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  2. New bracelet upgrade cost bug ????

    For update: They gave me and my friends back almost half the amount of jewels we used (i got 88 back). So if you are having the same issue with this, go ahead and ticket them.
  3. Sorry but who ever came up with....

    This Event and overall its rewards are just naced scorn and another slap into the face of the community LoL
  4. Today
  5. Please explain how this patch could be nice? Transformation stones just as example 1. you need more Soul- / Moonstones and more Elysian- / Sacred Orbs to crat them. Overall you need more materials worth about 50-60 gold then before 2. you obnly get 24 instead of 35 you got befor So getting 11 transformation stones less, while you need more mats worth about 50-60 gold is a nice change, yeah sure dude, where did you learn to calculate? Also we dont get any new sources to farm materials. Moonstones are still only available at PVP and tradeable mats are quite hard to farm which will result in higher prices. There is only one positive thing i could think about this change. It would be much more easy to get the archivment to craft the Outfits of every crafting guild on a single char cause you can level guilds much faster now (at least if you have the needed mats on stock) Not quite sure if i should laugh or cry about this most stupid statement. 1. craftable and tradable items need tradable mats not crystals and tradable mats are quite rare ill guess no one have billions of moonstones, soulstones, elysian and sacred orbs and even if, the stock will ran empty quite fast and the supply will drop 2. there are no new sources to effectivly farm tradable mats so the supply of tradeable mats keeps the same as before 3. Faster craftingtimes result in a higher demand of tradable mats -> see point 1 and 2. Therefore prices for tradeable mats will increase, one of the basic economy laws, demand and supply regulate the price 4. higher prices for basic materials needed for crafting will increase the crafting price and a higher crafting price result in a higher selling price of the product. See above, the supply on craftable items depends on the supply of the materials needed to craft these items and last time i checked the supply of tradable mats was quite limited. Therefore the exact opposite will happen prices will rise due to a higher demand for tradable mats while the supply still remain the same as befor or might get nerfed in future what happend more than once in the past.
  6. Did not get the Premium Reward

    I have had an archer 60 done for weeks now and still havent got my reward, i was told in a ticket about a week ago (i can check the date stamp if needed) that i would have it by now but still havent got it, can i please have it? Character Name: Aoife Simmons Thank you.
  7. Not true, obviously everyone who farms mats and craft for their upgrades get screwed up too. Only if you craft for selling on the market you don't get screwed up. It screws up new players the most just like the dungeon changes did, nc did nothing but add two more nails in the bns coffin with those updates. Shortage of supply has not been an issue if that was the case crafting would have been more profitable than it was. Sure prices will drop a little again but will still remain higher than before since each items is now more expensive to craft. You could give your alts primers just fine before as someone already said they are account bound. Now you need to pay 20% more for those primers since the craft gives 20 instead of 25 for the same cost now. That could only happen if the supply was from cash shop, no one with more than 2 braincells would craft items to sell them at a loss.
  8. So why did you make crafting more expensive?

    Moonstone/Eyls went up a lot as a result.
  9. Can you fix your client already.

    To be fair, they haven't been able to optimize the game for years due to severe limitations of UE3.
  10. It's dumb to punish people who want to help their friends with training when they know they are not likely to clear, just because 0.01% of ultra whales might consider abusing it.
  11. Merge factions please...

    Because having factions divides game population.
  12. You need tradable stuff to craft. This tradable stuff is pretty rare and expensive. More people craft = less mats to craft with = higher price on mats = higher price on crafted items cause no one will sell below the cost. You dont know how a market works do you ? You cannot say something got infinite supply if you cannot get anymore supply at one point. Players dont farm 99999999999999 Tradable Elysians per second.
  13. Cost Reduction Sheet

    Keep in mind F5 exists.
  14. Current State of game

    PVP: History what happened so every new player know why PVP Community is so small and angry about NC. In August 2018 the community saw the update "Awakening" and saw tenah who was currently in World championchip in korea playing. Immediatly nearly everyone was against this update. Back then NC cared atleast a bit about the community and said "we gonna release it later than planed" cause it was planed for December 2018 but we got it march 2019, still without changes. This was the patch which started the planed destruction of PVP. Result everyone was trying out the new balancing but it didnt take long to see BD/BM are so broken that we needed a Hotfix for it but to this day nothing changed they even buffed BM (just an example for the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up balance). After that they saw most player quit PVP some got into 6v6 but most left completly. What did they think ? Due to the decreasing Population they implemented a time shedule so you cannot play 24/7 PVP. Of course even more people quit cause they are not allowed to play PVP people have to work to earn a living aswell. Thoose where just the changes with the biggest effect of course they did more patches which hurt PVP but the others are small things. Clans: I agree expect for Klan BG there is nothing really for Klans. I would like Klan 3v3 or Klan Open World stuff but like you can read above in my documentation of the PVP History they dont care about such stuff. Event: All i want is that i can do the event fully with one char instead of being forced to play on 10 different alts. Why cant i farm thoose 5 oils per week with one char ? Raid: They will not fix anything anymore since UE4 is going to happen. Sure EU/NA could be dead by then but the patches are made for KR not for us and i doubt they even care about the state of EU/NA otherwise they wouldnt ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up so often. PVE: I dont get easy mode at all. The whole reason for easy mode is to remove the need of gear and make daylis fast but what we got is pretty much Normal mode since no one really died from Mechs in normal mode anyway. Why do we still have the tab normalmode ingame ? I think they ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up and wanted to give us 3 modes like in KR but since it was never stated that way from EU/NA no one rages about it casue it was not promised that way anyway.
  15. Hallöle an Euch, Ich habe da ein kleines Problem mit Lags. Bin wiederkehrer, hatte vor 2 Jahren sehr intensiv BnS gespielt und dachte mir: "Versuchen wirs mal wieder". Jetzt stelle ich fest (trotz neuen, viel besseren PC als damals), dass sich das Spiel alle par Minuten im eine Sekunde aufhängt, ebenso ca 1,5 Sekunden bei jedem betätigen der Escape Taste (Öffnen des Menüs). (Probleme hatte ich schon zuvor mit dem NClauncher 2, das jedoch konnte ich wie damals beheben, indem ich Avira und Firewall deaktiviert hatte.) Ich bin mir relativ sicher, dass ich diese Lags bis vor 2 Jahren noch nicht hatte. Grafikeinstellungen sind trotz besserem PC die gleichen wie damals.
  16. Merge factions please...

    What's the point of keeping factions, when newest faction content was when SILVERFROST was *new*? It's clearly a project that was abandoned literal YEARS ago, and has been nothing but inconvenience from the perspective of forming parties ever since. Just delete it, and make clans faction-neutral.
  17. So why did you make crafting more expensive?

    Actually prices will drop. Most likely a lot. Why? Because there'll be at least 360 times more of any craftable item. Previously you could have billion of mats and craft only 12 times per 24 hours with single character. Now you can craft 4320 times per 24 hours. So basically you can spend those billions of mats in single day. In other words. Previously it would took you one year to craft all those items. Now you can craft it in single day. And those who have tons of mats aka whales will quickly flood market with various craftables... Actually this could actually cause craftable item prices to drop 10 times or more...why? Because there's basically infinite supply of everything...
  18. Pet aura bug

    They said on last stream they know about it and the devs are working on a fix, when the fix will come they do not know yet.
  19. Can you fix your client already.

    There is a very big chance you will not see any significant optimizations till the new engine comes out, else it is a bit pointless to invest a lot of time and resources for something that can be done for the new client .
  20. Cost Reduction Sheet

    I went from Aransu 9 to GC 6 over the alternative path just to avoid the PTS needed, collected all material to do it in one go. It is an RNG luck based upgrade system that simply sucks, i am complaining about that since the beginning. Its better to require 80 what ever Transformationsstones you can actually craft with your time invested farming the materials than to push the button and fail 3 times and then have nothing. Maybe the amount required seems a lot now, but dont ignore the fact that you CANT FAIL. A Premium stone requires MUCH MUCH more material than it shows in the transformation sheet due to the absurdly high failure chance.
  21. Weapon "reductions"

    How convenient to be out of office when the patch gave us literally the opposite of what was said. Extremely convenient I would say.
  22. Salut, Je participe à l'évènement Blade and Ghoul, mais je ne sais pas où se trouve le pnj pour échanger les bonbons infernaux que l'on a dans les raids et avec les quêtes secondaires, et j'ai rien trouvé sur internet... Merci d'avance !
  23. I find amazing how we are still playing on this dogpoop of a client even with modern rigs not being able to run a 8 year old engine because devs are too lazy to implement proper otimizations for the game aside from this making your community find ways to make it playable and even with that is not CLOSE to perfect even tera that runs in the same crapy engine doesnt crash or consumes so much ram like BNS does it. ( or how much time it took for someone to find out the game lagged cause you had tracked so many quest). how about we get a proper : show X characters neraby cause boy thats why the 32bit client crashes and thats why 64bits clients eats almost half of 16g of ram and having a GPU usage of less than 50% every new cool animation or the new classes animations eats so much ram and dont get me started with the textures wanna know why you lag to 0 when soulburn hits up well know you know why, and zones they lag cause they dont load a single part of the map they lag cause it loads uninstanced raid and dungeons, heck even more npcs you saw that with the "MUSHIN TOWER FIX" so much trash stuff left behind that doesnt make sens is only making the game lag. Reason why vanilla bns didnt lag there was no silverfrost zone until they delayed it cause i dont know why and came up with the zaiwei we know today. BNS has a good theme good combat system sadly is in the hands of greedy people that dont want to earn more by polishing one of many tools they posses.
  24. Pet aura bug

    It’s been like that for weeks now and i know they are aware of that bug but they don’t seem to care at all even though it’s a pretty big one. I guess it’s an “intended feature”, just like the countless bugs that exists on this game for months or even years.
  25. Sorry but who ever came up with....

    The event is 100% optional, if you don't like it, don't participate. Anyone who participates gets something. Stop complaining about optional things, nobody is forcing you to pay or do anything.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Cost Reduction Sheet

    It's not a cost reduction sheet. It's a surprise engagement extender.
  28. Pet aura bug

    @Cyan or anyone else?
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