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  1. ^ THE EFFORT that you have to do to kill a summoner is imbalanced. What is so hard to understand about that? THIS IS A VIDEO GAME THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, NOT IRL where a white man can sit on a desk doing nothing while mexicans die everyday trying to build sky scrapers for the love of fckk. I am by no means saying that imperfect balance is bad, but I'm just saying THE EFFORT needs to be balanced around on because it's not hard to do simple math. But it's not gonna happen so the least that can happen is shame Summoners who think it's hard and challenging to be one. The title should be: Prove to me that Summoners take skill, kek.
  2. Summoner = Ranger from GW2

    Oh and that chess analogy was sick btw, don't you know how bad that was and how that "Screwed over your credibility"? This game isn't PERFECTLY BALANCED. It's an IMPERFECTLY BALANCED GAME that became worse because they chose to buff a class that doesn't require "tech chase" or juggling and just auto-attack spams you to death if the pet becomes reliable for some reason. If Summoner required you to tech chase and juggle people from 100-0 without having reliable ways to land auto-attacks, then that Chess analogy would have made sense. But okay, keep getting triggered though. Absolute truths must be hard to accept XD TL;DR Summoner is an easy mode class, DO NOT try to prove otherwise. That's all I'm saying, I'm not asking for nerfs. P.S Calling the color red blue is bad.
  3. Summoner = Ranger from GW2

    Doesn't matter, same garbage. Ranger is the same braindead piece of trash that Summoner is. And even though it's so true between the two games, you're literally saying my credibility is bad when all I did was say that oranges are orange? You must be brainless Ranger main tbh considering you kinda got triggered when I said Summoner is the same easy mode BS as Ranger. There is NO ARGUMENT saying that Summoner takes skill. THAT is the point of the thread, I'm not asking for nerfs, all I'm saying is Summoners don't have a right to brag or complain or tell people to learn to play like that one biased idiot on the other thread. If that triggers you so bad then you have such a low IQ that you wasted time getting triggered for nothing. All I did was state an absolute truth ROFL. I bet you get triggered when people say apples are red, like holy hell rofl. And it's hilarious how people think their so high and mighty on a skill-less class when in reality they're bad at everything that they do. Just check out the guy who made a post about telling everyone to L2P even though they main summoner LMAO biased trash.
  4. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    Of course you're gonna say LEARN TO PLAY, you're a biased fail piece of trash summoner. Now go L2P on a class that takes real skill AT TOP PVP like Destroyer or BM or Sin or KFM even. Oh wait, it's hard enough even when mommy and daddy have to hold my hand every time cause I'm a high and mighty Summoner main :)
  5. UnBalanced Classes

    The only problem is Summoner tbh, everything else takes skill compared to that crap.
  6. Summoner = Ranger from GW2

    Tbh I don't really care if they don't change anything, it's more of the fact that Summoners DO NOT have a right to complain when they lose OR celebrate when they win in PvP. Same BS with Rangers tbh but when something is legit braindead it gets defended by talentless people anyways so w/e. Literally, at least Destroyer has to "tech-chase" or hit through Knockdown > (enemy) F at high tier of play. What does summoner do again? Spam 1 (or LMB/RMB w/e, because Spam 1 is the same thing as auto-attacking in GW2), get carried by pet, spam defensive skills when I get close. You don't deserve to brag about anything when you play a skill-less class. Because calling it skill just means you're a talentless loser IRL as well.
  7. Spam defensive skills, spam spam 1 button, get carried by pet. There is SOMETHING WRONG when Jaesung, a world champion, is getting beat by a (or is sweating because of a) random summoner. He legitimately lost to a random summoner on stream. You can say 200 ping oh wow that's a big handicap, but when someone with 4 years of experience and possibly has an idea on how to bypass ping issues is getting beat by this class then THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. Are you for real? It must be hard to play one of the most mechanically retarded classes on a 1v1 fighting game. Must be hard getting pampered by mommy and daddy irl too, sigh.