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  2. Because TT gear and Prophecy necklace are still BiS would make no sense to make them part of the event...
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  4. Wind Summoners got a humongous nerf with the awakened skill update. (My dps went from 88k to 44k after the update). Earth summoner on the same gear was about 58k. Anyway all i can say is keep at it and keep trying if you can. Maybe its time NC actually removed the ability to inspect players gear and view dps meters or atleast sound a warning to the community about what they stand to loose if they're not more supportive of new comers. Slightly off topic i was in a funny MSP group yesterday where the party lead was swapping highest dps players in between party 1 and party 2 for all 3 boss fights. It was ridiculous to me lol.
  5. Please add quest npc for Tower of Memory

    Hajoon will be very disappointed in you. Despite him telling you for the umpteenth time: "Read the Letter, Cricket". Until he ran out of breath and keeled over. You still forget to check your letters everyday. He's rolling in his grave.
  6. I feel you. Nowadays, most players want high-geared people to run dungeons with them, and that's just leaving others out. It's stupid, which is why I'm lenient when I host dungeons and allow anyone to join because I know that with proper teamwork, it can still be done. However, the reasoning behind why this is a problem is because people want to speed-farm, and they can't afford to waste time with people who are below them. It's messed up, but that's how it is in Blade & Soul.
  7. Please add quest npc for Tower of Memory

    This has been brought up each time TOM has been resurrected without anything every being done about it. We can assume after all this time that nothing ever will be done. If you run many alts you'll just have to get into the habit of pressing J each time you log in and taking the quest.
  8. That is some really sad situation :( normally I don’t see many people carrying who joins as long as it isn’t a group for 1-6. I guess all I can say is keep trying, or could try forming a group too. I mainly play earth summoner so can’t speak for wind, if you are able to start saving to buy a sealed VT badge it would help out a lot, as I think that will be one of the first things people look at.
  9. I've forgotten to accept the event quest countless times every time Tower of Memory returns because there is no quest npc in front of the gate, and for sure I'm not the only one. It can be really easy to forget to pick it up, especially if you run the event on multiple characters in succession. Along with the frustration of wasting a lot of time and being unable to undo your mistake, missing out on the event currency multiple times can really add up and be detrimental. Adding a quest npc in front of the gate in both the cross server and open world would be much appreciated by everyone, please and thank you! ^_^ Alternatively, another possible solution could be to remove the quest entirely and add the quest reward to the dynamic instead since the event dungeon can only be accessed once per day anyway.
  10. Hi, what is Your discord or ign?
  11. Is there no normal Upgrade possible as Long as Event lasts?

    Is is like that for all accessories now. I was going to upgrade a few on my alts but the mats needed now look like they are not worth it. (didn't do math on it lol) So I just have to settle for getting it to break through instead. btw, make sure anything u make during the event don't expire after the event.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm a summoner with Raven 3, purple badges and 1284AP and HM 15. I was just looking for a group for doing daily MSP and getting so frustrated. Nobody wants to group with me when onone saying any requirements when they formed the group. And some people kicked me right after they invited. I feel like this game is so hard to play and thinking of quit atm. I can't imagine how those returning players and new players deal with this. :(
  13. That pouch should say something more along the line of “gives gem with a random stat” to help clarify. At the beginning of the game crafting was the only way to get diamonds so players just naturally knew it could produce different stats. It actually had like 5 different stats it could have (I remember evasion, defense, AP and additional damage). I haven’t actually tried to craft one sense so hopefully it only has the 2 stats. There are aspects of the game I feel haven’t been updated quite to match the new systems, one being also the price of hongmoon keys in the F10 another player mentioned in the past.
  14. What happened to the Old Skill System?

    So what's the point of getting the various skill related accomplishments now -- just the points, which don't seem to add alot, because they are too few for too many skills. I.e. there used to be extra skill addons/unlocks for having those accomplishments, but now its only the semi-anemic points? Also on GS, the current setup feels very very weak -- a stationary burst every minute or so, and hope you don't get a knock that wipes most of the time. Gunners should get improved defenses against attacks (because they are supposed to be a distance class and would be in almost any other reality) or better recovery (shorter cd)-blocking skills. How would a gunner fair in battle against KFM, assassins, BM's or any of the classes w/ability to close in 1 move and suspend all your options while they enjoy a long attack in pvp or pve. I'm 99.9% pve, mostly because I don't have a chance in any pvp setup -- but its insane on a gunner to block normal benefits of the class while the other classes get *long*/unbreakable/uninterruptible OP attacks. If you want to equalize that, then anyone caught in a Bullet Storm would have to be frozen for at least 50-75% of the duration and that's not the case, at all, but the gunner is rooted as effectively as being pinned by an attacker's melee attack. Something that seems to be problematic now, is that when you did BS, you got bonuses to all fire damage, now...with mystic, I don't see any benefit or effect from Firefall during BS which seems like another cut even though overall DPS is up (but true for everyone).
  15. I do agree @LilyFU but the square diamond is the max you can go with a diamond. No square honeymoon diamond is used to upgrade to any higher gem. I just feel sad that a game I respect and like treats players like this that's all. I agree also that we as a community need to help grow the game but when I opened a ticket they said it's intentional. Also how do you expect a game to grow when new players are treated with such traps. Also i did know the upgrade thing before crafting and crafted full well knowing that i am just putting my time and effort and gold into something that i do not intend to even upgrade further.
  16. So why not make the Prophecy Neck 8-9 dragon tokens w/ability to use event tokens for its upgrade -- same for gloves. Certainly would make the game more interesting. If they want to help people level up their gear for later dungeons, why not include current content (including use for TT gear). More than once I've seen people requiring celestial gear for some group or another.
  17. Show off your characters!!

    Cue people getting creeped out from this Abomination X,D
  18. You already realize that you can not upgrade these Gems? Because that is the real trap for new ppl.
  19. 30-Day Premium Gift

    Perhaps he meant absurd in the lack of a 30 day option as well? Along the lines of attracting new users, could have option to generate a 30-day-membership gift cert that could only be used by someone not already on a paid membership. Of note: it could still be used by such a person if they tried to use it after letting their current membership expire. Given other options below, I'd favor purchases of such certs as generally, being non-refundable. The cert could be issued as an in-game certificate that would be tradeable (or sellable -- why not? -- how many times have you seen someone who wants to buy a membership, 'in-game', for gold or trade?) OR The cert could be sent to the buyer's account where they can "retrieve it" by applying an expiration date (up to 30 days in future), and having a unique "serial number" issued that they can give to someone else who can apply it to another account. If it isn't used by the expiration date, it would be reverted: added back to the original buyer's account within 7 business days -- allowing for recovery of lost+unused serial numbers. I'd think that would allow for all the purposes the original poster wanted, as well as possibly attracting new paid members and protecting against fraud.
  20. @Grimoirsure then give me your id i will add you and ask you tons of quesitons? are you ready to help people to grow the game. FYI i did google it nothing came up. Google shows at max kerropi the youtuber or another 2 people explaining stuff and some random forums about people arguing. Btw beware add me and i will ask a question for everything that comes on screen. Cause with the logic of you guys that's how a game should work. Watch guides and do stuff right? Also i am not asking the percentage what i am asking is the information about the diamonds with 2 different stats. Every other place i see in the game you see the diamond with the AP. If the diamond with the defense is so important why is it not there in the transmute section i wonder xD So if only they put it in brackets or gave even a small hint. Idk maybe i live in the wrong world where i think correct information is supposed to be presented unless of course your purpose has been always to misdirect someone. Also just to clear to everyone i don't hate the game in fact i really like it else i would not waste time on it. This is not even a rant just a wondering that are the game developers/ncsoft also like politicians lying and trying to fool us while they try to take our money? I mean i will still like the game no matter what it has great things and different stuff but just wondering why are the gamers treated like idiots?
  21. 30-Day Premium Gift

    Its not absurd, its a in-game conveniance, original premium sub is through the website where you have the choice of 30 / 90 / 365 days.
  22. First, would be to allow training in the dungeon rooms as one would be in going up against the various bosses. First thing on that would be to enable Simple or Auto mode in the training room so one can work with it as one would use it in the dungeon. This is about finding the best options for your equipment and your character -- where to put HM points as well as skill points, and to see which combinations w/your skills fair best. Associated with that would be options to start with a buff as though you were in a group with a Wl/Wd, so one can see the effect of such a buff and train accordingly. Another option -- a Dragon Blood field generator -- that can allow you to sustain damage, but will always revive you and reset your and the boss's hits. Second -- add the new bosses so we can train against them before going against them in a party. For example, was in one of the newer dungeons where the boss gets block-able buffs shot at him, but likes to knock you down about 2s (?) before you would block it. That creates a condition where you need to recover quickly enough or block the KD. I.e. the block isn't always immediately trivial and it would be valuable to be able to practice such situations before dealing with them in a group -- because face it, how many people really want to be in a group -- AT ALL -- if they are likely to end up killing everyone. You want to have some confidence (or at least I do) before inflicting myself on a group of other people. If it is a boss that has some repeatable reaction move that would normally be handled by multiple party members, then in the practice round pare that down to 1-needed block / round/boss. The training room could have an enhanced intense training session by having 2 of those needed blocks/round *possibly* (or not), with added time for 1 person to move between multiple block points. I'd consider adding ability to select same options in training rounds as you can use in the dungeon, essential to the continued usefulness of the training room. Also, just being able to practice against high level bosses, also seems vital to build confidence and technique to handle the new bosses -- OR ALTERNATIVELY... (after some thought, I think this a better option with it likely being easier to implement): Add an "immortal mode" for practice doing new dungeons where you don't take enemy damage, aren't affected by 'auto-deaths' (maybe, only told about them) and no death or reset from a timer-expire. There would be no benefits (loot or accomplishments) for doing a dungeon on that mode, with it being a dungeon mode you can set before entry like hard vs. normal. If there is enough demand, that mode could be blocked on a dungeon for the first month after its release. This might not only be easier to implement, but also considerably, more useful, as it allows one to learn difficult path traversals without slowing down a group. I.e - it took me several attempts to get some wall walks or flying parts in places like Naryu Sanctum, Hollow's Heart, and Ransacked Treasury. By RT time, I learned I could escape after the boss-fight and re-traverse the dungeon path to redo the troublesome areas but that still requires going w/a group to get past the boss battle which can defeat the purpose of wanting to get things "down" before going in a group. Making that (and a few other group situations) easier, would be reducing the escape "cool down" to 5 minutes. The only times I've needed that are outside group battle: aborting a battle caused by being to close to a boss, then needing to create a portal for a late-joining or slow party member (which couldn't be done by me one time because both of those occurred in the same run) or to get out of some circumstance where I was stuck and couldn't wind-walk (either char wouldn't go out of battle mode or game didn't think I was on a flat spot).
  23. If you dont know something or are not sure about something, you ask, you google, you read guides....thats how it works. They will never reveal the exact % chance so dont even bother asking. While i do agree that the pouch could give a bit more info in terms of description only. Also, there are emotes that you unlock by getting an item ffrom dungeons and emotes you unlock through certain costumes, so better ask before you do anything xD
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  25. 30-Day Premium Gift

    I'm giving an idea for the game to have growth, and since I'm a player I know how to help move the B & S again, I could bring players buying Premium for 30 days, plus the 90 days is absurd to have it in a store!
  26. @SayhaSeer so you are saying that it is my fault for spending time and not talking to people and not taking another hour of my time from the already 10 hours i give to this game chatting on faction chat for info? it's not about the AP btw also hongmoon gem ofc is the best one but the diamond hongmoon cannot be used it any upgrade after that so makes no difference. Also i have to ask now about every small emote int he game and anything that is there doubtful? when i ask people laugh and shrug me off. Usually whales So it's not about the gem altogether but about the information in the game and how I feel that pouch is there to just fool people. Yes ofc i should have done my research but there are things that are fairly obvious is it not? i mean when you see a cross sign on the top right or bottom right of a screen do you ask everyone if it's a button to exit before using it? @Kitsune Takahashi you did not understand the point. It's about giving the right information in the game to the player. if your bank did not tell you the right percentage of interest would you not be mad at them?
  27. The Legions | Crimson | Social | English | Discord | Recruiting

    Yeah thats fine
  28. mature game?

    How are you seeing that as a gon? looks like a yun w/that face and style;...oh...maybe that's a sword-on-back? Hmmm...i'd be more easily convinced yuns could be destro's at some time in the past than the above looking like a gon. What about the "Nameless"of Yunma Feh -- they had on black outfit w/big zippers, unzipped down-over cleavage. The first one introduced and that first squad had that black leather one with big zippers, I'm not prepared to believe they were all gons. Even if above is a gon, why not the same outfit for a yun? I don't consider the above to be tacky, though I would have had the zippers closer up top and got rid of the triangle top. Same going for some outfits on jin -- where they are wearing the same outfit, but don't have tacky looking fishnets or hosiery. Several of the outfits on yuns look more cheesy w/fishnets, though perhaps they don't have the same showgirl-on-stage feel that I more often associate them with. I'm not sure where yuns get this chaste or prim reputation from creatures bound with trees, certain creature faeries like sylphs and mermaids were oft pictured using their visual charms in their dealings w/humans. Among elves and humans living in the forest, they were often unseen or camouflaged in the woods with bows and swords until they revealed themselves, but I've never seen them covered like nuns. It's hard to see creatures of the forest being afflicted with body-shame.
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