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  1. New class suggestion: pure healer class

    If it was done it could be something similar to how Lineage 2 worked their healers. They had two different 'modes', healer and nuker. It was an actual physical stance change like going into draw stance, where if you were in the healer stance you had all your heals and nukes designed strictly to kill undead mobs.. they were utterly worthless other wise. If you switched to nuker you lost all your healing ability but got pretty nasty nukes. The kicker to all this was it takes up to 5 seconds to switch stances where you are utterly still and vulnerable. If you were hit in any way, or moved it would cancel the action and put it on cool down. This prevented the healers from nuking you down, insta switching and healing to full and switching again to killing you.
  2. KR Test Server Update: Customise Your Outfits!

    When this comes here it's going to end up being a massive money sink.. both in game gold and real life money.
  3. BM is the worst PVP class in 6v6 , PVP class

    you're kidding right? We just had a HM 14 BM face rolling our entire clan in clan battles last night. A well built BM with fire build can wreck most classes. Yeah destro and BD are annoying as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ but that is to all classes.
  4. dungeons and legendary drops

    An item is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. You can sit there and scream an item is worth 100g but if no one is willing to pay for it it's worthless. I've seen several legendarys in EC go unclaimed because no one had the 100g or wanted to pay 100g for the ring.
  5. Summoners seem to be running the purple badges now for both the wind and earth builds. I can't wait to see this post updated as I have characters I do not know what badges to put on them.
  6. Out of all the runs i have never seen the chest drop but i did get a key right before patch, had no idea what it did.
  7. so regretful to buy phoenix bundle

    Saw this when it was released on TW.. It was ugly on every character I had and considering I used most of my NA models over there I knew damn well it wasn't going to look good on any of them here.. that and the 5K ncoin price only had me laughing. Yeah sorry no outfit is EVER worth that much money.
  8. "infinite maintenance" outfits in HM Store

    or simply not there at all.. just a floating head and hands.
  9. "infinite maintenance" outfits in HM Store

    It's a costume that never loads.
  10. compensation for EU players

    Actually it is the same, while the servers are both NA and EU the development team is US based. As one user pointed out all of the NcSoft titles go down for maintenance at the same time, suggesting possibly only one team that handles the servers. It is also why I made the suggestion that the Euro player base see what it would take to get 4game which hosts another Nc title to buy BnS.
  11. Just state when it is up

    It is time to stop saying "another hour" when it comes to the maintenance. It is obvious by this point that something is severely broken and is going to take more then simply 'an hour' to correct it. Simply state there is an issue and you will announce when the server is online once more, it is getting tiring seeing 'another hour' every hour for what is now four hours.
  12. compensation for EU players

    Personally as someone that plays on the Asian servers as well, Tuesday nights I have to shut the game down about about 5 or 6 pm for their maintenance. The server I play is the primary North American server, a lot of EU and NA player base there. Since I have started I have not heard a single complaint, nor do I see any on BladeandsoulDojo. (also it is only noon for one part of the country. It is nearly 4 PM for the other side.)
  13. compensation for EU players

    That would do little. If they were to implement a direct switch, say maintenance starts at 1 PM PST that is 3 PM EST. Peak hours for NA seems to be roughly about 8-11 PM EST. There also are a great deal of North American players that play on the asian servers and all of their maintenance is done during NA peak play time.
  14. compensation for EU players

    It would be something for the EU BnS community to talk about. I am not sure how 4game got the rights to the Lineage 2 server, it is something to look into.
  15. compensation for EU players

    That is what I am saying. The company that bought the Lineage 2 EU servers host the maintenance during the early morning. 4game I believe is the company and it does not look like they are a part of NcSoft but they host the official servers.