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  1. I am curious if BM is the lowest DPS currently. I also have a FM that I know and understand will be higher, but it seems it is a LOT exponentially higher in DPS than my BM. Any of you experienced BMs that can weigh in? I have Awakened Siren sword lvl 10, awakened infernal ring/neck/ear lvl 10, siren belt only lvl 5 (that is a work in progress), and I have the Siren bracelet with 6 damage, 193 crit, and 255 crit dmg. I am using this build: https://bnstree.com/BM?build=450100210043201413063223321211211381111111105221084320532202311041112721603210032213211 I can stay in Draw stance for most of the fights when not dodging boss attacks or briefly run out of focus.
  2. So I enjoy doing word pvp, whether that be helping people grind insignias or just joining in on the Misty Woods battles that happen daily. However, I am hearing that BD is a bit weak in OWPvP due to a lack of damage and low survivability. How true is what I have read about BD strength in OWPvP? Should I be expecting to be a second-rate contributor to my faction? I play Crimson Legion on Mushin, so have a vested interest in being useful to my allies. If BD is indeed weak in OWPvP, how are they in Arena (would like to know the answer to that regardless of how the OWPvP question is answered, if possible)? I would appreciate experienced PvP BD players' inputs (those who play it, not just those who have fought against it). Thank you in advance!!
  3. Why the BM badmouthing?

    So are BMs any better with the new skill points? Yesterday I was frustrated because an Assassin killed me in the space of a single blind. RB+F spam combo crit chain until I was dead. How are BMs matching up in PvP now?
  4. I was referring mainly to the ones where the KR FM won and it was Warlock vs FM in the final round. Before that, a blade master had won. KFM didn't seem well represented at all.
  5. In the most recent championships, I am not seeing KFMs vying for the top spot. It seems they got knocked out of the running fairly early in. Why?
  6. Why the BM badmouthing?

    So....again I want to ask for feedback on my build I was considering for PvP. Only thing I can really think might be off is that I am thinking that I might not be using Breeze all that much to make the 4 points worth it. That is some really easy Focus generation though with some HP back. Any platinum BMs browse these topics that could share their wisdom on what has been working? Or any BM close to platinum :-) https://bnstree.com/BM?build=45000021004320132110111382211133105221262123022205311272114233603220032213211
  7. Why the BM badmouthing?

    Like I said before, I already have an assassin to feel OP with (and it feels super strong). My BM is what I really wanted since learning about this game and is the class whose play style I have the most fun with. At the moment, I am looking for help and advice on how to make the most with what we currently have so I can try to still do well. Not going to back off simply because it might be the most difficult class presently to do well with. Any feedback on the build idea that I linked?
  8. Why the BM badmouthing?

    I know (now) that we are getting more skill points which makes me SUPER happy....but what do you all think of this build for PvP? https://bnstree.com/BM?build=45000021004320132110111382211133105221262123022205311272114233603220032213211 vs an Assassin of course I would just take the points out of Block and find another use for them.
  9. Why the BM badmouthing?

    I may be able to do better with another class, but I already have that with the Assassin. I want to play BM. So I am seeing that there are no reliable ways to get HP back. Also, from these posts I am gathering that the block is unreliable (so I need to get good with using it at the last second). I will wait until 45 to try Arena based on what is being said about the skill points.
  10. So far I have only played one class to 45: Assassin. That is because the mechanics and speed of the class intrigued me. I wanted to learn the game before leveling up my BM which I had been hoping would become my main. However, I am hearing nothing but bad-mouthing on BM as a PvP class. Everyone always says that it is so easy to beat one and that you have to REALLY outplay your opponent because they have a big advantage. What makes BM so weak in 1v1 PvP? I would like to hear truthfully so I can look out for what makes it weak and try my best to compensate.
  11. Too many classes are OP

    Cry some more....I don't play LBD or Destroyer or Summoner and will not. However, it is easy to see that they are some of the easier to use classes. It is easier to line their skills up and do decent. Naturally, in the beginning they are going to be stronger. The other classes are more complex to do well in PvP with. People will get better with them and learn them over time and everything will even out. Don't start foaming at the mouth simply because their skill curve allows them to be played competitively earlier while other classes take longer to learn the nuances and combos and counters. If you can't learn the other classes and want to play the more simple PvP characters, then go play one and start doing well right away as well.