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  1. You look beautiful..even though you pasted the link wrong and I can't see it...heh Never mind...I take that back now that I see you're a Lyn >.>.
  2. When you're customizing your character there's a big button right in the middle of the bottom. Forgot what it is called but it should bring up a menu where you then select which preset you'd like to use in that folder.
  3. I've been waiting for 8 hours so far ;_:
  4. I forgot you have to actually log into the character or save the profile while making it to get it >.<. Here's some instructions I found on how to do it in-game. 1.Log on your character2.Take a screenshot3.A green card icon should appear over your experience bar. Click it.4.A window with your screenshot history will pop up. Click the second tab.5.At the bottom of the window, there's three icons. Click the one in the middle. (Looks like a dude with a floppy disk)6.Another window should pop up, showing your character. Click the floppy disk at the bottom.
  5. You know you can get the characters customization profile and have everything exactly the same way again...then just edit the height :P
  6. I want to kill every Lyn I see, no mercy. They almost *cricket* me off as much as gnomes in WoW.
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