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  1. my top friends quit bns and they were very mad, I havent logged in 2 weeks and im considering joining them because troves are becoming much more often now, its unfair to see theres p2w OK we got that but now, every week, every month, p2w events, more nerf rewards, more grind for the f2p and easy rewards for whales this all increases every day and whenever playing a dungeon it just feels unrewarding and pointless if there's ways to achieve all your f2p gear in 10 minutes by just cashing in all matters. When game launched, it was perfect, people loved it because currency
  2. What is this ? after yesterday's update, massive lag spikes and DC in MSP, it can't be just me, 6 members of party/allienace dc at stage 5 and this is super often, what is this fix your servers instead of releasing p2w boxes
  3. Theya ren't lying. I play with max texture and 4 details 3 shadow most time, all looks awesome, I only use a gt 740 2GB, CPU 4 GB RAM and SSD 500 GB, this is enough for me to do any raid, anything with no lag at all, as long as I have good internet, 100ping and below, and starting bns takes me 30 seconds. You just need to upgrade your hard disk, go for a SSD at least 120gb it will make a big difference trust me!
  4. Destroyer main here. You will expect lots of fun with destroyer reason why: All classes beside BD and destroyer have something similar, they lack of flexibility. As an example, with blade master and kfm, which have iframes that make them move easy such as when using ss/e, etc. They move super linear, left right down up. Other classes barely have iframes and they have to move around while walking during fight stance Destroyer in the other hand has all. Destroyer has ss like everyone, but has the infamous TAB (hurricane) and can be speced for 3 options and all of
  5. Be warned this contains spoilers about next chapter of current storyline. As I menthioned before and even in game, much before the release of chapter 7,8,9,10, we already had blue quests that were removed and also back in 2016 a news letter explaining Jianshu story (aka continent of BnS) It explains, most of blade and soul story falls in the Cinderlands, if you put attention in this big map, there are sunken boats in the sand, some wooden piers around naryu temple, and everything around says ''naryu, naryu!'' and ruins. Why? simple. Mushin is descendant from
  6. Not many know the story of blade and soul, why mushin is evil, why we have so much demons in the storyline and betrayal. Jiangshu is the name of the world we know (the whole continent) where blade and soul is. Here, have this document from NCSOFT from time ago, if you're interested in knowing the history of Jiangshu! https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/history-of-jianghu/ Also, what is Naryu, the Naryu Empire story! https://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Naryu_Empire
  7. I dont do bg but from what I see top rankers have not just gear but defense mechs, such as, the belt from helion cores, as well earring/neck and bracelet. Let me explain you why You also benefit from radiant ring diamond (defense diamond that boosts like 1k defense) and SS to get critical defense, but with pvp weapon + Helion core acc you get a lot of debuff damage, which is one of the most benefiting and endgame stats in pvp/mushin tower. Debuff damage, regardless of your defense, will turn the fight easy. The reason why you may get 1 shooted under any circunstance wi
  8. I am shocked reading and looking at KR patches, they are adding lyn warden, instead of focusing in current game classes, GON barely gets classes compared to others, and this was unique of them since it it's a huge sword. You are giving them a small sword with the same power of a giant warden... in a small.. lyn, really? I mean, there is no logic in that besides lyn has a lot of classes and now this really? I am very disappointed
  9. Doing your daily dungeons Solar energy, but not worth it. Arena daily quests also give you the key. the tag quest make sure if you gonna tag, don't queu alone, always build a party, example, say in the arena lobby ''TAG and post your lobby number, once you are 3 people queu in for a match!' ALSO don't open those daily reward arena boxes you get from the quest, you barely get one soulstone from it. Gold tier box gives you even 66+ soulstones sometimes!
  10. I am sorry I disagree, I have a job and life too. By saying 10 hours straight, also in 2 days as menthioned, it means everytime I logged in I didn't chill or do anything else more than arena. So played 2 hours arena log out, at night played 3 hours log out and do the same for the 2nd day, in total 10 hours of straight arena, in 2 days not that I just did 10 hours straightly in the same day without logging out. I have had many people arguing over warden and as a destroyer I can tell it is easy to defeat them if you understand their skills. Also they will be nerfed later on. I don't play
  11. Hello. I just gonna go straight this time. Many people has issues upgrading gear, not because of costs, because the way to get materials. As an example, thrall heart now being in store, but for an inmense amount of cores, 1k gold and achievement. Trust me, we still buy it from other players rather than this. Server: Zulia, ingame name: Grown Guerrera And they aren't listening to our feedback neither issues. So here's a fix that has been working to me: Step 1.- non stressed players, be one, it works! By taking the game easy, all it's better! let's
  12. They said they were open to feedback 2 weeks ago. No changes were made, neither they listen to us
  13. If you have several alts, alting with dailies. This however consumes sooo much time. As a main only character, doing non stop basin for the material pouches doing all dailies even at mushin tower as well. In one day you can get about 30 of them, with basin depending of how much you want you may even get around 70 a day but its tough you know.
  14. Update: Im very worried now. I am struggling to find new players at Zulia/F8. Only advanced players. This isn't good! Used to introduce newbies to naryu labyrinth, poharan, sogun, nexus, and help random queus at Iron tech forgery, naryu sanctum, but now I barely see newbies instead full hms+11 parties
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