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  1. Happy new year to players

    I know the BnS support is off, and they didnt do much this year for christmas neither new year besides cash shop features. But back when I used to play aat lvl cap 45 and all felt the best experience ever I believe in games, I used to make many friends in free world and arena as a destroyer, and I believe it can be done agian, hopefully I return in january, to the players that still play since the opening, the mushin server specially, and to the ones who bring so much effort and make it all friendly for new players and make a better community everyday even if you are not noticed, hope you have a good new year! cheers up from Mexico!
  2. Current game population

    Ive noticed forum activity is being pretty well active, but I see people says servers are deserted, so I ask, is this in EU servers only and are USA servers well packed or.. IM out from my house, far away from it for almost 1 year and on jan Ill return so idk about current population, how is it atm?
  3. Graphic card advice help please

    is this setup ok guys? CPU Core i5 7400 3.5 Ghz Mother Board ASUS H110M USB 3.0 PCI Express 3.0 up to 32GB RAM Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 RAM DDR4 de 8GB a 2400 Mhz hard disc 1TB a 7200 RPM power 600w standar
  4. Graphic card advice help please

    1050 i5 iwll be enough for most of the games out there as well¨? if so its it ok for 2 gb version or 4 gb version
  5. Hello, I have an i3 with gt 730 from back 2014 when bns released all was ok with it, with only 4gb ram, oh and 3.4 ghz. All did run perfect but with newer updates loading and playing raids became tough, so I am buying a new system. I see everyone talking about gtx 1060 but I wonder... is it really necessary? Someone who has been playing long like me and enjoys this game and other high spechs games, can please give me advice? I am thinking in, building a new system, mothercard and all those details are cheap but the core of it I am thinking in it to be like: 8 GB ram I core 5 gtx 1050 or 1060 memory IDK if its better to have 1tb hdd or 250 ssd my big issue is I am not aware if 1050 could make a difference or be equal or kinda similar to 1060 because I see many people talking about 1060 and some people saying they are very ok with 1050. I appreciate your help thanks!
  6. To all the low ap players in F8

    @MassiveEgo Probably nobody bothered in reading your elitist bible AS SOON as I saw you trying to defend your point agian I stopped at the part of ''I am not in the NA circle'' and I didnt read anything else only that, because youre in NA/EU forums as well, your fist post says all about yourself, and your forum name makes it worse, you're behaving like anyother generic player who someone tries to teach something to them but they're masters in all, know everything and when they are wrong they just don't learn because they're always right. Please, if youre not in NA, don't behave like the elitists in NA. You're the perfect model that nobody will follow, ask anyone here. Now, I don't have more time to lose with elitists in here, so keep ignoring newbies and excusing yourself with pride. Repply go on keep defending yourself, I don't want to see anymore.
  7. To all the low ap players in F8

    @MassiveEgo because game doesnt mean all has to be fast or faster, even the main storyline teaches the player about wellness and how you should care about others even after failures, even the loading screen says ''everyone makes mistakes, do not persue your party members, encourage them instead'' You are just making the game die faster, thanks to your ''I dont want to fail the party so +900 only please'' you will make this game close and all the money you put in there will be enjoyed by NSCOFT like what happened with archlord and archlord2, so go on keep hosting stupid parties and forgetting new members, you're just killing the game further. 5 months ago there were many people in jadestone to chill with. Go in jadestone mushin the most crowded server and see now 1 and half year, and look how many players this game lost. In youtube everyone talks about their bad experience whenever someone plays it, livestreamers, famous people testing games, even thelazypeon said it was awful And you're still ''defending'' your fake pride? haha, good luck once it closes or becomes a ghost town, let's see who they ask for +1000, 2000 AP when there's a really tiny player base, which, is already starting if you noticed. What will be the point of playing with no players? soon that will happen if things keep up like this, and until then these stupid elitists will realize the true price of community, players and working together.
  8. Show off your characters!!

    finally these two are really cool above me ;D nice pics Dirtflavored and GGeasy, not another generic big boobs man using those girl char wohooo Dirtflavoredice got a nice shot there in the 2nd pic
  9. Show off your characters!!

    Same pictures with same outfits and same gender, girls showing legs and boobs. Uh. Something more unique please it's 2017
  10. To all the low ap players in F8

    This is why 60% community left when silverfrost update came. Massive masses players were enjoying the endgame as it was before, the map size for a whole story was enough up to hogshead/necropolis and it felt amazing, everyone could get the gear and even open pvp was balanced. Now there's no way a capped character can beat a p2w person. They advised us before they released game their ''business model'' not being p2w and they even said that they wouldnt put things that give you AP/Advantage to have higher gear than others, and all was purely cosmetic and things like potions only. - They didn't repply back once they released their stupid trove events and they made all worse with the crafting of souls. People tries to play and when they hit all and want to farm, they want a clan, Im in mushin, supposedly the most played and crowded server and it's becoming a total ghost town. Bamboo village dead, jadestone has like 5 ppl sometimes, zaiwei probably 10, all maps hell empty, you barely see people leveling with you, mushin tower has people but surely much lesser as 5 months ago, less than half for sure. People keeps arguing about their idiotic AP power being needed to do all fast ignoring newbies thinking they can host their own parties all the time, imagine yourself with 650 AP which is the average AP you get at the end of storyline without diamond gem, asking for every single run you need to do dailies help, do you think its possible? 1 hour for like 4 dungeons? do you think everyone has that time? if its a blue dungeon its ok but what about purple ones? and then they get arena/6vs6 challange and what do they do? arena isnt longer balanced as it was when cap had lvl 45 Try do it by yourself then talk, thanks to this behavior the game lost massive mass of community and is turning into a ghost town. Next year if this game survives you will play with 100 ppl overall in all your servers I don't think that funding event its actually true that theyre getting 350k from people unless people that are rich are willing to waste so much in a dying game not supporting newbies and killing it which makes all senseless. I gave a try to this game I got to almost 800 AP but I see it's not worth coming back, theres almost no clan recruiting and the few clans available either are inactive af, only 2-3 online one afk and the rest asking for +850-+900. You are asking for high, and you're going so high that you don't realize the fall will be worse the higher you get.
  11. Des vs BD

    This reply comes from an outdated destroyer that just came back before silverfrost update 5 days ago to the game. Where I queud for arena, got to fight 1 assassin, 3 blade dancers and 1 BM. Won them all, and defeated the blade dancers. First two BDs went easy in my PoV. Third one was rough, but managed to 2/0 him. You disappoint me. Currently best 1vs1 player is a destroyer. Destroyer can outclass any class when know how to play. The key: Use Hurricane for defense if you get to fight a class like a warlock, but mainly always have hurricane spec. for parry attacks. - FURY is very important. When you fight a summoner you can benefit from 1vs1 them using fury for damage, but you will want to fight almost all the time for all classes using t2 fury (defense increase, escape from stun/knock) this way, you don't use fury as damage booster but as another escape every 45 seconds. Shield SKILL got a massive buff and I've used it recently, it's of the best tools i've seen so far. You wear it and you press F and will act just as the self freezing skill of KFM or FM, Perfect for timing things and avoiding strong attacks Stomp of course cant say a thing about this skill. Is amazing when avoiding stun and knockdown. Most of the times enemy sees this and they try to grab you, you can use that as a timing advantage. I personally rather using Z kick than the pulling version. Scorching strike is of the best counters. NOTE many know you will use it, so I most of the times either use it super fast, or wait for enemy to iframe because they know ill cast it, and then perform it. RAM has other paths but I personally like ram to be in it's standard form as joint attack and stun chaining skill If you do your skill rotation well you will never run out of scape or attack. If you don't have experience enough to perform these, well will be hard. Additional iframes: In case you don't know, TYPHOON (your q) has three versions, all of them mostly useless except the second one. - Good for pve solo - Beast in 6vs6 - It doesn't say in it's description but it always had 1 iframe within the first spin - Spammeable and you can't be knockdown/stunned/dazed/grabbed until you end the cast. The only thing that can stop it it's freezing) This is another iframe you can get in case you don't know, I use typhoon iframe in boss mechanics and sometimes pvp to avoid being hit, it works perfect. -All iframes: Soaring strike (longest iframe maybe) Typhoon tier 2 Ram (if spec I think tier 3, but has disadvantages) I don't use it tbh. Stone shield t2 special new ability FURY (probably equal iframe as soaring strike, if you instantly use fury and you DONT move, you let your character scream, until you end screaming the iframe stops, but while doing it (which lasts like 1.5 seconds) you're inmmune to all, if you move or attack it disappears unless youre using tier 3 form but has disadvantages since you are inmmune to only 5 attacks) And of course backdash. -
  12. Legendary Accessories

    Guys I have the old accessories (awakened oathbreaker) what do I do? is it true this path is better? or...?
  13. We have to have an ssd to play the game

    I have 2gb GE force 760 I think? card, but I think my problem is RAM isnt it guys? I have only 4 GB I've never installed more, would RAM benefit me in any way? (when I run the game I still have around 1-1.3 GB free RAM)
  14. EXTREME lag

    yey lag is back