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  1. Ahh! Thank you for sharing! I'll keep a look out for it when we get more updates.
  2. Happening on Old Man Cho server too. I"ve been DC'd 3 x already just in character creation.
  3. Any clues or ideas on how to obtain this outfit? My new SF is gonna need it.
  4. After days of farming Yehara's Mirage, I finally got all the pieces to the outfit. New outfit = makeover!!!
  5. OMG! So I just got the black Obsidian Serpent today after 100+ runs and yes please NCSoft, when and where can we get the full white version??
  6. Padme

    Lag !

    WTF NCSoft! It's bad enough you force us to have to grind for damn near every little stupid thing in this game but the *cricket*ing lag is getting so bad I can't even finish my dailies! Unacceptable and pathetic!
  7. My Warlock Elysiàh again in the Night Luna outfit and her "winter" outfit!
  8. Nooooooooooooooooo!!! :,( WTF!!! 100G!!! NCSoft you're insane!!!
  9. Just took this tonight at the Orchard of Souls' Jiangshi boss area They don't look gone to me >.> and yes, I reported every last one of them.
  10. Wholly monkeyfeathers!!! Lightning struck twice! Now I can stop camping those damn twins for their outfits!
  11. Finally got one of the seductress outfits! MAKEOVER TIME!!!
  12. I say soulburn as much as possible in PvE, if only for the visual effects! ;)
  13. I'm having so many skill lags in dungeons and open world its hard to get anything done now. I know it's not my computer or my internet because Guild Wars 2 works just fine while I'm watching YouTube at the same time!
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