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  1. http://postimg.org/image/oeldr58wh/hwere is this version why isnt it in the wardrobe and why isnt it findable
  2. Bloodshade harbor 4man mode

    yes you can aquire the ticket from night shade or blood shade how ever the white version which the GM showed and said was obtainable in the twitch video has no exchange ticket of any kind the merchent they said u get it from doesnt even show it there for theres many issues
  3. Widow hairstyles

    dats B.S becuz they dont even tell you were to get the pure white seductress
  4. i did 8 hours of nightshade to get one of the twins outfits at 31boxes <Tragic cant get any other outfits becuz no one runs 4man bloodshade with a normal sized brain.
  5. Ok so i cant track down the white version that was Displayed on the twitch video with the GM's saying its obtainable. they arent in wardrobe and no one has a high enough IQ level to do a 4man run so im wondering it if some one cant bring forth an explaination.
  6. payment issue

    it wont let me apply a payment keep say dns issue