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  1. on wut coralites some rng crap that you should be more wiser about TBH i i dont buy anything unless ima get the item i want/need 100% with no tricks
  2. games dont run on hopes and dreams they have to make some kind of money to keep alive.
  3. i gotta chime in here as well the games is evolving to were you cant just dps the new dungs with raw gear. yea we arent at that stage yet. only some dungeons are anti tank and spank . in a few points yes ap is a great factor for flitering out low dps. but at some point you wont be able ask just for AP you see even today ppl asking for (must show achivement or must have 10+ runs etc. but let me ask you this guys. the chart that shows you what your gear is rated for what dungeons you can do sucessfully right is that right or wrong.
  4. i see it everyday what ppl want for a stable run is 500 AP+ < this is ur base low requirement then 550+ is ur average and anything 600+ is most of the time for 4 man soguns or nexus (note i said 4 man) im a SF with 540 AP and i still cant sneak into 550 rooms cause my class isnt the best in terms of DPS but the common rooms are starting to be 550+ instead of 500+ so yea a good chunk of the player are behind by 100 ap almost 150 or so.
  5. This may very well be the 3rd time my question will be unanwsered but ima keep trying Q. How much longer must we wait for the female version of thunder and wind god outfits and what is the Pistachio Dream being replaced with. (Extra Details) seeing as other version have it in there game and why we dont is uppsetting considering how much outfits play a key role in playing this game.
  6. this is gonna get locked since ppl attacking each other besides that this was a good read lol
  7. one way to reason to make Destroyer for a giant shiney fish lol
  8. Diging this up since the live stream explains that using these as a skin doesnt destroy your weapon
  9. normally its the hongmoon duster is the outfit to get so im not sure how they will go about this
  10. these are nice seen the ones above before as well but just have to put faith in our contest participants
  11. doesnt mean we cant have our own awsome version ppl in our region are quite creative
  12. am i the only one hoping the contest winner is of this style outfit if i had the talent i would my self but im no better than a chicken with a crayon when it comes to drawing.
  13. at ranked 10 sub that means you stuck around despite the bots the hackers and the eliteism asking for a transfer of items or a loyal costumer despite all this not only one time for ranked 10 but probly well earned. its either they and myself have faith in NC soft that they inprove as they go along or dont. TBH why hasnt anyone from NCsoft come froward about this.
  14. probly the only real problem in infinity tower is the summoners hp pool. its a bit foul the in those upper floors even with a a good buff the cat hold way too much hp. it legit becomes 2v1 lol and no one here can say yea i steam rolled a high floor summoner with ease.
  15. well im ranked 9 soo to be ranked 10 when i get there ima see if that transfer thing is true and i'll replay back if so.
  16. hwos summoner hmm.. your currently the meta untill dat KR nerf becomes final and makes its way here.
  17. as much as i would like the npc were you can buy a legendary weapon for gold and jump in the content its a yes and no thing. see the f2p ppl and number to the game with no requirement. while p2p players add the funds to keep the game running. we both need each other so becoming psp would probly lead to less ppl online and less ppl mean less farming meaning more expensive stuff and vicversa so you get the point the door has to swing both ways.
  18. Stats Doesnt Offset knowing how to do the dungeon stop it. These clowns keep thinking that. even today ppl with partys of 550+ and 600+ can still wipe in soguns. the day soguns came out i ran with a decent group of 450 AP and finshed it. with no wipes none. ppl that requests high AP requirements either want to finsh quickly or dont bother with the teaching. and no you can not throw a youtube link at everyone and say hey go learn. because if those videos wasn't there everyone would struggle so please think about it.
  19. i plus one on the fan class. from what i hear in the wind the next class is suppose to be melee which in terms comes down to certain types of weapons to be used. yea you have the spear which looks promising yunsang uses a spear/ halberd so its there but it shares move sets similar to a destoryer based on yunsangs move sets. the Fan class seen used by yehara tho only in the cut scene is also possible. and finally you have Alka Fighting style which is made up of a dual wield daggers with one entailing of a chain extension probly for mid range combat. <this i one i vote for in my eyes see
  20. anyone have the full name of the first one and the outfit that goes with it that hair style is awsome and should be next in the HM store
  21. i wouldnt complain if the gem you got from the merchant was account bound. a little disappointed that gems that share the same name are account bound or not. even if there was a an item to make it so it can be mailed among your characters i would pay for it post haste.
  22. all the daily quest in cinderlands and below have vanished not its not uncheck on my maps none of the npc have any quests
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