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  1. i see no reason to cry about the crashing of MATS especially if your rocking anything higher than a legendary stage 1 not point figures. legendarys arent a requirement yet but i get it your gear proofing your toon now then later when it becomes a need but every action has a price  to be paid and gearing up to high teirs early means you had to pay more than the average joe who is now gearing up to same level as you at a fraction of the cost cause he either is buying gold now or saved his gold to the peak at which the market would crash and MATS are prime for buying. no matter who's side your on its a win/lose situation.

  2. this is one of those topics were you most likely wont see  Them own up to it. for 1 theres no voice  chat in our version of the game  so we must seek another method to Discord is program that runs outside of the game for enhance party playing of the game with out interfering with it. so to be banned for using it while the game is running is sad and worrieing. now idk the facts or details but it says alot to most considering in that reddit post they didnt defend themselfs yet.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Emma Frost said:

    It was a cute rendition of the ducky floatie that was originally an outfit for the familiar. I thought it was very cute, charming, and funny at the same time. It's honestly the one I'd be more likely to drop cash on. Granted, some of the other runner ups looked good and were much more deserving of winning overall than the one that actually got picked. 

    by supporting the duck outfit your part of the problem. just saying because running around with a giant rubber duck is appealing.

  4. as far as the outfit goes no i would never wear a clown suit but the wigs that comes with it  is nice the jin/yun ones imo so for the sake of the wigs i want the outfit to be made but is the wigs dont come as design then no it would see a penny from me TBH 

    27 minutes ago, 854450_1452550237 said:

    To be honest with you I really do like this outfit and it does seem to appeal for the majority of both female and male players of this game. This costume was literally my most hyped fan art costume and could not wait to get it in game. However when I found out that this Artist had took the dirty route for this contest ... Regardless of how I feel about this outfit. I do not justify it to be put into the game. Even if NC takes the winner's "rewards" away.  They are still giving the Art thief the satisfaction of seeing her "hard" work being in game and still getting credit off of something she blandly traced over.

    Not only that, this will also lead into one or two things:

    1. When the next costume design contest rolls in again. Players will now look back at this contest, seeing how the Art thief's costume: ( regardless of the negative feed back and proof that half the designs was traced over by various intellectual properties and other artists original art work).  The newcomers will nine out of ten follow this Art thief's foot step. Because hey, if this art thief got away with it? Then so can I!

    It will become a trend until an actual artist or a company puts a lawsuit onto NC. 

    2.: These contests will be frowned upon, this will also give NC a bad reputation. No striving artist would want to participate again just to see their art become par or get shot  down by another art thief.

    I mean if the community wants an outfit like this then I am sure NC can ask the devs to make a costume inspired by this some totally different from this blatant traced artwork. You for one do not speak for the whole community. I do not support art theft and I will not support this costume getting a free ride in game. 

    I would like to see the other costumes... None of the runner ups impress me.


    that's an actual beautiful outfit I wouldn't mind  voting for to be honest... 

    this desgin is really awsome BTW it would have my vote 10 times over.

  5. 5 minutes ago, luera said:

    Thank you so much for considering our feedback! It's truly appreciated tht you acknowledged us.

    probly wont see any action taken now  but in the future most likely there will be more strict rules in place to prevent this kinda of stuff from taking place

    1 hour ago, WachtelSchachtel said:

    Ok guys even the yun ponytail hairstyle loks like an replica of an already existing BnS hair mod...


    Posted Imagemaxresdefault.jpg


    ^ without the ears ofcourse

    now because of the lack of decent wigs i have to disagree with you only reason i will back this costume is because its including decent hair styles but the outfit is trash and will likely be salvaged for its fabric while i sport the wig it comes with  on another outfit <most likely what most ppl will do any how

  6. the last stream  they said there were some changes to be done to the weapon path info would be released some time this week so MATS are in limbo atm  theres your reason

    32 minutes ago, WayOfTheBacon said:

    Just invested in 200 Moonstone at 3.2g each....now its 3.15g lol. Did every1 just found a way to farm massive moonstones or every1 just swiped their wallet dry during the sales......


    Waiting for them to go back to at least 5g......that may not happen T.T


    28 minutes ago, WayOfTheBacon said:

    oh wow....that's sad. But thank you for the info. Dumping them asap ......


  7. 1 hour ago, Kohashi said:

    Im just gonna leave this here:






    Because images say 1000 words .


    PS: anyone who tried to fiddle with character creation a bit would know Mushin is jin 100% :)

    his character model is in that of a jin how every his back story says that hes a gon.  and those lips are questionable lol

  8. despite you guys thinking bad of a summer trove event it yields good fortune  with a trove in a effect MATS in market tend to drop in price now if ur one of those ppl that have been saving gold for MATS this is perfect for you.


  9. yea i the black hair fooled me im sorry  those she doesnt seem very warlock like in the current comic

    17 hours ago, Rhy said:

    Time to disappoint you :D



    LOLNOPE. Julia is a warlock. That entire comic is for warlocks. Want proof? 


    This is part 2. You can clearly see Julia / Zulia using warlock skills and chains.


    Need more?


    This is part 3, Julia gives the male MC a piece of paper which activates into a Warlock Talisman and grants said MC warlock Attire.


    EDIT: oh, and yes this comic is canon, all of them are, they explain backstories that aren't exactly covered in the game.


  10. 1 minute ago, Lunakitty said:

    Wanna bet price will be around 300 g?

    most likely considering they OP on the widow wig. theres some things i want as well liek thunder god horns and cobalt blindfold  but i rather just buy it then farm sensely  relaying purely on luck. ask your self u do think 200+ runs for a costume piece is even fair at this point?

  11. 21 minutes ago, Solidarius said:

    Who cares about Junghado Hat.....yeah its cool but.... have you see Nakusun Hat, id give my left nut for that 1.

    lol i died on this one. relax guys achivment shop shoudl be getting some added items im sure if you could make a request form so that some oen from the team would views in hopes they add in those much desired items from old content.

  12. now this is a surprise and some what funny image a lyn with destroyer attacks gawd i can barely contain myself 

    1 hour ago, Copperfield said:


    It really doesn't. Every race (besides Yun) has their own unique class, and also have 3-4 extra classes. Gon's strength is literally the reason they are able to be destroyers. and Blade dancers were created specifically for the lyn, by the lyn because of their stature and general lack of strength. 


    I like the flavor this kind of uniqueness brings to the game, and people can never just be satisfied with what they have. The amount of classes per race is fine. And the race locked classes should stay as is. It isn't like TERA which has gone completely out of control with race/gender locked classes.

    well odds are they only reason the yun probly doesnt have a race locked class is probly cuase the game favors females alot over males is one too if it had to be a class for the yun its would most likely be the iron fan class thats has a decent hype i dont see the yun for a the type for spear or gunner TBH

  13. Just now, 899697_1452550651 said:

    Sure I agree. But if I pay for something, then I want have usage of it.

    If server is down, then why my premium time still expires?


    When Server is turned off temporary, then turn off buff in game temporary as well.

    understandable im have lost a few days in the past theres a point were compensating the players is needed at times but thats mangement for ya its never fair in the work force.

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