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  1. Sorry but when asura necklace and bracelet are better then true boss they need a nerf. I don't mind a buff but this was way too much. Getting true boss bracelet and necklace is just a waste of money right now and ring is a very bad investment considering how good asura ring is.
  2. Theres no benefit to doing it later besides completing it faster. I would recommend trying it at least once since its a nice test of skill but you can skip it without much regret if you want.
  3. I'm pretty sure they buffed it actually. Around the time mast came out I went 3/21 and then like 2 weeks ago I made 10 more. That came out 3/10. Or you know rng hates you
  4. I agree 30 premium stones sacred oils would have been fine
  5. it actually is better if you have enough dps but your a sin and they dont have good aoes so your prob going to hate it no matter what I say Also before someone says it if you dont trust your teammates to kd and stun after 3 stacks have fun with the last boss
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