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  1. 4 hours ago, Raindeavour said:

    I see that there are still a lot of people who do not understand the difference between "inspired by" and "copying/plagiarism". Yes, at this point in time, you can hardly find something that is completely original. Almost every design out there is inspired by something. We create designs inspired by nature, by events, by weather, by trends, by personalities etc etc the possibilities are endless. However, when you are straight up copying from an existing ARTWORK down to the style, design, color combination etc - you're stepping into the realm of plagiarism. Here are some key differences between "inspired by" and "plagiarism".



    If the artist created her design based on existing FASHION ITEMS and CULTURAL DESIGNS, but added her own twist and touch, that's "inspired by". 



    If the artist created her design based on some elements in EXISTING ARTWORKS, but tweaked the design to add in her own design/personalities/flair, then it's "inspired by".



    If the artist created her design by copying off EXISTING ARTWORK without changing the color, style, design, then it is "plagiarism".


    Again, my purpose of writing these is to highlight the issue of "plagiarism". I am not bashing or hating on the artist. As a designer and educator, I think it is very important for up and coming artists or designers to know the difference between "inspired" and "plagiarized", and for the public to not condone the act of plagiarizing. Imagine you are the original artist of these works, and now someone else had copied your design and win awards/competitions, how would you feel? I believe most artists out there agree that it isn't pleasant to have your hard work ripped off.


    This is a serious issue in the art community and has been for many years. Even this artist herself stated in her deviantart page telling people to NOT COPY her artworks. Therefore, she should've known better to not copy from others, ESPECIALLY for a competition. Many of you here are saying that "don't nitpick, just enjoy", "toxic community", "why hate" - let me reiterate, this isn't a personal attack on the artist. I am just pointing out an issue. If you are not a content creator yourself, you probably find it difficult to understand how it feels to have your work ripped off by other people. Even though this competition is a small one, it isn't something international and the prizes aren't worth millions but it is STILL A COMPETITION. Submitting a plagiarized work to pass off as your own isn't the right thing to do. Please do not disregard this issue or think that it's fine because it doesn't affect you.


    “The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.”

    im glade you putting all this effort on this design now do on all of the others treat them with the same intent you have for this one be fair stop singling out one design investigate all the other designs other wise this is purely baised. Cause if you wont do it for all them this form should closed cause its not helping and its tainting the voting pool no matter whos design your attacking.

  2. makes me wonder who made  this post probly some in fear of that blue and white  flower outfit  was only a few votes down from being thrown into 2nd place fact of the matter is that why isnt no one looking into the other designs to see if they have been "copied" single one of the design is highly unfair weather it is copied or influenced or what ever these kind of posts shouldnt be made unless your going to go after all of the designs not just one because in truth you are seeking to make a design look bad so that some one else can look good which is tilting this contest sadly. 

  3. i have been playing since launch i have seen the struggle and been threw having rerolled many times. us as the people yea we controll the dungeon requirments despite there being a gear recommendations tab. now i can admit i would rather run with higher ap incase mistakes are made then the dps can cover that mistake at times but this doesnt always work. so on top of high AP people are now attachings things to it like link achievements  or Exp players only. <--- doing this makes its hard to find a competent party to do even cold storage lol. but thats besides the point. No one is willing to teach if dont know already and no has time to teach or explain so you gotta youtube it and hope that the guy with e forwign accent can be understood well enough for you to understand. im what 636 ap with baleful stage 1 and other pre end game goodies w/e i dare not even look at naryu foundry i still have no idea how to deal with DT last boss always die from electric charge attack so i only do EC cause out of 3 Ec is the easiest and the most forgiving. i cant ask for teaching cause then my name will be dragged threw the dirt seen done so many times in Cross its sad. but to help each other out is so much to ask amoung ourselfs is too much.

  4. brushing up close to a year and yet still cant see those wind and thunder god female outfits  yet the one thing i desire to suck me back into this game that and a cobalt widow blindfold in achivment shop or better drop rates. but you should not hold your breath to false promises.

  5. 45 minutes ago, Kurokazu said:

    Though this is from the Autumn event and showcases the outfit, the fact that it even shows a male Jin in fighting stance with two fans could be a hint. It at least shows that the devs have the concept in their heads.

    indeed this is why i pulled it it wasnt like he was using it for some pretty display   the stance gave it away considering i dont think any other class says in this stance if they do link it here besides it looks more aggressive than festive.

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