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  1. Not true, with VT badge you can get 1 minute blue buffs, which is more than perfect since it'll always line up with warlock's soul burn. Obviously this is for near endgame, but still, it's not necessarily true of a statement.
  2. Holy shit, that's actually a really good idea. It would give meaning to all the poor destiny rings trashed on the daily again.
  3. Yes I did, various times. You keep bringing up this "7 points minimum per win". We're the evidence??? Where in this whole game does it say explicitly you're supposed to gain at the minimum 7 points??? Unless you can provide ACTUAL EVIDENCE, not just your bullshit claim because you think you have more experience than everyone else responding to you on this thread, I will not believe your claim. You can't just blatantly say something like that without providing actual evidence from someone like an actual developer saying it's supposed to be at a 7 point minimum. I asked you this in my last post,
  4. I've actually arena'd various times before. I'd suggest if you want to get more than 1 point, stop trying to abuse silver team queues and expecting to get 30+ points from it and queue in your rank so you can actually climb. Like I said before if you would have read my response, the amount you can gain is based on the DIFFERENCE in your ranking versus your opponents rankings. If you are queueing against nothing but silvers, you should expect to get little to nothing in point gain with a 200+ point difference. If you were to queue in your own ranking like you should be doing, then you would be g
  5. I really hope you are joking about this. But anyways, I'll explain why this is happening. By probable chance of who will win in this game, there is a high high chance that you will win by probability based on your rank compared to this. This happens in other ranked games where higher ranked players have a higher artificial chance of winning, therefore if they do win, they get less of a reward since they had the high probable chance of winning. If you were to lose, it would make sense why you would lose so much. If you were to lose to a silver, this is called an underdog win, where the pla
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