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  1. 1900~~ Destoyer vs KFM commentary

    thanks for that video. KFM is the class i struggle the most and those tips might help me to beat them. its very well explained :)
  2. Comparing 2 skill trees for PVE

    oops yes your right... i miss read is build title lol.he posted 2 build and i found it strang both was the same and the other was about mushin.....well it was actualy both for mushin tower. sry for that
  3. Comparing 2 skill trees for PVE

    jaesung pve build: seem pretty well balanced
  4. how to pvp KFM?

    yes i do use parry hurricane and yes i know a spec isnt good for every class. the only thing i havent tryed yet is to use persidtence instead of fury again KFM.
  5. how to pvp KFM?

    ok, how the fk are we suposed to fight a KFM, a mean a good KFM? i tought blade dancer was the hardest to fight but i feel like a good KFM is just impossible to beat.... when i was doing my pvp dayli today, 2 of my 4 fight was vs KFM.....i couldnt even touch them. the second one was literaly stun lock me for 90% of the fight. he was doing INSANE stunlock for like 10-15 sec eating 75% of my life in 1 combo. he counter ALL of my fking attack. yes i wasnt using my trinket on is bait but it wasnt stoping him for stunlock me 2 sec after. he was also eating all of my focus non stop and when i could get up, i couldnt do anything because of that. KFM seem broken as fk again a destroyer.......again a blade dancer you can atleast run,avoiding is burst and if you can catch him, you have a chance to burst him down with fury but no way. he have a perfect defence, perfect control and can hurt a LOT. so wtf? i was able to beat few bad one is bronze,silver bracket but now in gold a KFM mean a 100% lost currently....
  6. Destroyer drag arena graphical bug

    its not only in arena,it happen in pve also. everyone got that bug. i hope they will fix it one day, i find it quite annoying
  7. what happened with destro

    yea probably.i was fighting ppl my lvl or a bit higther before the patch and i could win again similar lvl or a bit higther but lvl 45 was wining all the time (i was about lvl 30-35). now, im 42 (when i started this post i was 38) and everyone i fight is 45 hm1,i havent seen a single lower then 45. this might be the problem but i still doubt a few skill point make a whole lot of difference. many didnt know their class well also and now, they do so the difficulty have changed a lot. we can easyli see it just by fighting different person and some i can totaly rekt them and other rekt me really really badly so.....skill make a HUDGE difference. i still feel like few class have received a good buff with the last patch and destroyer didnt, we even got a nerf from what i heard. we was suposed to get a cleave dmg increase but we didnt. the buff we are suposed to get is from a futur patch it seem. overall, yes its a matter of skill mostly but those small class buff made it much more difficult for destro
  8. what happened with destro

    personaly i have easier time again sin then BM. BM hit like a truck and can do insane combo when they know how to play. sin run a lot and hide all the time but they dont seem to combo that much, you have to play very defencivly again them and when you have an opening, you pop fury and stun lock and finish him after. if i dont kill them, we usualy run out of time and they end up wining because of is overall dmg wich is so damn just have to burst him and dont miss that oportunity or he will just hide and wait for the fking timer.... for summoner, good one can be incredibly hard, if they stun lock you and sunflower, they will melt your face but you can do the same if you can catch him. you can literaly 100-0 in a fury combo if you can keep him stun.if you miss your fury burst, play it defencivly and keep your distance until your stun,daze,KD come back.
  9. Nice balanced game boys

    yep,it seem everyone reroll summoner, KFM and blade dancer atm....fking OP and they are all the counter of destro.....fml
  10. KFM strugle again destroyer? that new.KFM is one of the strongest class again have INSANE stun lock,healing,counter etc.just dont let him get you when he have is fury up. dont rush and try to burst him,play more defencivly and stun lock him to death.....well that what every KFM do on my destro....hate KFM
  11. what happened with destro

    before the patch i was able to reach 1700+ easyli and the only class that i really had trouble with was blade dancer and KFM,now im not even able to reach 1600 and blade dancer is fking broken, i dont even have a single chance again them, they have INSANE controle, they escape everything and do crazy dmg...they can literaly do 75% of my hp in 1 combo..... KFM still strong but able to beat some (pro one can stun lock non stop and keep 100% hp and counter every single attack) summoner i lose 75% of the time assassin went from 100% win to 50-50 FM seem 50-50 also blade master wasnt to bad before and now i lose most of the time unless i fight really bad one.(block block block block BLOCK and yes, BLOCK) overall, every class seem LOT stronger then siting at 20 win 23 lose atm and it really start to *cricket* me off.i was enjoying arena before the patch since most class seemed balanced but currently the balance seem ridiculous.
  12. i also agree that blade dancer is completly broken atm....they have so much control,burst dmg and escape its not even fun.i main destroyer and i can atleast have a chance again other class but blade chance at all,they controle me from 100-0. they have insane dmg also,they litaly burn 75% of my hp in 1 combo,like wtf. even summoner i manage to beat them form time to time.....
  13. Gem ?

    the diamond that give +dmg the dmg proc one the heal on crit the one that give +crit +something about counter CC or something like that
  14. Destroyer Soul Shield for new players?

    personaly i took the stalker one from the first wheel of fate, then i found some good soul sheild in a dungeon i dont remember and took 3 of them for the first bonus+5 stalker. i didnt upgrade it for a long time and went for the gold deva one from wheel of fate and now im at the next wheel of fate for the scorpion king soul sheild lvl 33. im wondering if i stick to the scorpion king or get the one from cinderland vendor wich is lvl 36. i think the scorpion king give more crit but the overall stats of the other seem better. not sure if i its worth the price, might just use my stone for the costume instead. anyone know what would be the next one after?
  15. 7 days to delete a character?

    yes the 7 days deletation time is just should be 1 min for lvl 20 or less, 5 min for 20+ and 1hr for 45.they want to force us buying character slot.....who the fk want to wait 1 week to be able to make a new character? we only have 2 slot available also.....if you want to try more then 2 class you have it in the ass or pull out your wallet....this NEED TO BE CHANGED