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  1. In the patch notes it says that the lv50 vouchers will be updated to the lv60 Boost Voucher which sounds great BUT then it says that the "The starting equipment when creating a new level 60 character has been updated to current patch." This leaves me with a few questions. What will the starting equipment be and if we use this voucher on a character that isn't being created would we still get this equipment? Also when we used the lv50 voucher it would skip us to a certain point in the story quest line. Will the lv60 voucher do the same? Will it jump us to the same point in the story as the lv50 voucher if it does and if we use it on an existing character that isn't to that point in the story will it jump that character forward in the story quests?
  2. Obsidian Serpent outfit quest

    Thought they had left the dailies alone too but this quest was a daily and now it isn't there. I hope they bring back the quest but if they don't I hope they give us a way to get the outfit that doesn't require PvP or having achievement points.
  3. Where's The "Support"?

    I had the same problem and it wasn't the cache. I took Gman's advice and looked through my blockers and found my browser was blocking trackers completely. When I changed the setting I could finally get the ticket link to work.
  4. If I start crafting melting orb or one of the event items for the current event today will they finish crafting or will I just lose the materials when the patch goes live?
  5. I would just like to add my voice to this topic. Please bring back the blue quests. I know I rarely did them but I really did enjoy them when I did, in some cases even more than the main story quests. Some of them created interesting side stories to the main quest line which I have enjoyed less and less as it progresses.
  6. Ingame Barbershop to change hairstyles

    The character alteration voucher does feel over priced and the only reason I would want to change everything is if I was completely unsatisfied with the look of my character. On the other hand if there was a much cheaper way whether for gold or NCoin to just change my characters hair or hair color that would be wonderful. With the costume customizer we can change hair color with certain hair pieces but it would be nice if we could just change our hair or hair color. Maybe even in the costume customizer. Please make all hair styles available to all races.
  7. Dragon Store Hexagonal Gems

    I would like to second this request. It was very nice being able to try different gem combinations or swapping a gem from an event that I don't need for one I can use.
  8. Remove "Advance to start" from Daily Dash

    Why not just let Premium players who are lucky enough to land on it choose which reward they get instead of removing what some consider a bonus?