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  2. User interface & chat settings.

    Are you using any mods like font etc? I know some of them cause that issue.
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  4. Assasin Schwer im endgame?

    Also die einzige Klasse wo Simple mode wirklich richtig hilft und besser ist, ist der KFM. Assasine ist im PVE extrem einfach KFM würde ich aber bevorzugen, da dieser Tanken kann und auch viel mehr DMG haut. Im PVP musst du üben üben üben hier ist die Klasse schwer gut zu spielen oder du machst einfach "run and gun" haust einmal und wartest bis die Zeit abläuft wie ein gewisser Platin Assasine. Alles in allem ist der Assasine gehen wir mal davon aus, dass man nicht gerade ein Silber Spieler ist mit eine der stärksten Klassen und war eig. immer in den Top 3 von der Meta im PVP. Im PVE kann man ihn wegen des Blue Buff und stealth gebrauchen würde Ihn aber nicht als schwer bezeichnen, dafür dass du einmal pro Minute einen Stealth hauen musst. Dank Awakening sind klassen wie der Bm oder BD aber so overpowered, dass der Assasine nicht mehr in den Top 3 ist. BM>BD>Warden. Ich empfehle dir eher bei dem KFM zu bleiben 1. einfach zu spielen, 2. stark im PVP besonders 6v6, 3. Kann tanken.
  5. Assasin Schwer im endgame?

    Mal eine Frage an die Assasinen ich habe eigentlich vor mir mal die klasse zu machen hab aber immer gehört: ja die klasse ist gut aber zu schwer die schafft man nur selten zu gut und nützlich zu spielen und so weiter ich glaub ihr habt auch mal das ein oder andere gehört. Meine Frage ist ist die klasse wirklich so schwer und lohnt sich simple mode bei der Klasse? Und ist das Lvl am Anfang schwer? Weil bestimmt wichtige Skills erst sehr spät im Spiel freigeschalt werden Als Vergleich ich maine zur Zeit KFM aber hatte damals angefangen mit Gunner Danke schon mal für eure Hilfe ^^
  6. User interface & chat settings.

    Same problem here.
  7. Cosmetic Design Contest 2019

    okay, tnx for reply :)
  8. WL FPS PROBLEME Lösungen ?

    HEY wüste gerne wie das Problem angegangen wurde btw gelöst wurde `!? da ich einige kenne die keinen hoch quali pc haben und mit 5-10 FPs in raids rumlaufen etc antwort -hilfe wäre nett
  9. Cherche joueur Kazu ou avancé

    Bonjours a tous Je m'appel Julien 26 ans , je suis entrain de reprendre le eju et je cherche des joueurs nouveau ou ancien peut importe pour créé un clan a long terme. Pour plus d'infos ajoute moi ingame ( Juloos) ou alors pase sur mon LIVE TWITCH . A bientôt :)
  10. Bjr je suis nouveaux et je cherche une guilde

    Salut a toi ajoute moi in game ( Juloos) pour discuté. A bientot
  11. How to Make 3v3 Popular again

    Sorry to tell you but it was before awakening patch you could litterly solo que and find a match. Of course it tool sometime but you where actully able to find a group. After awakening people just quit PVP. No one likes that BD can do an attack which you cannot evade which does like 43K damage in one hit or BM who can do 100 to 0 without even the need of stun just using his untargatable and teleport. Nowdays the biggest problem is the restriction of playtime. What do you think you get as enemy if everyone only got like 9 hours a week of PVP time minus que times of course ? Its pretty much only top 5 or atleast top 30 Players (mostly top 5) with all their twinks. Players who struggle around 1600 in 1v1 or even players who want to test PVP just get destroyed they cant even learn. This way NC creates a hole where litterly no one can join the 3v3 Community cause they will never be able to beat top 5 player without alot of exp. its said multiple times but the restriciton its to be lowered or completly removed ! Why cant we play everyday ? This way the top 5 players would be gold much faster and others can actully enjoy their matches. @Baskerville i ask you again what do you want us to do so we can get some changes or atleast the chance of a change ? Do you want us to open surveys for the community ? Or something else ? I have another idea sometimes (very very rare) i stream on twitch since i am always the only one doing PVP some people watch it. I could open surveys or whatever for you guys.
  12. Neuer TT-Stammraid sucht nette Leute ;)

    Sind immer noch auf der suche ;)
  13. Cosmetic Design Contest 2019

    Unfortunately, the design will be disqualified. It's preferable that we don't have designs from other games. Naturally, there are some inspiration taken from other works but replicas are no-go. Thanks for asking!
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  15. It will be explained once it appears on our version, They do streams before updates, when it comes you will be able to see what it's like on that stream or if you just watch some videos/stream from KR once they get it.
  16. its called curiosity, knowledge... and because they already mention it a couple of times but not fully explained it? so why people are talking about EU 4 if we dont have it yet? *heavy face palm* mine was a legit question if the beginner/simple mode works like that people will be "more ready" to do dungeons in normal mode and then hard mode
  17. My question is.. why are you replying by asking a now actual irrelevant question?
  18. My question is.. why are you asking about a feature that we haven't even gotten yet?
  19. [REQUEST] Korean client for our playerbase (optimized)

    If you want to hang up the game, here's two easy places: Spoiler relates to act 10, chapter 2-4 Does anyone do that and the game not freeze for a second?
  20. If the beginner mode of dungeons for NA/EU follows the pattern we know of in KR and other regions, Beginner clears should count towards clear count(but not hard mode clear count) Daily quest gold reward heavily reduced, migrated partially into Hard mode dynamic quest, since the beginner mode counts for daily completion. Next to nothing for beginner mode clear(think 1 core if premium subscription is active). Take any speculation/info with a grain of salt, localization for EU/NA could modify any of these aspects greatly.
  21. excuse me i wanted to know if doing a dungeon with the future Simple mode will give the achivement for doing that dungeon? maybe an example is better, if i do Sandstorm Temple for the first time in Simple Mode will it give the achivement for completing it at the end? there for, if i'll do it for 10 times will it still give the achievement needed to buy the bracelet with Hellion Cores? (i said Sandstorm Temple as an example, but you can change that name with any dungeon). i really really hope so. thank you and sorry for the possible bad english
  22. And its turned again into... ...tread.
  23. In case the patch notes for Roots of Malice does not cover what was specifically adjusted to improve the performance, could you shed some light on it? You mentioned Blade Master's Spectral Blade specialization, Mushin's Tower, and certain dungeons/raids. Is it actual code that went into improving the performance, or did you only, for example, reduce effects, NPCs, and animations?
  24. Will BnS Ever Introduce Region Transfers? + Poll

    You are in a way.. and don't even bother denying it. Some Companies have the Limited amount they can give out, I am not saying that's the case with NCSOFT, but might aswel be. Giving HMC to every single person who spends and complains would be foolish, People would start abusing support by Purposely spending Money in Game and taking advantage of Support in receiving extra free HMC from complaints, There's more involved into choosing who will get and who will not then just RNG in Person you will end up having while that might seem like RNG to you, but it's really not. Anyway this is a big topic to talk about and this is also a wrong Topic of this thread, Please make your own thread if you want to have a your own conversation about this. Before Moderator comes with a bamboo stick to do some ass whooping for not staying on the real topic of this thread.
  25. WL FPS PROBLEME Lösungen ?

    Ja das hab ich und andere WL´S haben gesagt das es derzeitig für RAIDS nur die Option mit BNS buddy gibt hab auch einen aus Unbound gefragt der meinte zitat " Bei uns im Clan machen das alle WLS so weil es der zeitig nicht geht " . Aber vielen Dank . ^^
  26. Prices on the market arent ridiculous, they are basically the cost of crafting + tiny bit extra. If you go by market prices: Crafting a PTS = 200g, Bying from market = 280g, thats 145g of material gamble to make one, its completely not worth making it, you are better off buying it and selling the materials. Crafting a Sacred Oil = 265g (thats without the "worth" of the lesser demon spirit stones), Price on Market = 330g Crafting 35 Transformation stones = 318g, Price of bying 35 on market = 350g Those arent ridiculous prices. Those are crafting / Transmute costs + a tiny profit margin. Doesnt take a genius. Also for pet pods you need bloodstones which you get from PVP. This is the difference between an unleashed pet and the MAxed out pet. the difference is very very negligible. Also the shield protects you only for 20k and a one shot. Once that is done shield breaks. How is it elitist? How is it arrogant? You going in there without ANY pvp gear are a liability, you basically sabotage other players rank and points because what? You are to lazy to invest in proper gear to do it? thats selfish, and feeling entitled to something you are not, in your view someone who spends time farming dungeons, upgrading PVP equipment to farm materials is the same as someone who doesnt want to do it and just goes in there with whatever gear they have? That is arrogant.. If you want something equalized you have arena, shackled isles. Literally a multiverse of games have PVP gear and PVP gear based battlegrounds, its nothing different and nothing new here. Yes, because if you dont like a game, it frustrates you why would you play it? All people do here is want things handed out literally, they dont want to invest any effort, they dont want to farm, they dont want to make their parties for dungeons.... the game lost most its playerbase because everything is beind completely dumbed down, doing raids is completely unrewarding, doing dungeons is unrewarding, because people dont weant to put in the effort. And it doesnt matter if its Asia or EU / NA, people play the game for what it is, for the concept it has, the combat. If they wanted somethingf different they would be playing a completely different game. Just because its EU / NA doesnt mean everything needs to be dumbed down cause people are lazy, doesnt mean PVE needs to give everything because people dont like PVP. Having PVE and PVP exclusive materials is a common practice in many games, and there it is also needed to have both to progress.
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