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  1. You are god material. Thank you lots!! Will definitely try this when i can get in! #404 right now
  2. i play on iksuan but i see quite a bit of spammers/afkers everywhere, and im level 5, like not even a normal amount, i went and did a few quests where there were plenty of people, not a soul moved for like 10 minutes, and not for very long.
  3. Amazing suggestion, yet nothing is showing for me here. (edit: OMG FORMATTING ON THIS SITE IS HARD)
  4. Haha, likewise, I want to play it for the avatars more than anything else. Combat is very fun and interesting though. Hard to find people to talk to ! XD
  5. She ended up looking like the tiny race in height on accident because i didnt notice there were size tools but i *cricket*ing love how i got her face and everything! SO not re-doing it, ive tried to recreate her so she's taller, but i cant get things to look right anymore. If anyone who likes to have a friend in game, you can add me, ign is Starstruckjudith
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