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  2. Hi guys, I would like to submit this bug. A few monthes ago, it was possible to go to "arena lobby", click on "spectate", and display a list of 1v1 games currently played. I've been able to choose a game and watch it This feature does not work anymore. When i click "spectate", the list of 1v1 games is always empty no matter what time log in: Thank you
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  4. Hi Guys, Once upon a day, it was possible to go to arena lobby => spectate and choose a match from a list of 1v1 matches and enjoy watching 2 guys beating the heck out of each others. Now, i can't see any match in the list, i can only watch one if i already know the name of the player... What happened to this feature? it've been buggy for monthes and not fixed yet... is it a minor bug from a developer/business point of view? because its really not for me, i'd like from to time watch two skilled guys competing, instead of watching my ### being handed to me, and i don't think that i'm the only one who enjoyed this feature. This thing was working well before, thus it should not ruin your budget if you put it back. So please fix it, it was a good/major addition to the arena lobby and provided a lot of fun Should i submit a bug? Thanks guys
  5. New Enlightened jewels bug ?

    Thank you.
  6. VT/TT - Raid sucht verstärkung :)

    Hallo Elfienchen, suche für mich und 2 weiter Leute nen TT Stammraid (1x KFM und 2x FM) schreib mich doch bitte mal ingame an (WarLordAres)
  7. TT sucht Verstärkung

    Hallo Lieca, ich suche für mich und 2 weitere Leute einen TT Stammraid. 1x Kfm und 2x FM. Wäre nett wenn du mich ingame mal anschreiben würdest. (WarLordAres)
  8. New Enlightened jewels bug ?

    Hi, yes i have the first day of update, they told me the same thing that they will forward the issue but it's been 5 days and haven't heard any news that they are aware of this or gonna fix it any soon. Time is running against us as the upgrade event won't last long :/ For the Starbreaker bracelet and King gloves they are good, i will edit my first post about this
  9. hab sohn bissi lw gehabt dachte mir jetzt kam der archer wann kommt die hexe sohne hexe wäre cool die als waffe entweder ein buch o. pergament rolle .. oder irgend ne andere verfluchter gegnstand skills demonen kräfte als ulti zb ein teufel beschwören oder engel beschwören böse hexe lebnes enzug stunnen daze usw ne art bessenheit ein teil der tp opfern für dmg boost oder buff bei der guten hexe fast das gleiche nur keine beswessenheit sondern grp buff ansonsten lmb fokus rmb dps dann wäre cool wenn die böse hexe in den schatten gehn könnte auch als grp buff nutzbar und gute nen schild angriffe via telekinesse blocken vlt grp rezz oder heal erlernbarer skill böse hexe brenender boden oder versäuchter boden die gute kann himmelstrahl herbeirufen das wäre mal sohne idee wenn es nicht taugt einfach igno lg usw
  10. New Enlightened jewels bug ?

    Thank you. I will forward these as well. Have you contacted Support at all about this issue ? And just to 100% confirm, are you also getting the issue on Starbreaker Bracelet ?
  11. New Enlightened jewels bug ?

    Here are couple of screenshots
  12. New Enlightened jewels bug ?

    Greetings maystro, Your inquiry was forwarded. However, from a lack of similar reports, and testing Enlightened Jewels upgrades on Starbreaker Bracelet first-hand, I suspect the issue might be on your side. Can you confirm the issue is occurring for you on all the equipment you listed ?
  13. New Enlightened jewels bug ?

    Is there a GM to confirm that they are aware of this bug ?
  14. Point of view from a relatively new player.

    I am 100% sure the majority of players dont think so.^^ I could write a BIG wall of text with examples whats NOT new players friendly in this game. Trust me. xD Pls tell me what "amazing" free and useful "stuff" you get with finishing story? The things you get are already years old.^^ plenty exp? where? we lost so many ways to make EXP in this game. So tell me please where you get plenty exp? example: No exp charms for tower tokens, nearly no exp from monsters in open world, exp that can be transmuted and/or crafted are expensive as hell, the login exp are lower than before because of the event currency, and so on... so where? AMEN. Nothing more to say.^^ And all this from a perspective of a players who play the game since alpha without breaks.
  15. At this point, it doesn't matter much anymore, just wanted to know if you ppl got same problem. Stayed awaken for nothing, even thou the amount of outffits they gave for NA/EU was so short that probably I would not get it anyways.
  16. As the title say... why should i continue report players for breaking YOUR rules in YOUR game when YOUR support ignore reports even when videos show and proof them cheating? @Cyan Why i think support ignore it?^^ Its simple.. some examples: I can easily see if they look at videos and pictures i sent to them. I addition i tested it with some people i know ... they went afk and other things i normally report.. and guess what.. NOTHING happend! Accountsharing/piloting: I reported a player -> 4 TIMES (with video proof) that he got piloted through raids (another player played his account) and guess what... right... NOTHING happend! he is still playing. XML edits: I reported some B&S players for using XML edits which resulted in higher damage (WITH VIDEO!!!)... and guess what... yeah you are right again... NOTHING happend... no punishment! AFK players: EVERY WEEK I report between (no joke!) 10-20 DIFFERENT players for AFKing in dungeons.. and guess what... no one from ncwest care about it... AGAIN... some of them got already reported 5+ times. But who cares right?^^ So i need to directly ask you guys from NCWE$T: Why should i continue reporting unfair "playing" players when you dont care about reports? As players you feel ignored like with the feedback you got since years which also feels like a BIG waste of time. and YES this is a serious question because i already waisted hundreds of hours doing that. Thats why i think i deserve an answer. thank you.
  17. Point of view from a relatively new player.

    In addition, and making this my own tl;dr. Yes, it is way better for new players now No story which keeps you stuck since its plain easy to conquer yourself Free weapon to progress No weapon you havce to upgrade from day 1 Short story since most quest been scrapped or already extinguished free stuff after finishing story plenty exp and easy upgrading raven tier stuff fun and actively core community And thats it, basically. Still there is also an interesting twist here bottlenecked after aransu tier content In all honesty the refined story itself keeps myself playing. NC tremendously trying to make people leave though.
  18. Weapon "reductions"

    Interesting. so on Tuesday we get the info (wrong one whatsoever) and are told without any delay that stuff gets cheaper. However during patch you swap this out. I actually will not accept this nonsense of "internal" incompetence within your dev team or pr group. Patch notews are a mess for plenty patches now. As already addressed ask your community to translate things if you have nobody fluent in their respective language... not my point here. Right nyow I demand a refund option for a certain time from now on. There are a couple players including myself sitting on the regular mats to upgrade for aransu, but waited since NC pretended it would decrease. Now we cant upgrade since you increased stuff instead. Its your choice to loose players giving this not any longer poor communication. What are your thoughts about this? Further how did the idea to scrap material boxes fit into cheaper upgrades? I almost have the feeling NC does not want players to progress but instead bottleneck them around aransu, which brings up the quetion: "Why?!" We get almost everything stuffed into our belongings up to vt content, but from here on people are ment to be stuck for? Am looking forward an actual statement from dev team because they kinda seem overworked or something idk. Such a major mistake is anything bout a mistake. As always, I am glad you're here for us @Cyan. Keep up your good work, and kick some arse so devs do a solid job again. Cheers
  19. Launcher crashing at startup

    Hi everyone, We definitely recommend reaching out to Support to troubleshoot issues like these:
  20. Point of view from a relatively new player.

    The players are giving you feedback since YEARS and the game becomes more and more P2W, grindy as hell, more and more bugs which dont get fixed ( some of them since years!), the performance get worse on every patch, random disconnect from your servers, crashes, and so on... I could make a list of all issues, bugs, and so on..... but guess what... ncwe$t & nc$oft showed us more than enough that the most feedback get simply ignored. I know ncwe$t/nc$oft have to make money but this game is nothing more like a cash cow while nearly every feedback gets ignored and the game get worse and worse with every patch. You want feedback? You got it for years so stop ignoring it! You "guys" are destroying a game with so much potential just because this company is money hungry as hell... disgusting. I love the game itself.. BUT.. how you guys "manage" it is horrible and disgusting.
  21. Point of view from a relatively new player.

    Then perhaps I could recommend the same fix they used for Draken Cores. You get a 1 off bulk reward to give you a hand to grind something else. Because when crafting, Moonstones and Elysian Orbs seem to on the same tier on rarity (or that was how it was supposed to be). So you do X quest to get Y moonstones so you can go grind them at Z. Perhaps a third Celestial Basin/Moon Refuge. 15-20mins of grinding per Moonstone/Elysian Orb seem fairs, no?
  22. Could we please have a Producer's Letter?

    Yeah a grind where more and more material supplys got reduced over time. and because of the realy good material supply we have this is the result i have craftet 4 PTS after NC-"We love to lie to out player"Soft released the Upgrade "reduction" sheet to upgrade my alt. well now i dont need this PTS and the mats i would need to craft TS are gone for the PTS crafting, yeah. Even selling the PTS wouldnt nearly compensate te loss of material and gold
  23. Weapon "reductions"

    Well introducint account bound transformation stones craftable with crystals wont solve much of the problem as long as we dont get valuable farming spots. while the need for meaterials constantly increases the supply keep the same or even is lowered. Back in time we had a lot of dungeons where we could farm mats. nearly every dungeon from purple train gave a material chest from the field quest and even the boss dropped material chests that went into the auction. So you either could bid on the chest or made a little bid of money. It all was removed and now we have just 3 or 4 dungeons left where you could get some mats. MSP is not realy worth farming anymore since sacred orbs are way to expensive. to open the chests of 1 weekend run you need 24 orbs worth between 48 and 60 gold on EU. If you dont get a few evolved stones its a huge loss. Even you get a few sacred orbs from the chest it wont compensate when you are unlucky with the drops. So without adding new and overall valuable farmingspots adding accountbound transformationstones wont help much
  24. Weapon "reductions"

    @Cyan , good day. A lot of the cost increases that came with the patch are also driven by the changes to the crafting, are the cost increases to crafting transformation stones intended as well? thanks :)
  25. Hallöchen ich spiele seit 2 Jahren Bns musste wegen Arbeit aufhören nun nach der Ausbildung kann ich wieder regelmäßig und aktiv nach der Arbeit Spielen mein Main ist Warden habe bisher nur Rabe 5 waffe aber stetig am verbessern Ring und Ohrring des Raben Armband des Drachen Raben Bagua und 2 RaidBagua bis Teil 4 bisher also ziemlich standart aber hab ne schnelle Auffassungsgabe und bin dabei meine Ausrüstung und waffe stetig zu verbessern und würde gerne euch beitreten Achja bei fragen einfach fragen egal ob fragen über welchen Job ich hab oder so kann ich es gerne machen :)
  26. WTB ET Badge

    Suche Afk Spot für ET Badge Kauf. Ingame Name Amaya Yue adden, flüstern oder Brief schreiben. Oder hier auch antworten. LG
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