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  1. Ahh! Thank you for sharing! I'll keep a look out for it when we get more updates.
  2. Happening on Old Man Cho server too. I"ve been DC'd 3 x already just in character creation.
  3. Any clues or ideas on how to obtain this outfit? My new SF is gonna need it.
  4. After days of farming Yehara's Mirage, I finally got all the pieces to the outfit. New outfit = makeover!!!
  5. My Warlock Elysiàh again in the Night Luna outfit and her "winter" outfit!
  6. Wholly monkeyfeathers!!! Lightning struck twice! Now I can stop camping those damn twins for their outfits!
  7. Finally got one of the seductress outfits! MAKEOVER TIME!!!
  8. I must really love playing Warlock! My toon got this outfit, soulshields, AND her Profane weapon in five spins on that wheel! Sexy, bad @$$ warlock comin' at cha'! #unlockthelock
  9. Spring time is almost here! Decided to take advantage of the outfit discount today!
  10. I said God Daaaaayuuuum! <3 Whoa!! Beautiful characters!!! <3
  11. Here is my warlock Elysiàh! Really loving this class!
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