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  5. Listen your voice please.

    If that is your point of view that is it, but depending on the event you are comparing it doesn’t always work out that way. Take last event (blossom orbs) vs 2nd tower of memory (as that is the one I keep hearing was an awesome oil event) using no resets, to simulate F2P. The Tower of Memory event with no resets could get you 5 oils per character (a max of 6 with alts I believe doing speed leveling to get the 65 from finishing the quest, still going to say 5 as I am not counting resets). The event ran for 5 weeks so this was 1 oil per week. With no F10 and no resets and no leveling quest you get 4 unless you get very lucky with bonus ones from ToM, but we will stick with 1 a week. With the blossom event counting all currency also no reset you can get 4 on 7 Alts using the F2P 1 and a half hour timer log in bonus (3 more alts can get 4 if using the compensation). The event lasted for 4 weeks, so could get 1 a week but did take currency (first while could be hard to find MOML ones, but by like second week or so it was easy, and still doable before then). So for oils the 2 events where equivalent from a F2P standard. With weekly resets it looks like the blossom event came out ahead as you could get 2 more oils per character but end up costing a bit this why I didn’t count resets. While doing the blossom event you also got enough to get 2 dgs, or three if you are willing to do 4 TOIs dailies with those characters. There has been bad events with double currency yes, but there has been descent ones. Not all of them always have as much oils, but they sometimes had other benefits with them too. 2019 has not been a bad year for events.
  6. before I finish setup I'm having an error in Chinese....
  7. Listen your voice please.

    Maybe because korea has had about double the time to grind and gear up for the content that we are currently having and NcSoft instead of fixing the bosses healthbars accordingly, instead it chooses to artificially boost a small % of players that decide to pay for in-game advantages, because the content is literally not balanced for f2p at the current state of the game. As you said, if there was no trove and no rngbox and no-life grinders f2p players would still not be able to do the dungeons, then the dungeon would literally not be able to be run by anybody which would mean that the content is not balanced for those kind of players, but instead for f2p that have had double the time to gear up (koreans) or whales. NcSoft could've went and lowered the bar but chose the retarded approach of keeping the same bar and here we are with an event that requires 1.3mil dps, despite the average player being way lower than the requirements, because in korea the average is higher. I could explain my point a third time but I think anybody can see where I'm getting at.
  8. Guílty Crown || Karminlegion

    Hi @RabenKaras, ich bin nach langer Abwesenheit wieder mit B&S angefangen und spiele gerade einen Gewaltenbändiger hoch. Ich würde deiner Gilde gern beitreten, aber ich kann der Karminlegion nicht beitreten... gibt es da eine Möglichkeit für mich zu wechseln? Wäre cool, wenn das klappen würde, du kannst dich hier oder Ingame bei mir (Arylemnia) melden. Danke schonmal. Gruß , Arylemnia
  9. Some outfits are now only obtainable by spending designer threads at the costume vendor standing in a few towns. Those may not show up in F10 because of this. BUT, designer threads themselves are so rare I have never ever obtained one myself. I think they come from a very scant few outfits from events/trove, but I'm not sure. As for what's on F10, they only rotate 3or 4 outfits in a regular basis. The rest have been in the shop for a very long time. I'd say they could keep the current 3-4 outfit regular rotation, but also add a big full shop rotation at least once a year. This game has a LOT of outfits. Some that make no sense to keep limited (like the NPC ones), while others should of course stay limited. Anyway, other than what's for sale, at least this game has farmable outfits from dungeons/achievements, and that's always a good thing. Right now, a relatively new character can get pretty much everything the Zaiwei achievement vendor has for sale.
  10. Listen your voice please.

    What if there was no nerfs to daily gold income and venture tokens from ToI? Dreams.
  11. Gunslingers the weakest pvp class

    I think that those in charge of balancing the classes simply dropped the ball. I assume they failed to make a balanced gunner because of the initial view of it, since in early levels, gunner is a very fast killer (most of my gunner early leveling was done using only basic shot and reload, for example). Perhaps they thought that by having a fast ranged weapon, they had to nerf everything else for fear of making it too OP. But sadly they overdid it and nerfed it too much. Maybe it also has to do with gunner being a derivative of the NPC gun style that Soha, Leerok and even Poharan (when acting as an ally) use. Now I'm not sure if our gunner originated from them, or where each style came from and at what time. But at least I can see they have a few similar animations. Perhaps it worked there because NPCs are always moved by different rules. But for players, it may be harder to make it viable, so more balancing should be done.
  12. The two-week rotation is a flop. It's a bad idea and borderline anti-customer. As I've said many times, the entire reason my MMO dedicated irl friends skipped and to this day still avoid BnS is because of that damn two week idea. It just pushes costume enthusiasts away who don't want to wait 9 months for something they like to come out for 3 seconds and then disappear again before they can remember to get it, or even worse, tell them "oh you can have this costume if you just sit and play the slots, sweetie :)" Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh In a former post, I posted old KR costumes that we never got. If you'd like to see those click my name and find that post idk it was like last week. For now though, I'll post new costumes that have not yet reached our region, since why not, we're talking about costumes already anyway. Maybe this'll inspire new rotation ideas idk. And so here they are, beginning with Costume Contest Winners from around the world: And then originals (I believe): Note that the Maritime Patrol (?) was changed to dyeable, so this also means that they're looking into going back and making past costumes customizable as well. For the costume winners, not they are not all done. The top one is Russia's which was just finished. NA/EU's last costume contest winner is still in the works as well, I remember one of the CMs here saying it still had a little while to go. but yeah. So, these are the things we just havent gotten here yet.
  13. Listen your voice please.

    Now lets think hypothetically.... What if there was no trove and other rng box / money events in F10. And players who play the game for 3 years since the beta, players who learned the mechanics of all raids and dungeons, players who can play surely 8h per day still ended up at the stage they are today with their gear aka whale gear. Wonder what would the f2p players complaina bout then, becaus ethey would still be in the same situation they are now, they would still not be able to do raids / dungeons....
  14. Even with a server merge, won't it be possible that one faction, red or blue, will dominate the other?
  15. Listen your voice please.

    so perhaps this is your last reply?
  16. Listen your voice please.

    Yea cause like I said your kind of depressing and I'm doing dungeons right now :p
  17. Listen your voice please.

    is this your last reply?
  18. Listen your voice please.

    The only disappointment I have found in this game is a lot of the player's attitudes towards each other. Currently the only thing I'm locked out of is NightFall Sanctuary which I know I'm not ready for yet and have no problems with that fact. Again, I'm not playing to be the best, I play games to enjoy my time and treat them as they as meant to be treated a escape. As I said, you play your way, I play mine. Economy wise, I make money just fine unless your referring to another aspect of the economy, events sure I havn't played through many, but I have enjoyed each event, sure I found some dumb but free items for time invested none the less. Game Balance not sure what part of the balance you might be referring to so I won't touch on that as its pretty much open ended. Gearing up, I know the new system fairly well. I also know how to cut corners to save money sure, damage suffers a little bit but end result is the same.
  19. Skill Achievements

    I cant use my skill Achievements file:///C:/Users/User/Pictures/BnS/Screenshot_190424_000.jpg
  20. Listen your voice please.

    You don't know how this game works, I was like you once I was telling my self that I will one day catch up to end game gear but then I realized that it's useless even if I try to spend my entire day and night on the game. As you said you've been playing this for 1 year now so ofcourse you don't know how the economy, events, game balance and gearing up works. You can keep playing the game it's fun I love the combat system but gear gaps broke that if you want to endlessly grind and achieve nothing but disappointment by your means go head you should probably realize by now that content will be always locked for you so it doesn't matter how much you grind. to me double currency events are just cuttin your rewards that you are suppose to get twice as mcuh but instead you get less.
  21. Listen your voice please.

    Double currency events in and of themselves aren’t bad. Halloween one was as you need both for one currency and took to much time per reward. The game developers I would say have a set amount of specific resources they want each character to achieve while going through the event. In past events they might of deemed the amount of oils able to be obtained was to high (past tower of memory, sadly I missed but friends told me about it), and why some current events don’t always look “as good”. If we take the last event as an example, the event dungeon part of it was horrid. The rewards did not equal the time, but as you could get both currency from HM and CS and get more coins from ToI it turned out to be a very useful event. Each character could get just shy of three oils (2 tokens less) without running the event dungeon doing dailies and weeklies (no resets). Players could then use the log in reward (not compensation, I am ignoring those) to get all their alts up to 3 oils (28 for non premium and 84 for premium). With those oils each character with the second currency could also get 4 DGS. Each of these rewards theoretically took little to no extra time, the biggest flat actually falling on the stone needing to be used to get the rewards (not getting into that mess up). The heart event could drop hearts that if you were lucky with drops ended up saving you oils and bound mats for upgrades. So although not able to obtain as many oils as the past ToM it still could of saved you quite a bit as well. The anniversary event the 2nd currency was used primarily for outfits, so could be ignored if you didn’t want to get those. Looking at the time aspect, even the current event can be nice, up to like 4-5 minutes a day per alt on turtle to get 1-2 oils (2 if using log in bonus) not counting the time in DM. There can be arguments made for and against the second currency in the current event, but that doesn’t innately make this event bad. Basically saying, some people say events are bad, and double currency is bad, but it all depends on execution and time investment:
  22. problem with hongmoon cave area

    so im trying to finish this new "legend of the hongmoon arts" or whatever quest chain Soha gives me and every time i enter the cave my game gets to 90% on the load bar and stops loading.... the little lyn keeps running and messages keep scrolling but it stops loading. ive tried several times now even restarted my PC and same thing every time. When i go into task manager to close the game its showing BnS maxing out my processor and everything. Theres no way this game should max out every computer process as my RAM is larger than this total game.
  23. Game won't start

    Have either of you tried the alternate size of bits? Like if you tried 64bit, try 32-bit. There are some error messages that don't display in 64bit that 32bit will. There are various random programs that their builtin malware xigncode doesn't want to run with because such programs are often used by malware researchers that can show how xigncode is malware. The 32bit program seems to now be better about telling which thing it is by putting up a "this looks suspicious....". They claim that you can contact them if you need the item, but they lie (they don't answer). However if you mail the xigncode log to them, they used to tell you what the offensive program was (they hide the name of it in the log so you have to send the log to them to find out what they didn't like). In my own experience, its usually something used for software development/debugging... FWIW -- I was locked out of BnS for 2.5 months -- I didn't get to the PIN page --- only the initial password page. Eventually the problem disappeared due to installation of some 3rd party font-program (it was random). Good luck....
  24. Ballerkneipe

    Hey Blade and Soul Community! Wir suchen neue Spieler! Vorab einmal: Ich bin der BKN.Johannes und Mod und Game Leiter, für den Blade and Soul auf dem Multigaming-Community Teamspeak der Ballerkneipe! Wir suchen: Neue Member im Bereich von Blade and Soul. Beide Fraktionen sind hier gerne gesehen Meldet euch einfach bei: Ballerkneipe Blizzard = Blau Ballerkneipe Inferno = Rot Wir garantieren euch eine chillige Atmosphäre und auf jeden Fall einen großen Spielspaß! Um genau das zu gewährleisten, suchen wir dich!!! Wie komme ich auf den Teamspeak?: Logge dich ein und ein Moderator, wird dich sofort in einen Channel ziehen und dir unseren großen Teamspeak erklären! Sage ihm, dass du von BKN.Johannes angeworben wurdest und in dem bereich Blade and Soul zocken willst. Viel Spaß, und ich freue mich auf dich! Ts-Ip: Noch etwas über uns: Bei uns wirst du keine Freunde finden, sonder eine Familie! Damit auch du nach dem Feierabend, Schule ,Studium oder Arbeit voll relaxen kannst. Wir sind eine Community mit viel Spaß bis in die Nacht bzw. noch bis in den nächsten Tag, bei dem viel gezockt, geredet und viel gelacht wird. Darum herrscht hier keine Anwesenheitspflicht, sonder wir respektieren dein Privatleben und sind familienfreundlich. Um das zu ermöglichen geben sich unsere Community-Leiter stehts die Mühe immer neue Events, User oder sonstigen geilen Kram zu finden, damit du Spaß und Freude hast hier zu zocken oder einfach nur zu chillen. Wir kümmern uns auch um Private Server, etc., um auch hier deinen Bedürfnissen zu entsprechen! Wir versuchen ganz einfach einen Ort zu schaffen wo jeder Spaß hat und wo FREUNDSCHAFT groß geschrieben wird!! Wenn du jetzt überzeugt bist komm auf unseren Teamspeak ( und trink mit uns ein frisch gezapftes Bier und hab Spaß! Randinfos: Homepage: Teamspeak: Bis gleich
  25. Listen your voice please.

    You'd be amazed at how many people still ask about gearing though and fail to look through the equipment upgrade path window. Kind of like me explaining to clan members while raven might offer more damage in most cases, doesn't warrant even the reduced cost still 35 more elements over the cheaper route. And I'm never shifting in any of my posts I post about both. I also take this event as a example the Stage 1-3 / Desolate is for everyone while the Stage 4 / Burning is more for the whales kind of like how trove is normally for the whales, then they add another event for everyone to do. It offers things for everyone, which is never a bad thing. It is only bad for those who can't do the whale part of the event (mind you some free players have reached the point to be able to do the event fully so calling it whale only is kind of dumb on everyone's part). While I might not know the struggle of getting a legendary weapon and evolving it through the tiers like you all did with the old upgrade system, you have to admit, it is much better now for everyone. I do however know the struggle of the 100 run achievements for hellion accessories and now imperial which was and in the case of imperial be lowered later for another higher tier. It is how the game progresses. Just because I do not have no experience with the old way of doing things doesn't mean I lack experience.
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