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  1. its not in english use translate it clears it up a little bit but its ehhh
  2. listen carefully i could care less if the outfit is heavly copied or not it comes with some the best wig design ever for jin and yun. gon ehh not so much but i want it asap so i can get the wig and salvage the ugly costume.
  3. BTW its a drop from zuilas 24man raid no cash required
  4. http://bns.power.plaync.com/wiki/%ED%9D%91%ED%92%8D%EC%9D%98 check this link and sadly it looks like the censorship is set in stone.
  5. i dont see anything on his page this is a legit troll.
  6. link plz i must see for myself
  7. with 154 keys i got mega crit which gives u all gems i picked the ruby i got another crit with a another ap gem and a total of 8 crits 1 mega crit 3 crits in a row rest was gold fuel sadly the gold exchange isnt taking a hard enough hit porbly wont untill next week which will be prime gold buying time.
  8. i heard talk of this dummy i thought it was a myth since ppl said in faction chat it hits like a truck but nobody believed it
  9. its not in store rather its a drop from kr's new 24man raid from the new trailer they put out
  10. indeed i wanted a loot table now its a legit gamble im not a twitter guy but if some one can reach out for a loot table that would be great
  11. i dont mean to dig this up but check this out it might also help clear things up http://bns.power.plaync.com/wiki/%ED%9D%91%ED%92%8D%EC%9D%98 tho i know its like 2 years away or w/e
  12. us as the players flooded the market with stingers and now are trying to do the same with moonstones sadly is the only thing that is decent profit along with the soulstones u get when doing ssp and with summer trove this week its only gonna decline even further all i can say is increaseing the drop rate will only make the stingers worth even less then they are right now.
  13. now now this isnt a p2w post this is just excitement for Crashing of MATs which if ppl have been saving there gold like i have will benefit the most from this event.
  14. im kinda hyped for this MATS will crash even further and who knows what epic costumes will be added in too
  15. hyper active skills nice cant wait to see SF's
  16. i see what you mean but ppl piled into one faction cause one side cant be civil so one must over power the other completely heres an example: terror farming on ssp there are days were reds will grief the blues and protect there own terrors rather than farm the opposing side knowing we would harm them other wise by leaving each other to farm each others terrors everyone wins but no we have ppl griefing sooo. because blues have more numbers we tend to lock out reds out of 3/4 channels cause they cant control them selfs. then they end up in forms crying about faction imbalance.
  17. judging from this i am going to say its dual wield weapons probly kodachi master basicly a BM on a higher tier of dmg with a completely different move set considering we dont have a dual wield character in game or npc and i wouldnt count asura tho he hold 2 swords can also consider nunchucks, the iron fan style is also there either giant fan or dual small fans /spear /gunner etc.. how ever game makers will not always tell you the truth untill its time to show product at that point you'll be like (oh i thoguth they werent doing that etc.) it happens we just have to wait and see.
  18. at some point we are asking for too much you guys need to chill
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