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  2. Meanwhile me sitting at 9k gold after 2 months of 2 hours per day gameplay with only 1 character, except weekends. Don't see any issues with anything when it comes to gold and material acquisition. But that's just me lol. All solo dungeons, all dailies from NS to shadowmoor, HM and CS and sometimes msp. That's literally all i do and i got no issues getting things in reasonable amount of time. And that's with 0 farming. I personally don't see any issues here.
  3. Calm down, when you got your gear to finaly do endcontent its already outdated an mechs are removed or nerfed to oblivion whil the rush for next endcontend already is running. So no need to learn mech or even your class [/sarcasm] BnS has become a fultime job daily overtime inclusive when you want keep up. Alternatively, if you dont have an unlimited creditcard, you are free to sell your kidney and/or firstborn to the russian/chineese mafia and just buy your stuff in F10. Thats why so many already left the game and more will follow. My motivation is gone after 3.5 years and i realy loved the game, but now i just dont want to even log in. Premium will run another 2 or 3 weeks, then it will be cancled. Maybe i will go and rent a comfortable nice little ark survival server for the money a save for premium on an publisher who does everything to kick their custumers backpart...
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  5. The removal happened on an utterly ridiculous timeline. What about the people (such as me) who were experimenting with badges that aren't considered "ideal"? I learned about the change at 1am EST yesterday!
  6. Design contest rewards

    oh, ty i got mail few hours ago also... but tnx 4 reply :)
  7. Da zitiere ich doch immer wieder gerne die dreisteste Lüge die ich jemals von einem Punlisher gelesen habe xD Kann man NC-Soft eigentlich nicht oft genug unter die Nase reiben ;)
  8. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    If the badge exchanger termination was mentioned in the Hongsil event post that came out last week(or if it was part of a preview stream), maybe sealed dgs wouldn't have hit 600g last night. Thanks for the ingame economy nudge, NCWest?
  9. Seriously? Dude are we talking about the same game anymore? When it is so easy to get oils, why are so less people having a True Tiger soul or Higher, why so less people dont have a high heart / Amulett and why are so less people having upgraded badges? The only way to get oils quikly is swiping your creditcard, a friend always had max soul after trove but spend a few 100- 1000 keys. It took me three goddamned years to get an awakend tiger soul stage 1 doing every event on 2-4 chars to get the neede oils and you tell me is easy to get oils? What fantasyworld you are living in?
  10. Also das mit dem Seelen- und Geistesabzeichen kotzt mich schon an. An Mondsteine kommt man bald gar nicht mehr ran ohne das scheiß PVP wenn's so weiter geht. Die Marktpreise im allgemeinen werden jetzt bald wieder durch die Decke gehen. Ich guck mir das noch in Ruhe bis zum neuen Klassen Release an,... wie's weitergeht. Wenn weiterhin so'n Mist gepatcht wird.... Tschö NC, gibt ja noch andere schöne Spiele. Premium lasse ich vorsorglich schon mal auslaufen.
  11. Its a matter of prioritizing gear. what will give you a better benefit: 400 crit damage on the badge or an upgraded soul / heart. You arent supposed to max everything easily, also most players dont even upgrade the badges past stage 1, even people in ET raids, so its not a must to upgrade it. It has nothing to do with whiteknighting, people simply do not want to farm and play the game, they want everything maxed and done instantly. without any effort.
  12. Yeah sure "vErY EaSy" xD And it's not like you would need this oils for your soul or heart etc. You are such a whiteknight :D you got an (often bad) excuse for EVERYTHING :D
  13. The benefit of playing alts is just more than anything else. We have to play alts for event rewards. We have to play alts for gold. We have to play alts for unity (and now unity exp cap per day is raised more than double). In other words, we have to play alts a lot to be competitive. If we have a life, we have limited time for this game, we will have to rush through daily challenge on alts with easy quests. We will rush through pleb dungeons with simple mode, so that in the end we will have our shiny gears and HIGHER NUMBERS. But when will we have time to learn our main class? When will we have time to study mechanics of endgame instances?
  14. you cant exchange pink fuse for another pink fuse. that was only available for BM and KFM. Other classes could not. Same with ET badges. they were non-exchangable except BM / KFM. 24 oils are very easy to make and get in game easily. At most it would take you 4 weeks playing 2h per day. so that is not an excuse and money has no influence on this. they know players wanted it to be permanent, but they clearly stated it wasnt so no one should be suprised its being removed. the only discussion here should be about the notice time they gave. If you upgrade a badge you stick with that spec, simple, the system was something to allow players to choose as the classes drastically changed, if someone didnt change thats on him. so there should be lieterally no reason for you to upgrade another badge unless its a pink fuse or ET badge which were never part of the exchange NPC in the first place.
  15. Issue with open world pvp

    Then I wish you much fun if you do not do this violett quest. Many violett quest can not be done without this quest. No wall run and only max. 15.000 (or 20.000 / I'm not so sure. It was a long time ago where I did this quest) "endurance".
  16. Ich mein... das mit dem Unity Cap ist nice, aber sehr sehr wahrscheinlich auch wieder nur eine Vorbereitung auf die EXP Charms aus KR, die 200k/500k EXP geben und in F10 und Trove zu bekommen sind. Also auch wieder nur ne Geldsache, sollte es so kommen. Was die Kisten angeht, finde ich gut, dass Kisten zusammengelegt werden, da man nicht stundenlang da sitzt und warten muss auf das Öffnen, aber dadurch gehen halt auch mehr Chancen auf HMCoins verloren, wenn ich das so richtig gesehen habe. Was das Event angeht, freue ich mich riesig auf die EXP ini, JEDOCH muss ich anmerken, dass es einfach ein blöder Zeitpunkt ist, so etwas zu bringen, wenn die neue Klasse direkt danach kommt.... ALLERDINGS ist es auf der anderen Seite eh wieder so ne $$$ Sache, da man mit EXP aus der Trove ja mehr Geld macht. Also doch alles wieder nur ne Geldsache... Schade...
  17. He already got a pink one, and iirc you can change pink badge for pink badge, so I guess he wanted to wait until he got another et badge. But that's not the point, it was just an example.
  18. Oh rly? you know you need freaking Oils to upgrad that damn Badge, dont you? Not able to change the badge would mean you need a second one and you need to upgrade it and again you need oils. So money is a damn good reason to remove a very much liked feature wich most players wanted be permanent. But NC-Soft did what they always do, Removing the good thinks while keeping the bad ones. Sometimes i ask myself if you are a secret employe and getting paid for defending every crap, or you just hoping to get a job as forum moderator?
  19. This is what you call "more than enough time in advance"? @Youmukon Not even 24 hours? :D
  20. Well ...either way if the pink fuse is the way to go, then he couldnt exchange to it anyway, ET badges are also non-exchangable. Your friend has one advantage tho, since the next 3rd spec is destroyer and assasin if i remember good, they will very likely introduce a exchange like they did for bm and kfm so worst case he is still good.
  21. Ich bin zwar nicht direkt betroffen, aber war schon ganz angenehm ab und zu mal mit meinem twink sum zwischen Schwarm und Dornen zu wechseln. Irendwie frustriert das Spiel nurnoch, ständige Ninjanerfs diverser dropraten, z.B. Vermächtnis der Bestien, anfang juni rechtzeitig zur Trove mal eben die Droprate der Münzfragmente bei Boss 1 und 2 um locker 50% reduziert. Mein Twink müsste jetzt also locker doppelt so viele runs als mein Main für die Kette machen. Positive Dinge werden entfernt, weil alles was kritisiert wird auf taube Ohren stößt. ich wollte mein Twink eigentlich auf TT Gear ziehen, den Ohrring hab ich auf 10, der ring liegt im Lager, aber mir ist die Motivation abhanden gekommen. Nach diesen Patchnotes noch mehr. Premium ist gekündigt, wenns ausläuft werd ich ne auszeit nehmen und ich weiss nicht ob ich wieder zurück komme. Hatte ich schon im Dezember 2018 getan und bin nur aufgrund des Drängens eines Kumpels zum Awakening-Patch zurückgekommen. Und unsere Moderatoren scheren sich nen Dreck um die Community,im englischen Forum gibt es einige Threads, wie z.B. diesen Da kommt nicht ein Kommentar von useren Moderatoren, die ja eigentlich für die Kommunikation zwischen der Community und dem Publisher zuständig sind. Na ja, von Kommunikation kann man hier eh nicht reden, da ist es Sinvoller mit der Wand hinter meinem Monitor zu reden, von der wird man vermutlich eher eine Antwort bekommen als hier von ofizieller Seite (zuminest wenn es nicht um Probleme mit dem Kauf von NCoins oder dem HM-Shop geht, denn da sind die richtig schnell)
  22. Did I say he plays a Summoner? xD He plays Assassin and I don't know his reasons, he just mentioned he wanted to change spec soon. and yeah like @Merlin DE quoted: this. Another lie from nc.
  23. |Sure there is, given i dont mind it being in game always, the only reason it was introduced was the awakening patch, so everyone could freely change and decide to play the spec they wanted to. After a few months, there is no need for this anymore. It only makes sense, and money is not the reason here as everythiong to make abadge you can easily and with little effort get in-game, this includes Grace stones, crystals and the badges needed to fuse. So stop using "money" as argument on everything.
  24. Whether the gave enough time is a different discussion.....i also think they could have given a week time notice. But in example of your friend...there is no issue for him, even with the ET mystic badge the old wind badge is garbage, so either way he will need to farm the pink badge and make the new fused badges to which you couldnt change in the first place anyway. Any old badges were not exchangable to the pink fused ones so there is nothing he is loosing out on.
  25. The problem is that they just change it from one day to the next. I remember the stream, when they introduced this system and they said, if they will remove this system they will let us know PREMATURE. And now they just remove it within 24 hours xD One of my clan members wanted to switch his spec soon, but nope :D If they would have announced this earlier, he would have farmed his pink badge in time etc. and I don't think he is the only one. For me this change isn't that important, I just switched on some alts specs from time to time just for fun, but it was nice to have.
  26. 1. 2. Well i dont consider 16 hours enough time in advanced. The patchnotes where released when most EU-Players already went to bed. Anyway, yes it was announced as a temporary feature, but it was one of the best features they ever added cause you could switch between elements without any problems. It was one of the very rare features that got positive feedback and people always say they want to keep it. Who should take NC-Soft seriously when they tell "We take your feedback seriously" but than do exact the opposite of the players feedback? Things with bad feedback wont change at all, thinks with good feedback get removed. This feature wasnt gamebraking, it didnt harm anyone, in converse it made it much more easy for people to try new things and switch between elements. Do you realy think i now would change my element and maybe upgrade another badge? i'd rather quit the game. There is only on damn reason why it make sense to remove this feature. MONEY and nothing else. now people have to grind their asses of again to get another badge and upgrade it cause they cant change anymore. And you still keep defending evers BS of NC-Soft that is frustrating many players making them leave the game. When NC-Soft want to get rid of NA/EU they for sure on their best way to scare of the last players. Im getting bored ot this BS NC-Soft keep doing. my premium is already cancled and when it ends i will take a break not knowing if i will come back. I realy like the game but with every patch its geting more and more frustrating.
  27. Issue with open world pvp

    We can´t be certain, if it doesn´t matter. Remember evolved stones during Misty Woods times and that they went for 50silver? Faction/PVP clothes might become relevant again and it´s not bad to try out different contents from the beginning. So he might as well do it.
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