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  1. 12 hours ago, SenLingqi said:

    I'm supporting this.


    But we haven't been hit by this censorship yet did we? That would suck because Zulia's outfit will be available at some point to players. However I think the KR's censorship of Zulia is only for her, as a NPC, and hasn't been applied the player outfit. At least I hope, that would be outrageous otherwise.

    http://bns.power.plaync.com/wiki/%ED%9D%91%ED%92%8D%EC%9D%98 check this link and sadly it looks like the censorship is set in stone.

  2. with 154 keys i got mega crit which gives u all gems i picked the ruby i got another crit with a another ap gem and a total of 8 crits 1 mega crit 3 crits in a row rest was gold fuel sadly the gold exchange isnt taking a hard enough hit porbly wont untill next week which will be prime gold buying time.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Tabasco said:


    The people who own this property and the investors who back them have already reached their conclusion and made the decision. Right or wrong. There are no more reasons to fight this battle. Let's be clear, the battle is whether or not an NPC wears an outfit.


    It's done, and I don't feel compelled to die on this hill. If you do then good luck: the summit is written in Korean, on the other side of the world. If you want change you had better become articulate in a hurry.




    ...Anyway. Zulia's outfit. In the store. NCwest, I WANT TO BELIEVE.

    its not in store rather its a drop from kr's new 24man  raid  from the new trailer they put out

  4. 6 minutes ago, Sanjhiyan said:

    Patch notes are available and this is all the information about the Summer Trove:

    The Summer Treasure Trove is now available and will run from 8/24 through 9/14.

    • The Summer Treasure Trove can be opened once per day for free.
    • Summer Treasure Trove Expansions and Summer Treasure Trove Keys are available from the Hongmoon Store until 9/13.


    I was hoping for more information than, well, that.

    indeed i wanted a loot table now its a legit gamble im not a twitter guy but if some one can reach out for a loot table that would be great


  5. 12 minutes ago, Hanadeus said:

    as the tittle says increase the drop rate and quantity at dungeons, specially 4man dungeons,


    cause for few days been doing nothing but 4man dungeons, and noticed after finished 4Man Yeti (Avalanch Den) getting 2 Stinger Really? after all that hard work,


    4Man Lair 1 Stinger and 1 Weapon,

    Necro4 man gives 3stinger and weapon or something else dont remember,

    Nexus gives stinger like 10 each run 18 nexus piece and 2keys,

    only gloom does little better stingers like 12 and seed and ss


    others are nothing increase the drop rates and quantity pls, cause one stinger used to be 2.5g worth now 50s so each run worth 50s? and u have to bid for 30s,

    so we have to farm in gloom only? others are worthless? DO SOMETHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

    us as the players flooded the market with stingers and now are trying to do the same with moonstones sadly is the only thing that is decent profit along with the soulstones u get when doing ssp and with summer trove this week its only gonna decline even further all  i can say is increaseing the drop rate will only make the stingers worth even less then they are right now. 

  6. 12 hours ago, MorganClaus said:

    The game became boring  because u actually haven't nothing to do.  this game is pve game.  ( pvp isn't important because u have a specific  faction system, players haven't reason to fight and high cost of moonstones (and etc) made people went to 1 faction)  so u have only dungeons, but how much runs u can do before u start doing them like a robot ?  it still boring.   (May be Korean players can  run 300 times to one dungeon, but I doubt that European players too.)


    They can fix that only if they change the game  mechanics .  for example  they can devide the functions  for  pvp and pve ( give them buffs something unique that will give players a reason to stay  there), added a clan events  for example capturing bases or strongholds.


    improve the craft system,  give players to look for items for crafting. I understand that here there is no concept of armor but there is a  weapon skins and costumes.

    They can added a costume craft + give some bonuses to this costumes  like +1% in pvp or + 5% gold  + 100 crit...


    I know that what I write here probably this will go to the dump because of the developers opinion first on Korean players (especially NCsoft (welcome killed lineage2)) but I tried.


    *sorry for my English.  )

    i see what you mean but ppl piled into one faction cause one side cant be civil so one must over power the other completely 

    heres an example: terror farming on ssp there are days were reds will grief the blues and protect there own terrors rather than farm the opposing side knowing we would harm them other wise by leaving each other to farm  each others terrors everyone wins but no we have ppl griefing sooo. because blues have more numbers we tend to lock out reds out of 3/4 channels cause they cant control them selfs. then they end up in forms crying about faction imbalance. 

  7. On 4/2/2016 at 5:51 PM, Yagion said:

    i highly doubt it's gonna be gunner, archer or spear wielder


    Q: Any information regarding a new class beyond the Qi Master?
    A: Qi Master will arrive this winter, and there will be a new class next year as well. It will not be a hybrid, and has yet to appear in the game before. All I can say is, it is a class which has been highly-anticipated for some time.


    the keywords for saying what i said " It will not be a hybrid, and has yet to appear in the game before ". that includes NPC's ofc

    judging from this i am going to say  its dual wield weapons probly kodachi master basicly a BM on a higher tier of dmg with a completely different move set considering we dont have a dual wield character in game or npc  and i wouldnt count asura  tho he hold 2 swords can also consider nunchucks, the iron fan style is also there either giant fan or dual small fans /spear /gunner etc.. how ever game makers will not always tell you the truth untill its time to show product at that point you'll be  like (oh i thoguth they werent doing that etc.) it happens we just have to wait and see.

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