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  1. So whats the game like ?

    Yes, maybe there are a few in the higher populated server, but for the most part clans right now are still in the process of organizing and gathering players.
  2. Brazilians becoming a bit of an issue?

    You and the opening post are completely deluded with this whole "common decency" talk, if you are so decent then do what you are telling other people to do yourself. Learn Portuguese. I mean wow you deserve a cookie for not speaking a word of English on the Korean servers, I mean because that's what makes you a decent human... Right... If you yourself did things a certain way, good for you, so are you just bragging how about how much of a decent human being you are compared to the BRs? Or are you literally just jamming words into your keyboard to have the last say? Honestly, I can care less if you have the last say, because at this point I'm convinced whatever I say won't drill into that think skull of yours. And mind you, the reason I am trying to is solely because of you deciding to personally reply to me, so if I know you are just going to continuously argue that whole "I gotta have the last say" BS, its all yours kiddo.
  3. Brazilians becoming a bit of an issue?

    So you are saying, your case, your sole experience is the definite experience for everyone? What is this presumption you speak of, what in your argument have you laid out as presumptions? All I see if the same typing of the OPer, saying "people should act my way, not this way." How childish are you really? Not a drop of blood has dried in that shallow brain of yours.... P.S. Think before you speak. Makes you look less of an idiot imho, best advice I can give you.
  4. Brazilians becoming a bit of an issue?

    I am sort of confused. You say to not bring up the Korean version, then proceed to give an example that further supports your point of view by giving a relevant example of an English speaker playing the Korean version of B&S. Please clarify even further, I don't understand how one could structure and argument like that, even if it is just a simple forum post....
  5. premium

    Our kids would be skinny :3 asl?
  6. Show off your characters!!

    Whaaaat.. She looks like an angel from heaven tho :3
  7. Hey, I'm pushing 14 hours exactly as well. Stay strong brotherman :D
  8. Brazilians becoming a bit of an issue?

    taco arriba? LOL
  9. Money making guide?

    Please share all secrets. Thanks in advance :3
  10. wtf is wrong with this game???

    Oh you'll be prancing around the viridian coast by next week.... Hopefully :)
  11. Show off your characters!!

    wow she looks very unique, pretty awesome tho :D
  12. People acting superior

    Trust me, you can find those types of discussions on any MMOrpg. A more valid arguement to pose would be, is the founders pack more of a "patron" pack where the sole purpose of purchasing one is to "support" the game development in NA, not really to reap its slight benefits. If so, then the whole idea of feeling entitled just because of paying for premium makes no sense at all.
  13. spammers are annoying in general, whatever language...
  14. Found the answer!!

    Yea im from Yehara too, I agree its quite crazy. Sometimes you wonder why they do it when the collective effort makes the chat move up so fast that not a single word can be read. Ineffective to say the least.
  15. Who does maintenance in the middle of the day?

    Always blaming the Germans... smh..