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  3. Can we shorten bid timer to 10sec or less?

    Lol am guilty of this When they bid on weapon chest wait till 1 sec then rebid haha hahaha Ppl do it to me and I do it back lol Also am guilty of not hitting n lol Most of the time ppl cleaning they inventory or afk ..... I sometime pass on all but now and then I forget and they flame me :( But for real we need this change and make Nayru coin and fusion powder ..dumplings etc not bid worthy I hate doing IF Cause of this lol so annoying bid screen just pop up every sec
  4. Main culprit for my fps drops in raids is those big red aoe markings that still pops up even when I disable them ..I prefer the boss instant kill me than fps kills me ....and all those boss effects can we get option to reduce those further . And please let ppl spawn alive on relog,we been asking for so long... Account already logged in .. ... re logs again rip bg ...queues again slaps with waiting time Option to ignore the dungeon gateway and go to dungeon ppl with slow load will praise for this. loading was fast now idk it just gotten slow idk if space or what not ... Also it makes it faster farming 100 runs of what we need . People also afk in gateway and makes it harder to kick
  5. Returning Player need help with FPS issues

    Use 32 bit
  6. No rng boxes? HM store ones

    :( Not sure if you guys missed it or what but I heard something about sun fire chest ... Can we at least see what the chest holds and the rewards with token ..... I need to plan ahead .
  7. Daily challenge!!

    o. o in the next update we have to do 3 quests instead of 2 quests? :( Please DX let us dooo 2 questssss!
  8. Cosmetic Design Contest 2019

    If you haven't heard, we've updated our contest rules to include entrants from Australia and New Zealand. "*Notice of Change of Rules: As of 15 July 2019, legal residents of Australia and New Zealand are eligible to submit entries in this Contest." You can read the official rules here.
  9. New RNG outfit boxes

    Sorry we missed your question. There will be a new chest in the store--the Blazing Sunfire Chest and Sunfire Chest. There article with the details will be available on Wednesday. Roots of Malice isn't as big as some of the previous months' updates. We went through most if not all the key features during the livestream.
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  11. Steelsabel weapons

    i doubt there’s a way to re-obtain it, since the devs made it as a progressional, disposable weapon. last i checked, you couldn’t even save its appearance, so there’s that too.
  12. New RNG outfit boxes

    Felt like they had somewhere better to be. Rushed, sketchy and all the important stuff will be in the patch notes on the 23rd (giving us minimal time to prepare).
  13. Steelsabel weapons

    So yeah, you get these weapons from the story, act 1 chapter 21.. The weapon is super nice and i can't get it because i passed the story before it was introduced into the game, can we get a way to get this weapon from a vendor or smt? /shy
  14. Heilige Essenzen herstellen

    Interessant was du unter farmen verstehst, ich farme viele dieser Dungeons aus dem PPT jeden Tag einmal um ein tägliches sicheres Goldeinkommen zu sichern und nicht wegen deren tollen drops. Ohne das garantierte Gold der dailys hätte ich gar keinen Grund diese zu laufen. Okay rechnen wir mit den Events, dass man ca. 1 Jahr benötigt. Dann reden wir immernoch davon, mit dem täglichen Erlös eines Charakters für ein komplettes Jahr 4 von 13 Items in diesem Jahr bis zum nächsten Update zu maxen. Zumal es unwahrscheinlich ist, wie du schon erwähnt hast, dass man nur diese 4 Items upgraded. Da wären z.B. noch die 830 Gefährtensteine, die gekauft 107.900 Gold benötigen, bei einem momentan gut angenommenen Preis von 130 Gold/Stück liegen. Dann hätten wir immerhin schon 6 von 12 Items auf maximaler Stufe zu dem Zeitpunkt, zu dem eine Contenterweiterung kommt, ohne dass wir die restlichen 6 Items auch nur angefasst haben. Desweiteren möchte ich nochmal betonen, es geht nicht unbedingt darum den Farmaufwand stark zu vereinfachen, es geht darum eine Farmbarkeit herzustellen. Wieso darf ich mir nicht soviele Steine des dämonischen Geistes am Tag farmen wie ich Lust, Laune und Zeit habe? Warum wird hier von Seitens der Entwickler eingeschränkt? Kältelager ohne tägliches Limit und ich hätte nichts gegen die momentane Droprate.
  15. Why the low FPS in B&S?

    It all depends how they do the port to UE4...tho i am honestly not expecting miracles.
  16. Why the low FPS in B&S?

    and with some bad luck and/or bad choice it will be still pretty much the same as BnS will not care about the recent trend to multi-cores with 8 or more physical processing units.
  17. Hi u can gain an advantage in battleground that shouldnt be allowed if u disable the sin animation u will see the assassin in stealth this clips shows how somone uses it he will see the sins char
  18. may I ask your CPU specs back then? If it was the the Haswell i7 something must been running pretty wrong
  19. Roots of Malice: Item and Systems Preview

    Hello there, I read the following in the preview: this is a point where I want to add a suggestion: instead of just that toggle it would be cool to add some language selection, ie. I can read/write and curse ins both English and German, so for me it would be cool to be able to select the languages I am able to handle, even if it more then one.
  20. I had a GTX 660. It ran around 15-20 FPS during boss fights. Now I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660, and the game still runs at 15-20ish FPS during boss fights. I don't think it really makes a difference unless the game is WAY heavier processor based than a lot of PC games out there, which I guess is possible, but I have no real way to confirm or not. Otherwise I have to conclude that the only other thing I can think of is that B&S simply doesn't run well on pretty much anything. Here is a link to that thread where I detail all of my testing:
  21. New RNG outfit boxes

    Yes. I saw some new outfit on his inventory that's why I thought it comes along with this patch but they didn't go through.
  22. New RNG outfit boxes

    I was asking in the chat if we were getting new boxes. But they never awnsered, so i just assumed not. Also, brett was using the new 2019 swimsuit on the warden, kind of a bummer that they diden't go over that one either.
  23. New RNG outfit boxes

    I wanna know about the new RNG boxes that we're gonna get on the 24 July. You guys didn't go through or talk about it yet ?
  24. hört mal bitte auf mit add mich .hier kommen mehrer leute mit den selben fragen. willst du dich mit allen beschäftigen ..das wäre so einfach direkt hier rein zu schreiben welche items für welche skill. u.a .zb bin ich jetz auch gezwungen dich oder wenn auch immer zu add und auf antwort zu warten ?? also ich spiele immer noch seit begin Illusion - drachenruf weils einfach ist und seit der Auto rote die man aktivieren kann braucht man auch nur noch rechts klick gedrückt halten und er macht selbs .( bis auf bestimmte Aktionen die 2.3 ) aber wie die leute über mir schon erwähnten drachenruf macht kaum mehr schaden ,und das ist auch der grund warum ich es versuchen will Helix zu spielen .muss aber jetz alles umändern items usw Ps du würdes nur Kopfschmerzen bekommen bis du alle fragen beantwortet hast und vorallem wenn du einen wie mich hast xD
  25. Honestly before we got to level 50 and got all the overpowered legendary equipment, it was quite fun to farm moonstones in msp and fight faction vs faction. As it was not hard to get PVP gear and upgrade it since you could do so by transmuting jewels or using other weapons / accessories as fodder. sadly all the OP equipment is basically ruining the PVP "balance"
  26. Was haltet ihr von den Zahlen? Ich denke noch 1 Jahr und die Server sind dann fast leer..
  27. essences

    Bonjour je voudrai savoir a quoi servent les essences et les boussoles et leurs utilisation merci ( maitre du sabre )
  28. Can we shorten bid timer to 10sec or less?

    It's funny, because purple items are 15s, while blue (usually entirely worthless) items are 20s
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