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  2. Another patch rant

    They don't play their own game, that's the biggest issue. They understand nothing. They only know of issues and bad design changes when people start ranting in forums or reddit.
  3. Revert patch changes please ....

    Imho, this is a perfect example of how NOT to make a patch. First off, a ton of changes that where never asked nor wanted by the community (DC changes, Easy mode, etc.). Even worse, those changes are bugged and Easy dungeons have old normal mode HP stats with Hard mode mechanics (it even happens with the new dungeon, mechs are hard mode (3 rounds at 90, 60, 30 etc., but just lower hp than hard mode). Announce you will remove hard mode from starstone and hollows, but actually remove all hard modes except the last 4 dungeons. Then make the new bracelet almost impossible to get in less than half a year, unless you buy expensive resets. To tell you the truth, I dont think they did this on purpose, they just did this because they don't know their own game, and they don't test the patches before releasing them, otherwise they would have found every single error in time and this all could have been fixed. I love the game, I love how combat works, and I think it's fun to play, but I also think this patch made it worse in every single way possible, so I vote to revert the changes too. Keep the archer, keep the new dungeon, but bring us back the normal Daily Challenge (with PVP, Celestial Basin, solo dungeons and other options) and not that horrible experiment that for some reason you released and that no one likes. Also, if you really know so little about the game, get some community feedback before doing changes like this, if you do it, it will make life easier for you and every player. I know you can't listen to every single person, but when almost everyone agrees that this is a horrible patch, that means something. And for god's sake, I understand you have to get some money, but if you keep trying to milk the players until they end dried, your playerbase will be so low in a few weeks that you won't have enough money to keep the game going. I don't know who decides the rng and lootbox policy in the game, but he or she should be fired because I'm sure doesn't understand a single thing about the game. Also, please, stop doing the patch streams. Last stream was horrible, it was obvios no one knew a thing of what they were talking about, and they didn't show anything relevant that players wanted to know (lockout time of the new raid, etc.). Streams had some sense when Bethany and Jonathan did them, because they seemed to care and had some communication skills (yes, Jonathan sometimes looked like he hated his job...), and the streams were pretty informative. Right now you lose your time making them, and we lose our time watching them... This will be my last month playing as well if this doesn't change. I know almost no one will care, but I will, since I spent a lot of time playing, I got lots of friends, clanmates, etc., and is something I don't want to lose. But seriously, sometimes it seems that they want us to leave or something. And maybe they don't understand that without enough players, not even whales will stay.
  4. New shop items

    I like to suggest weapon skins for the ingame shop, just like we have outfits and for both the Ncoin and the Hongmoon coin.
  5. [Red Mask] Drop Rate! -_-

    I got it on most of my characters and 99% of them got it on 2nd run.
  6. Today
  7. This new daily challenge is a big pile of horse s**t. - 6 out of 8, a freaking 75%, are heroic dungeons. Why is that? BnS is not all about boring pve dungeons. Also gl finding parties at 2 am in dead f8. - Moon refuge takes too long and boring af aswell. - Cold storage is ok, but heavens mandate needs an ascensing orb and you removed the shards from dc chests. Intended? - No solo dungeon. What if I don't want to play with people because I am an antisocial? Ppl will stop doing them once you get the items because gold was halved too. - Hard modes doesn't count for "easy" modes. Effectively discouraging ppl to do hard mode if they want to complete DC. - Arena removed. The last straw to definitely kill pvp. - No ToI. It was a free dc quest for alts. - 6v6 removed. I kept doing 6v6 daily for 2 years on 2 chars without skipping a single day. Now it is 2 days that I pass, because it being in dc was what encouraged me to do it, since I hate PvE dungeons. And I doubt I will do bg ever again. - You added a 8 DC reward with only 8 options (9 on friday and saturday). That forces you to do all of them, like it or not. Where are the choices? What did you get with those changes? Killing arena, battlegrounds, hard modes, ToI, solo dungeons, alts... and the game. I just canceled my subscription after 2,5 years and premium will end in 3 weeks. I will think then if it is worth to keep playing.
  8. Revert patch changes please ....

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off mr white knight, if your only here to defend ncsoft for the worst patch they ever released, dont bother posting here moon refuge takes ages to do compared to CB, id rather do another dungeon then that crap and why they suddenly have to change DC, since the release years ago you could save your quests to turn it in next day....
  9. Suche Klan

    Hallo Liebe B&S-Gemeinde, Ich bin ein neuer Spieler in der Runde, Aktuell LvL 48 was sich aber noch ändern wird :D Ich suche mit meinem Archer(Coelin) ein wenig anschluss hier, da es mir doch etwas langweilig wird dauernd solo durch die gegend zu eiern. Ich suche einen Klan der vom Geistlichen etwas weiterentwickelt ist :D sprich...keinen Kindergarten wo dauernd nur rumgebrüllt wird oder faxxen sind,denn wir wissen ja...verrückt sind wir alle :P Eher gesagt, suche ich einen Aktiven Klan der in richtung PVE geht,wenn ich muss füge ich mich auch der gewalt und spiele PVP ;) Wenn es hier möglich ist, möchte ich mich den etwas Älteren Herrschaften anschließen so ab 24 Aufwärts da ich selber auch schon etwas Älter bin. Für Gemeinsame Aktivitäten bin ich immer zu haben,sofern es meine Arbeitszeiten erlauben. Falls noch wer einen Platz hat für Jemanden der sehr gerne PvE Spielt schreibt mich doch ingame unter DrShini an, ich würde mich freuen wenn ich ein Paar Informationen zu euch und eurem Klan bekommen könnte. Ich habe es gestern über den FraktionsChat versucht aber da bekomme ich dann so antworten wie : "hey du musst LvL 60 sein so und so viel Geared sein" bla bla bla Also entschied ich mich hier mal nachzufragen,hängt es wirklich nurnoch davon ab? oder gibt es noch einen Gemeinsamen weg.?! So Genug davon, ich hoffe dies reicht erstmal und alles Weitere kann man ja per Ingame kläre etc.........achja bevor ich es vergesse :D Discord/Ts3 ist vorhanden ;) Horido bis danni
  10. MSP thunder is not killing mobs around shrooms

    Ye, it's annoying. Please fix it NCSoft!
  11. Revert patch changes please ....

    Enough with the braindead white-knighting already. Moon refuge quest takes 15 mins to complete instead of 3 seconds in Basin. How is it a QoL change ? It's freaking stupid. All solo quests must be put back ASAP.
  12. Bring back the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ solo quests NCSoft. Not only dailies are now a pain in the rectum since the gold rewards are cut in half which is a shameful move, it takes twice the amount of work for half the rewards. Enough with those stupid changes that nobody wants.
  13. Another patch rant

    I can't keep up with this game anymore. I think I'm quitting.
  14. Another patch rant

    The problem is including me there are some people who simply dont enjoy PVE they do it cause they have to otherwise they cannot gear up for PVP. Thoose people do not want to learn mechs and are fine with lesser rewards as long as it reduces the ammount of time they have to play PVE. Sure thoose people get fewer and fewer due to NC having something in every patch with worsens the state of the game PVP wise but still i know some people. The difference is Moon refuge takes like half and hour and basin took half an minute.
  15. Anyone can tell me how long this usually takes? ive been waiting for almost 12 Hours now.
  16. Or event, where you break octa to 8 powder.
  17. My thought on the story of Act 9 *spoiler*

    Hmmmm... Well, I'm not going to agree or disagree with anyone. I'm not going to sit here and justify things either as I have no idea what our character is thinking or even the writers, so I have no idea what they would say at that point or are trying to do. I also don't think our characters are meant to be unstoppable and although most would enjoy if that is the case, if they was then there would be no point to the story at all. I mean at Level 50 you would be the strongest there is. * Beep End game. Start a new game and play again* That would be completely boring and annoying if ask me. I do agree our character gets beaten a lot and I'll agree that gets annoying as well. I mean the last best cutscene for our character I think was at level 50 when they gained the True Hongmoon Arts. I remember Master Hong stated that they have opened themselves up to infinite greatness, but I think he overexaggerated and I don't think it's exactly as infinite or great as it is put out to be or maybe it just as infinite or as great as our level allows it to be. What I did find interesting and valuable is the fact Mushin opened anther Divine Mandate Ritual unless I'm mistaken. I have plans for that in my story I'm working on, but that story has some similarities and differences to it as well. The story is much easier to write as people are able to understand what is going on through a person or characters head especially when they are thinking to themselves or when explaining the characters actions throughout the story. The difficulty about writing a story is figuring new things out such as inventory, wardrobe, gear, etc. Now back to the reason of the post. The only real thing I'm confused about as I basically ignore the rest of stuff unless I find it cool or interesting. Is the twilight Edge. Is there like several of them or have I missed something? If I remember correctly I saw a clip where Mushin gained the Twilight Edge from Zulia, our character is collecting and searching for pieces of the Twilight Edge, and if I'm remembering correctly I think Jinoyung used the Twilight Edge during her battle with Ryu unless that was a regular blade. Something seems strange about all this. Anyway, I do agree that some of the story was disappointing, sad, and annoying while some of the story was enjoyable. Like the battle with Jinsoyun which was great. I enjoyed that scene very much. Maybe some of this story will flesh out later on as the levels increase as I don't think we are anywhere near high enough ready to face Mushin yet. That will probably come around level 100 give or take.
  18. Players that spend money = supply the market with gem powders so others can get them for gold. Similar things work in all games, but the only ways to get the gem powders is solar energies or merchant of wonders.
  19. Revert patch changes please ....

    I agree, the solo ones should return, but basin was replaced with moon efuge so thats not a problem. Its not the lublishers fault your game time is limited, as much as i get what you are saying and it sucks, reality is, the game should not change to compensate for your real life.
  20. Another patch rant

    I like that there is hard mode in theere. Sort of forces people to learn and progress if they want to do 8 challenges. As for moon refuge, its basically the replacement of the basin quest, that one also didnt give any value xD
  21. This patch might be the last straw

    Tbh you dont need to do 8, if you are not at TB6 weapon. Those scales are needed only for endgame stuff.
  22. Hello, I've noticed that liberty tokens from last season of infinity tower are not tradeable yet, but in the item description clearly says that they should be tradeable once the season ends... ¿Are they going to make them tradeable?
  23. These seem to have disappeared out of the DC box that gives feathers or steel/hearts, depending on the day. Is there a new way to get fragments or is it just broke?
  24. This patch might be the last straw

    This patch ̶m̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶ is the last straw. I playing since release now and i saw a lot of changes, some few good but mostly in a disandvantage for the playerbase, keep sacring players away. With the new system you keep the majority from finisching the daily quest complete. To finish the daily quest you need to finish 8 quests and we only have a choise of 8 quests. No alternative quests.You blocked the majority of your playerbase to get all daily quest rewards which is importent to continue upgrade your stuff. At the same time you again lowered the gold income from Daily quests, even it its hardmode. You added the newly released dungeon in HM on Dialyrotation at the day it was released. Realy? How many people you think would have finished the complete daily on wednesday? I for myself have no issue with doing HM, at least up to BC, but havent had any chance by now to try WC and the new dungeon in HM, since my quild dont have any static groups for dailys and im depending on random groups, like many others too. Moone refuge is just an annoying timesink collecting 30 pouches with a bad droprate. It become even more timeconsuming and annoying when there are a lot ot other players around doing this quest on multiple channels. Finishing this quest took me same time as complete DailyChallange befor the freaking patch due to so many people doing it... What you basicaly did, massively increasing the amount of time neede to to finish quest while reducing the income and contemporaneous cutting of the majority of the playerbase from even finish the 8/8 quests. Well some whiteknights might come an say its enough to finish 6/8 to get the unity stones, but no its not because people are again gated from upgrading Consequences: Ill took a break from december till april, came back because a friend asked me to, but i never regret the desission to come back like i did after this patch.
  25. Ideas to improve game

    Also that i have said about merchant that he could sell 1 or 2 gem powders.... It is great idea, becouse there are not much places to farm gem powders, and u need them now much then ever... i know this idea is bit f2p orianted, and nc team could lost control over gem powder marketplace but it would be nice change, lots of ppl would benifit from it
  26. [Red Mask] Drop Rate! -_-

    130 Run and no mask. there is no point keep running again and again for a simple cosmetic item. seriously it's not fun, pointless and naturally im bored so bad! : /
  27. Ideas to improve game

    This patch was not best , and lots of ppl dont like it. Beside archer, this patch is rly bad, it has lots of nerfs and other things.... MY opinion for dungeons is that u should change all dungeons to have easy mode and hard mode: 1) Easy mode for players that dont want to waste time, and want to rush in dungeons and just pure dps... 2) Hard mode for players that like challenge and want to do mech.... Hard mode dungeons in my opinion should not be just pure dps check, and if u fail do to XX milion of dmg per second< u fail... Of course u should need some dmg, but if u do mech as it is intended , u get chunk of boss health, and there should not be enrage timer. So pls no enrage timer, becouse if your team of ppl has skill to do all mech, and it is all going good, there should not be enrage timer. Rewards for easy dungeon and hard dungeon should also be diferent...But there is noo need to go like crazy diferent rewards... Just put in something like this as example: Merchant of wonders v1 hard mode: He is 100% spawn when u clear dungeon in hard mode. HE sells: 1) 5 pack moonstone ( account bound version so no bots or farmers can abuse hard mode ) -----for some reasonable price nc can decide 2) 5 pack elysian ( account bound version so no bots or farmers can abuse hard mode ) -----for some reasonable price nc can decide 3) 5 pack soulsotone crystal ( account bound version so no bots or farmers can abuse hard mode ) -----for some reasonable price nc can decide 4) 5 pack sacred crystal ( account bound version so no bots or farmers can abuse hard mode ) -----for some reasonable price nc can decide 6) 1 or 2 gem powders -----for some reasonable price nc can decide This example of merchand is good, becouse u are rewarded with account bound mats, and u dont get it for free u need to buy it. This would boost other ppl morale, and it would bring game new life, becouse there are not much good spots to farm materials. Also f8 would be more populated place as many players would love to farm materials.Lot of ppl would be encouraged to learn mech and do it on hard mode. Blade and Soul is all about dungeons, and nowadays dungeons has become job ppl must do, no one is probably happy when doing them... I would like to see dungeons become great again, not just graveyard in f8.... If u want more ppl to play this game, u need to give them good amount of challenge and reward.... Not just stupid 3 or 4 hard mode dungeons in wittch u need xx mill dps per second... Bring back dungeons with callenge and rewards, so ppl can again enjoy game.... I have 1000 0000 more words to type, and more ideas how to inprove this game, becouse i like this game rly much... If u dont do something about where this game is going, im afraid this ship is going to sunk, and lots of ppl will not wait to see that.
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