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  1. Show off your characters!!

    #unlockthelock #bladeandsoul
  2. Any clues or ideas on how to obtain this outfit? My new SF is gonna need it.
  3. So, how do I get this outfit...

    Ahh! Thank you for sharing! I'll keep a look out for it when we get more updates.
  4. Masive disconnect Server yehara

    Happening on Old Man Cho server too. I"ve been DC'd 3 x already just in character creation.
  5. Show off your characters!!

    After days of farming Yehara's Mirage, I finally got all the pieces to the outfit. New outfit = makeover!!!
  6. White And Red Obsidian Serpent Outfit

    OMG! So I just got the black Obsidian Serpent today after 100+ runs and yes please NCSoft, when and where can we get the full white version??
  7. Lag !

    WTF NCSoft! It's bad enough you force us to have to grind for damn near every little stupid thing in this game but the *cricket*ing lag is getting so bad I can't even finish my dailies! Unacceptable and pathetic!
  8. Show off your characters!!

    My Warlock Elysiàh again in the Night Luna outfit and her "winter" outfit!

    Nooooooooooooooooo!!! :,( WTF!!! 100G!!! NCSoft you're insane!!!
  10. What about the Bots?

    Just took this tonight at the Orchard of Souls' Jiangshi boss area They don't look gone to me >.> and yes, I reported every last one of them.
  11. Show off your characters!!

    Wholly monkeyfeathers!!! Lightning struck twice! Now I can stop camping those damn twins for their outfits!
  12. Show off your characters!!

    Finally got one of the seductress outfits! MAKEOVER TIME!!!
  13. I say soulburn as much as possible in PvE, if only for the visual effects! ;)
  14. Lags are worse and worse

    I'm having so many skill lags in dungeons and open world its hard to get anything done now. I know it's not my computer or my internet because Guild Wars 2 works just fine while I'm watching YouTube at the same time!
  15. Show off your characters!!

    OMG she's adorable! <3
  16. Show off your characters!!

    So flashy! @.@!
  17. Discussion : A solution to a toxic community

    Guild Wars 2 imo has the best community I've ever been a part of in an mmo and I think it's because people will report rude/belligerent gamers. ArenaNet's support team has been great about keeping the community civilized and they do have devs running around in game from time to time keeping things in check. Really wish NCSoft would model after their customer relations after ArenaNet.
  18. are you guys staying until?

    I'm staying until my subscription runs out in April. I do enjoy the combat in this game and the storyline but the bots/spammers and toxic community seriously ruins it for me. I am looking forward to trying out Bless Online and Lost Ark whenever they finally come to NA. But chances are, if NCSoft doesn't fix those issues I may not stay past my subscription.
  19. Show off your characters!!

    I must really love playing Warlock! My toon got this outfit, soulshields, AND her Profane weapon in five spins on that wheel! Sexy, bad @$$ warlock comin' at cha'! #unlockthelock
  20. Show off your characters!!

    Spring time is almost here! Decided to take advantage of the outfit discount today!
  21. Show off your characters!!

    I said God Daaaaayuuuum! <3 Whoa!! Beautiful characters!!! <3
  22. At this time I'm not planning on renewing. The constant gold spamming in chat, the bots, etc. are just some of the issues I'm having that are causing me to not renew. My sub is up in April though, so plenty of time for them to solve the problems. My main game is Guild Wars 2. It may not have the one thing that I love the most about this game (combat) but I've been with it for 3 years and the friendly player base alone is one of the main reasons why BnS will probably never take me away from it. A lot of stress could be gone if this game were more "modern", like allowing everyone to enjoy a kill instead of a "first hit" type of looting, just one example of many that can lead to a toxic community/gaming environment.
  23. Bots

    Old Man Cho server is truly one of the worst bot-ridden servers on BnS. I'm constantly reporting and about 10-15 mins later there's more of them spamming. I see them all time going in and out of dungeons, killing world bosses, etc. They are so brazen and not even trying to hide themselves. I've never seen such an "infestation" of bots and gold sellers before on any MMO that I've played. I'm still debating on whether or not to buy the one year subscription because of this bot issue that doesn't seem to be getting any better, why should I spend a lot of money on a game that can't even control this! Just gonna wait for my current subscription to end then we'll see.
  24. Show off your characters!!

    Here is my warlock Elysiàh! Really loving this class!