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  1. Sorry i can't speak good english here but i can only say don't expect much from European gaming compare to asia gaming. Bns TW server premium are way better than Bns NA as they give free points everyday if ur the premium user. Those points was given for players to get free costume or u may like to buy other stuffs. I can only say European gaming industry are way too fail. And when population getting low and the game will be closed. Please wake up....
  2. NCSoft i do understand your situation for such emergency maintenance to happen, but its not our 'WE' consumers fault and our premium are still running. i strongly agree that you should compensate us somethings as premium user for this case. Also its our weekend and it just goes off like this. what a waste. Do you guys as a premium agree what i suggested?
  3. Oceanic players unite!

    heloo, no to sea server. we will face population issue out of no where after sometimes. been there done that for some other game in Singapore in the past and faces shut down for the game in SEA. lagging maybe due to your PC spec? try set to lower spec and try again. also your internet connection? is it good enough for this game? i myself from Singapore but i dun face any lag issue. sorry for my bad English.