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  1. Petition: Chat Size Increase.

    Signed, sealed, delivered. I'm yours.
  2. This is absurd. Radiant Ring is supposed to be able to make accessories. They're not there. At all. When you use the first hidden recipe for Radiant Ring, you get... nothing. Nothing at all. I'm okay with all the crafts besides Warden/Potter being relatively worthless, but outright broken? Fix your game.
  3. In order for this to work, the economy has to be designed with this in mind. It hasn't been, so this would completely ruin the sale of quartz, and in turn, transformation stones, which are supposed to be in limited supply.
  4. Profession Related

    You use your Hongmoon weapon all the way to endgame. So no.
  5. Moggie's First Impression

    ...really? Now that's some first class nitpicking.
  6. [UPDATED] Profession News Forum

    Theorycrafting: The only reason to take anything besides Soul Warden and Merry Potter is for Roleplay reasons. Forgekeeper makes (mostly lame) skins, Radiant Ring is broken, Cooks make dumplings and Alchemists make healing pots (both easier to get elsewhere) and Earthseer is only good for unseals which aren't worth it compared to transformation stones and soul shields. I'm really disappointed with this situation.
  7. Here is Also How You Fix The Loot Problem

    So... basically insert a standard need-before-greed system, is what you're saying. My only problem with the loot system as-is is that you can't progress through dungeon portals while looting is going on and it effectively doubles the time it takes to finish instances. Fix that and I actually love the bidding system, there's a bunch of layers of interaction to play with. (Upbidding things you don't want to get more money, etc.)
  8. Profession Related

    The only crafting professions worth taking, mechanically, are Soul Warden and Merry Potters. Forgekeeper and Radiant Ring are arguably the worst 2. Forgekeeper basically makes weapon skins and Radiant Ring is currently broken for some reason or another.
  9. Soul Warden, Merry Potters, and the related gathering professions. All the rest of the crafting professions are basically worthless or broken. Seriously.
  10. ^Indeed, that is animation cancelling, Destroyers do it best, and it's basically necessary to not make them feel like snails. On the other hand, Assassin plays like a jackrabbit on speed if you have all your keybinds memorized.
  11. I've played 3 characters so far, levels 32, 26 and 22. I've managed to actually gather 1 Quartz. I've seen 1 Quartz gathered in front of me. And I've seen 7 (SEVEN) Quartz that were mined and not gathered, left to rot (making me want to strangle something). I'm definitely not a fan of the everyone gets the node option, because that would completely tank the economy of breakthrough stones (which is a major gold sink). But I do think the spawn rate should be increased a bit, at least for a few weeks until the game population is a little more spread out.
  12. Blight weapons drop rate

    My first character took 142 runs to get the Red Mask from Goldleaf Foundry. My second took 4. My first character got her Blight Dagger on her first run, uncontested. My second is on run 14 with no luck so far. RNG is RNG. (To above poster, the last run of Narrows I did dropped a sword, so you're just absurdly unlucky or exaggerating a lot.)
  13. Stalker Bangle drop rate

    Better idea: Ask someone for one (it can be mailed), or buy one from the marketplace when you hit level 15. I haven't used any keys yet on my newest char, level 24. *shrug* Also, pretty sure the droprate for all of them is the same. Just bad luck. My first character used all her keys and didn't get her dagger as well. Got 4 bangles if I'm not mistaken.
  14. Extremely offensive chat.

    Guys... This is the internet. I've yet to play a single MMO in the past 5 if not 10 years where global chat wasn't a cesspool. You're in denial if you think anything different. If it bothers you that much, leave the global channels. Offensive names however should be addressed, because you don't have the option of blanket ignoring those.