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  1. Thank you very much:D i posted this just to let poeple know in case they didnt:D(didnt see the post myself)
  2. The new hair from celestial basin event bugs my F2.Every time i put it on it makes my F2 blank,0 items equiped.:D
  3. What are your thoughts about garena bns being one of WannaCry ransomwares victims?
  4. hmmm...i didnt get the 6 sky festival treasuers(have them on the website but not in-game)
  5. wow,i got a grand phoenix bundle......if wish xD,same thing to me:D well ty ncsoft
  6. So,before the update i was 678 ap with constant 28k(40 in sb and bb)...now with 801 ap 21k constant...and the damn dragonfury(previous F now RMB) is only while C is used,not more chi spam....what the hell is this,is earth build better now?
  7. sooo,the pet and the pet aura(for those who have them already) are pretty much worthless,and cant even salvage themT_T... should we keep them or delete?
  8. If it's about random disconnects, it's from the game.We all have a good internet and still get dced for no reason.Nothing to do about it unfortunately.:(
  9. Already 5 fails today...more than 300 G lost today T_T left with 2 G 0 progress -_-
  10. Thank you for the replay.If only i had moeny for a key:D I would have done that long time ago...im hopeless and unluckyT_T Guess i saved materials and farmed just to farm some more. @MonkeyDRuffy
  11. I was so happy for the new patch becouse i knew i had all the material for the upgraded weapon,but guess what...i forgot i had no tormented bracers...so at 5:40ish i started to farm yeti.....now its 10:25...and the damn weapon still didnt drop...70%of the time no box at all.and the rest of 30% bullcrapT_T...what is with this drop rate man?feel like i didnt do anything all day.no gold,no dailies...no weapon...Stupid rng T_T,hate this game sometime.
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