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  1. So,before the update i was 678 ap with constant 28k(40 in sb and bb)...now with 801 ap 21k constant...and the damn dragonfury(previous F now RMB) is only while C is used,not more chi spam....what the hell is this,is earth build better now?

  2. I was so happy for the new patch becouse i knew i had all the material for the upgraded weapon,but guess what...i forgot i had no tormented bracers...so at 5:40ish i started to farm yeti.....now its 10:25...and the damn weapon still didnt drop...70%of the time no box at all.and the rest of 30% bullcrapT_T...what is with this drop rate man?feel like i didnt do anything all day.no gold,no dailies...no weapon...Stupid rng T_T,hate this game sometime.

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