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  1. for the love of god please if your making an entry have a brain and post here your entrys too could get some great feedback from players
  2. i cant help but fell despair when this topic comes up my question about it in the live stream was over looked sadly. and its a little lame now
  3. Any new weapon skins? lets be for real about this you guys have had the same weapon skins since launch would be nice to hear about some epic weapon skins that favor the looks of a legendary weapon.
  4. TBH i was riding on this june 1st update and it saddens me not only that. but this event with the nebula stones have ruined everything MATS wise you cant afford *cricket* Supply and demand B.S its to far gone. the game in it self doesnt produce enough MATS were its stable and forcing people into the oath and breeze path will only make it worse. its like getting 30 people share a table for 15. and when i say MATS im refering to stingers because everything else can be gotten in a larger number. And no its not about rushing it about being fair as far as supplying what the players need. 6man dung
  5. well that between that and the people them selfs not keeping MATS prices in check idk wuts gonna happen but thats not a good sign tho inb4 cover up comes.
  6. nah john said they would anounce it with no warning it would just show up in the last stream.
  7. yea i guess your right but either way june 1st still has its smoke and mirrors
  8. may 11 next weds. thats quick if u ask me this is suspect but its hard to say and the spelling error im not surprised either considering NC cant word there posting correctly look at the mess the weapons path post is causing, and are you the only person to see this has anyone else seen it to confirm other wise
  9. june 1st. weapon path gets reworked again,,, to fit soul fighters class TBH in other regions i believe they had did away with pirate and siren paths before soul fighter came out so its possible we will see it on june 1st if not a teaser / trailer but its hard to say basic a months wait to see whats coming beside that john guy said * it will just show up with little to no anouncment at all.
  10. this is gonna end bad yea sure u discount the amount of MATS and cost but then the MATS will skyrocket probly doubling in price there for doesnt change anything its double edged sword...
  11. lol the hackers will rekt 6v6 doesnt matter what gear you have and again ppl only want legendary mainly for the skin srsly it glows and shiney and super bright and sparkley and maybe the AP but mostly the skins to be fair
  12. perhaps the wrong words are being thrown here. no one is looking for instant max gear per say but no one looking for grind for 200+ days either. you have to look at it from a normal players view. now i can say i put some money into this game from every paycheck. am i maxed geared? not even close. but i grind probly 9 hours a day (yes i have a job and no girlfriend). but i can mange 50-70g <-- this includes bids no crafting. now depending on how you make ur money i hear some make 200g+ a day either way its will take time but some of the requirements and drop rates are questionable but not
  13. i want this so badhttp://s31.postimg.org/q2ottb0sb/posting.jpg
  14. the pink sweater omg name more pics and how long ago it came out dam i want this one so bad
  15. perhaps and im basing this off some thing else perhaps they do get impregnated by some male of another race and return to w/e there home village is the land it self my have magic like properties that always makes are child birth there a female. its the only thing i can make sense of it considering the amount of spirit like energy influence this game has i wouldnt be surprised if that were to case. cause if anything they would probly be male yun if born out side the home land but im guessing here this topic been reading it for the lore and the comical comments lol.
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