming is to take place this will keep happening  same with cute/cool outfits skins etc. If they rotated in a Butt ugly set of outfits  gold wouldnt crash as bad *not asking for butt ugly outfits dont consider this feedback*  If some one wanted to they could easy rekt the economy with 100k gold

    just buy all the MATS and up the prices till you see fit. 


  3. 2 hours ago, Karaneth said:

    What do we make of this then, it was taken down shortly after it was posted on the BnS website, i could only manage a screenshot before it was taken down but could this be accurate in anyway?eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Nkbi5kaXNjb3JkYXBw

    may 11 next weds. thats quick if u ask me this is suspect but its hard to say  and the spelling error im not surprised either considering NC cant word there posting correctly look at the mess the weapons path post is causing, and are you the only person to see this has anyone else seen it to confirm other wise

  4. june 1st.


     weapon path gets reworked again,,, to fit soul fighters class TBH in  other regions i believe they had did away with pirate and siren paths before soul fighter came out so its possible we will see it on june 1st if not a teaser / trailer but its hard to say basic a months wait to see whats coming  beside  that john guy said  * it will just show up with little to no anouncment at all.

  5. perhaps the wrong words are being thrown here. no one is looking for instant max gear per say but no one looking for grind for 200+ days either. you have to look at it from a normal players view. now i can say i put some money into  this game from every paycheck. am i maxed geared? not even close. but i grind probly 9 hours a day (yes i have a job and no girlfriend). but i can mange 50-70g <-- this includes bids no crafting. now depending on how you make ur money i hear some make 200g+ a day  either way its will take time but some of the requirements and drop rates are questionable  but not enough to wine or quit. yea there isnt enough darts going around for  bulk buying to be affordable for your normal player and even with the 2 extra dungs coming out it may still not be enough. people just want some more help to over come the eliteism if darts were being drop by heroic's 5 darts min.  and then anyone extra number of darts as a bonus drop it would even out better. but you see 1-3 darts too commonly and it doesnt even offset the number of people in the dungeon it self. yea u gotta bid on it sure but its just not enough supply for the demand. P.S alot of people and myself TBH just what the legendary weapon cause its glows and its shiney if a skin came out i probly would care alto to get the weapon 


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