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  1. Sorry but when asura necklace and bracelet are better then true boss they need a nerf. I don't mind a buff but this was way too much. Getting true boss bracelet and necklace is just a waste of money right now and ring is a very bad investment considering how good asura ring is.
  2. Theres no benefit to doing it later besides completing it faster. I would recommend trying it at least once since its a nice test of skill but you can skip it without much regret if you want.
  3. I'm pretty sure they buffed it actually. Around the time mast came out I went 3/21 and then like 2 weeks ago I made 10 more. That came out 3/10. Or you know rng hates you
  4. I agree 30 premium stones sacred oils would have been fine
  5. You should try downloading more ram. 4gb isnt alot now unless your still using windows xp
  6. My guess is that the master repair tool only takes 5 secs to repair instead of 12 just like how master field repair tools take 5 secs but normal field repair tools take 12
  7. Get a friend you trust, go in xserver and bid on something
  8. it actually is better if you have enough dps but your a sin and they dont have good aoes so your prob going to hate it no matter what I say Also before someone says it if you dont trust your teammates to kd and stun after 3 stacks have fun with the last boss
  9. If the expedition fails then it will go to the execution next and then you have to do the expedition after it happens quite often as people leave after kairaim dies
  10. Can we really do something about this the only person that stayed with me was my clanmate that I partied with. If you dont belong in gold/plat stop leaving to keep your rank or your going to keep dieing and losing again to real players until you get other people like you before someone says it blahblahblah 3 out of the 4 didnt have crit def so it makes me think they werent serious about wwv
  11. Pretty much this either the channel gets completely abandoned or theres way too many people in the channel Used to easily get 500+ prestiege with about 15min left in mining or 1000+ if there were like 10 people in ssp sometimes it would take the entire mining if there was "alot" of people now I get 500+ about 50% of the time so ssp is not worth it for me Also grindtooth dies in like 5 secs so people without the best gear cant get credit on it I personally dont have a problem but alot of friends do :c So yea went from like 300g+ a day to like 50g+ a day ssp is terribl
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