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  1. After days of farming Yehara's Mirage, I finally got all the pieces to the outfit. New outfit = makeover!!!
  2. My Warlock Elysiàh again in the Night Luna outfit and her "winter" outfit!
  3. Wholly monkeyfeathers!!! Lightning struck twice! Now I can stop camping those damn twins for their outfits!
  4. Finally got one of the seductress outfits! MAKEOVER TIME!!!
  5. I must really love playing Warlock! My toon got this outfit, soulshields, AND her Profane weapon in five spins on that wheel! Sexy, bad @$$ warlock comin' at cha'! #unlockthelock
  6. Spring time is almost here! Decided to take advantage of the outfit discount today!
  7. I said God Daaaaayuuuum! <3 Whoa!! Beautiful characters!!! <3
  8. Here is my warlock Elysiàh! Really loving this class!
  9. Another bump for this topic! These are the outfits I'm hoping to get for my warlock. Some are already in game but others aren't so NCsoft, let's work on that ok!
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