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  2. Why the low FPS in B&S?

    It all depends how they do the port to UE4...tho i am honestly not expecting miracles.
  3. Why the low FPS in B&S?

    and with some bad luck and/or bad choice it will be still pretty much the same as BnS will not care about the recent trend to multi-cores with 8 or more physical processing units.
  4. Hi u can gain an advantage in battleground that shouldnt be allowed if u disable the sin animation u will see the assassin in stealth this clips shows how somone uses it he will see the sins char
  5. may I ask your CPU specs back then? If it was the the Haswell i7 something must been running pretty wrong
  6. Roots of Malice: Item and Systems Preview

    Hello there, I read the following in the preview: this is a point where I want to add a suggestion: instead of just that toggle it would be cool to add some language selection, ie. I can read/write and curse ins both English and German, so for me it would be cool to be able to select the languages I am able to handle, even if it more then one.
  7. I had a GTX 660. It ran around 15-20 FPS during boss fights. Now I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660, and the game still runs at 15-20ish FPS during boss fights. I don't think it really makes a difference unless the game is WAY heavier processor based than a lot of PC games out there, which I guess is possible, but I have no real way to confirm or not. Otherwise I have to conclude that the only other thing I can think of is that B&S simply doesn't run well on pretty much anything. Here is a link to that thread where I detail all of my testing:
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  9. New RNG outfit boxes

    Yes. I saw some new outfit on his inventory that's why I thought it comes along with this patch but they didn't go through.
  10. New RNG outfit boxes

    I was asking in the chat if we were getting new boxes. But they never awnsered, so i just assumed not. Also, brett was using the new 2019 swimsuit on the warden, kind of a bummer that they diden't go over that one either.
  11. New RNG outfit boxes

    I wanna know about the new RNG boxes that we're gonna get on the 24 July. You guys didn't go through or talk about it yet ?
  12. hört mal bitte auf mit add mich .hier kommen mehrer leute mit den selben fragen. willst du dich mit allen beschäftigen ..das wäre so einfach direkt hier rein zu schreiben welche items für welche skill. u.a .zb bin ich jetz auch gezwungen dich oder wenn auch immer zu add und auf antwort zu warten ?? also ich spiele immer noch seit begin Illusion - drachenruf weils einfach ist und seit der Auto rote die man aktivieren kann braucht man auch nur noch rechts klick gedrückt halten und er macht selbs .( bis auf bestimmte Aktionen die 2.3 ) aber wie die leute über mir schon erwähnten drachenruf macht kaum mehr schaden ,und das ist auch der grund warum ich es versuchen will Helix zu spielen .muss aber jetz alles umändern items usw Ps du würdes nur Kopfschmerzen bekommen bis du alle fragen beantwortet hast und vorallem wenn du einen wie mich hast xD
  13. Honestly before we got to level 50 and got all the overpowered legendary equipment, it was quite fun to farm moonstones in msp and fight faction vs faction. As it was not hard to get PVP gear and upgrade it since you could do so by transmuting jewels or using other weapons / accessories as fodder. sadly all the OP equipment is basically ruining the PVP "balance"
  14. Was haltet ihr von den Zahlen? Ich denke noch 1 Jahr und die Server sind dann fast leer..
  15. essences

    Bonjour je voudrai savoir a quoi servent les essences et les boussoles et leurs utilisation merci ( maitre du sabre )
  16. Can we shorten bid timer to 10sec or less?

    It's funny, because purple items are 15s, while blue (usually entirely worthless) items are 20s
  17. While you are right stating that nobody is really forced to do anything, the entirety of the player base should have the same options. Right now the fastest way for anyone to get MS is doing PvP and that's why I'm "complaining" (if we can call it like that). Sure, I can farm my ass off of non-processed stuff and sell it and then buy what I need as you said, but it shouldn't be like that, that's only going to make PvErs grind for longer. Then again, as with any MMO that has PvP and PvE aspects, this kind of situation is going to repeat over and over again because it's really difficult to keep both sides of it satisfied, I'd love to see some kind of solution implemented, but I highly doubt it. Maybe making MS a guaranteed drop from daily rewards (even if it's just 1)? One can always dream, or so they say.
  18. La mise à jour du 24 juillet apporte plusieurs changements aux fonctionnalités et aux objets. Pour en savoir plus, lisez notre article :
  19. Am 24. Juli erscheinen zahlreiche Änderungen an wichtigen Spielsystemen und Gegenständen. Hier findet ihr heraus, was euch erwartet:
  20. There are many changes to the game’s core systems and items coming July 24. Make sure to read about them here:
  21. [Karmin] Crystallized sucht neue aktive Mitstreiter ~

    Hallo BnS-Gemeinde, wir von Crystallized sind auch weiterhin auf der Suche nach engagierten geselligen freizeitaktiven discordtauglichen gemeinschaftsorientierten gemeinschaftstauglichen enthusiastischen VT-Gear-besitzenden humorvollen geduldigen seine-klasse-liebenden Mitspielerinnen und Mitspielern, die in unseren Haufen passen und mitwirken wollen. Sei es zu Standard-Raids, anspruchsvolleren Raids, Mechruns, HM-Runs, Daylies, Weeklys, PvP etc. Wir sind gut organisiert und bieten Programm für die ganze Woche, an dem man nach Belieben dabei sein kann. Seht euch den Anfangspost an, den unsere Leaderin Yuemy für euch verfasst hat. Dort findet ihr alle nötigen Infos inklusive einem Link zu unserem Discordserver. Schreibt uns hier, oder Ingame (Yuemy, JPersia, Belí Brom) gerne an, wenn ihr Interesse oder Fragen habt. Wir freuen uns über eure Nachrichten. Belí
  22. I mean thats the game design, its not badly designed, its just made that way to have players partake in both, its not something uncommon, a lot of games do that now. and its not like they are completely forced to do it, they always have the alternative to sell the PVE materials and buy what they need.
  23. I know, but then they need to make sure they have the gear for it :P We are talking about stage 4. Yes, but i am leaving 3rd spec's out, and yes i know it can depend on class etc...but fact is you dont need what he listed to do that much dps, especially without a GC weapon.
  24. Returning Player looking for a Beginner's Guide

    Hello, I close this thread since there's already a very similar one that was created. Please feel free to continue the discussion here: Regards, Amraith
  25. Hey there Michelle, as you could witness yourself, the game is in a bad shape right now regarding optimization. Every player is going to tell you the same, that no matter what kind of PC do you have (be it NASA setup or Potato setup), you're gonna have a bad time having stable FPS, specially in crowded areas/raids. If you are really thinking in playing back again, I'll recomend you to watch some videos of EvilDoUsHarm. He gives pretty neat tips and he even has a sort of "guide" for returning players. If you still need more information, feel free to DM me here so we can get in touch somwhere more user simpler and easy to use, like Discord, for example. Other than that, I hope this helps.
  26. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    I have less gear and i do 1.9 Million in parse.
  27. BunddesBlutes - Rekrutiert

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