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  2. Enough is Enough

    Compared to BnS BDO is garbage xD so you shouldnt even compare it. Also doesnt matter that other companies come out with better game versions, this is a different company and they dont have to do it if they choose to, then again there are mobile versions and the UE4 update. 1. Congratulations on playing for 4 years. There is your acknowledgement. 2. There is a training room. There is no need for different specs for testing. thats part of the game you explore try and decide for yourself, especially since its easy to swap specs now. 3. There is still free and fun events. Plenty of them. 4. 90% Ms issues is not the server but your ISP's routing to the servers. 5. Cant complain i have no issues on my PC spec. Not even in raids. 6. Elaborate, what horrible rewards? If you want betetr ones run hard modes. 7. Dont really see an issue here, or would you rather wait 10x longer to get matched? 8. There is also F7! Shocker right? If you dont wanna use F8 lobby use f7. 9. Every game has loading screens. 10. Technically its not the UI that is the issue, its another thing behind it but hey... Lets count the seven days and see if you are still there o.o
  3. Rare element pouches

    There used to be no limits on them at mushin tower but that was abused by bots, thats why they added those limits not too long ago.
  4. Hey all! I do not know which soul badge to choose from the exchange merchant. I'm a 3rd spec BM and do mainly pve raid content. When i tried right-clicking to see stats it did not show so any advice helps.
  5. Removing orb of ascension from daily and weekly

    So how much gold is HM rewards now ? Does HM still in our daily rotation ? As if it does people will still do that and inevitably requires the orb.
  6. Enough is Enough

    There is another which is "12. Missing breasts slider from Lyn character creation" making the whole race unplayable for me ;-;
  7. Enough is Enough

    That is not the Issue my friend, there are alot of companies who introduce a more stronger and reliable versions of their games, example like Dota -> Dota 2, Another example Black Desert -> Black Desert Online remastered, etc. If Ncsoft going to stick with the 2012 version of Blade & Soul, then it is sad to say (Rest In Peace) Blade and Soul, before they even have the chance to release UE4, and let's talk about UE4 for example, they are SOOOO late that Epic Games are Introducing UE5, there is so little hope for this game to recover from what Ncsoft did and still doing.
  8. Enough is Enough

    Major point: if you got nothing good and constructive to say then say nothing my friend, 1- Self explained. 2- There is a Training Room but there is no Simulations for (Weapons Spec / Badge Spec / Soul Badge Spec / Soul Shield / Acc / etc.) to TEST Damage / Smoothness / Playability before going ALL in into one Path (Wind/Earth/Shadow/3rd spec/etc.). 3- Because when you start a game you give a lot of stuff free but after a year or two you start sucking money from your customers, yeah makes sense. 4- Then that makes them racists for not caring about others than themselves, not to mention it is their game they SHOULD care about others, unless they are racists then that is another story. 5- Then that makes them racists for not caring about others than themselves, not to mention it is their game they SHOULD care about others, unless they are racists then that is another story. 6- Point Reached. 7- Skip I am not gonna bother about this trash system. 8- In EU/NA no one uses F8 to search for Hard Mode dungeons anymore, might as well remove that trash system and make players use the F7 system, which is WAY faster WAY reliable (you can LEAVE the damn party) WAY less loading screens, ETC.. 9- Then that makes them racists for not caring about others than themselves, not to mention it is their game they SHOULD care about others, unless they are racists then that is another story. 10- Install Fraps or any other FPS telling programs, Activate the program, Go inside the game, Check FPS, Press (Ctrl + X) to Disable UI, Check FPS after UI has been removed, THEN come here and reply. 11??- What kind of "purchase seem more appealing." when I purchase Ncoins it takes them more than 12 HOURS to charge into my account??????????????????????? When you want to reply to someone at least have some EXP of the game. :3
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  10. Feiglinge jagen Anfänger anderer Fraktion

    Was soll NC denn dagegen machen? Zieh die Rüstung aus dann wirst du nicht mehr abgeschlachtet.
  11. Nice (not) meme

    They do if they upgrade their gear in a right way, Grand Celestial Weapon doesn't improve damage much on it's own, as it doesn't have nothing to scale with, so if you put 2nd Generation Legendary Accessories with Grand Celestial Weapon, don't expect to do a lot of damage or sustain. Still doesn't answer my question what is stopping you from making your own party? You don't have to "ASK" for "AP" Requirements when making a party, You can check people gear before you accept them, So why not make your own party? Balance party out by accepting 6 Higher gear players, 6 Lower gear players and have easy clears, help each other out, people are happy that someone is hosting a party, I know a lot of people who hate or are afraid to make their own parties, because they have low self-esteem, afraid to be judged so those type of players rather sit near entrance and wait for someone to host a party and they try to apply, so it's understandable that it might be a lot harder for them, so that is why I asked what is your reason.
  12. Enough is Enough

    This is actually not just an NC soft problem. I see similar things around all of the gaming industry. Games are released with less and less quality, buggy, incomplete (must get DLC to get the intended full game) and while visuals look generally prettier as the years go, the games themselves have boring gameplay. And what the people do? They buy games like these in droves. Very few seem to be talking with the method we should talk with. Our wallets! The video game industry crash of 1983 happened because we as consumers ultimately had enough and stopped buying the horrible quality video games the industry was bombarding us with. Maybe we need one of those again to remind the corporate heads who they should be truly catering to.
  13. Bronze and Silver abuse in 6v6

    Or just make it if the gap is over 100, the rating calculation at end is counted as if the lower rated member is only -100 and not -300 or something stupid (if bronze abuse)
  14. Looking for active people to play with!

    I also just started playing. How many servers does this game have?
  15. I just started playing again( so I'm pretty much new). So much has changed since I last played and would really like to play with a group of friendly and active people.
  16. Neuerdings fällt mir auf, wenn ich mit einem neuen Char(Lv 30) meine ersten Prestige-Punkte mühevoll einsammel, werde ich immer wieder von Level 60+ Characktere gejagt. Wass soll das?? Seid ihr echt so feige?? Warum lässt NC das zu?
  17. Verifizierungsmail kommt immernoch nicht an

    @PhoenixMitra hattest meinen Post leider schon geschlossen, deshalb hier. Danke fürs kümmern Gestern, hab es leider erst gegen 20 uhr bemerkt das es sich wohl um ca. 18:50 Uhr wieder einbekommen hat das system. Noch einmal sachlich und freundlich folgende bitte: Stellt doch mal das System um, so das man nur die Installation einmal freigeben lassen muss. Denn das aktuelle System ist zwar sicherer, verärgert aber sehr viele eurer Kunden. Ansonsten sollen die Profis bei NC-Soft mal einen rotinemäßigen Dienst reboot job einbauen, das hat bei meinem AG auch die probleme mit dem prähistorischen exchange gelöst.
  18. What everyone's thinking?

    I would actually say: "Doesnt matter how much you spend and if you spend, what korea says, goes". Lets be honest here, whales can complain and rage all they want, it still will not get things changed or done unless KR wants to. As far as contructive criticism goes: i like when the criticism is expressed "properly" so no bad language or insults, just issue and arguments why someone thinks this way and not differently. However constructive criticism also requires one to be open to opinion of others who not necessarily are the same.
  19. I second this. Honestly live in moon refuge a week and get you a solid set of triangles and those will last you a long time. There's nothing you need from mandate that you can't get in Cold Storage. CS has feathers too folks and needs no orb to enter. There's lots of other dailies like Koldrak and floor 7 and other lower dungeons like SSM/DD/HH. You can easily get 5 dailies from the lowers without even touching HM. So them removing orbs and fragments during this event is not bad.
  20. What everyone's thinking?

    This is still one of many controversial opinion around the game, matters not what you're trying for, this will attack a certain group of people for sure. >they have nothing to say And why is that ? While they not pay, they're still logging into the game daily and it still boost NC Soft's playerbase's numbers. This sounds more like an extreme point of view from a pseudo-capitalism standpoint to have only people that spend real money to have a say in anything. That's definitely NOT how you're supposed to balance or tweak this game at all. The real problem here is one that appears in pretty much any kind of games (even AAA ones) : constructive criticism. When probably 70% of opinions here are like this : Yes there's no way to argue when people act as such. You can see that as well anytime you see someone here arguing with @Grimoirfor example. Also quick point about the typical "if none of us paid, game wouldn't be alive" : NC Soft made a product where the point is to make people spend. However, you'd like to have a sustainable income and as you can see with the quarters results from over the last 2 years, Blade and Soul keeps dropping lower and lower each time. (this quarter had a small bump in gain, which I suppose was due to Frontier) There's no reasonable opinions about how the current policy of micro-transactions is good at this very moment : Premium membership is barely worth it, base cosmetics rotations are almost inexistant, Trove and Hongsil treasure draw are unfair gambling features that should have never seen the day at all, and there's probably more like legendary unity stones being 30-50€ EACH while refining 8 purple unity stones as a f2p player doesn't even guarantee you to get a legendary one, which is literally called "shitting on your progression". I'd understand about Korea having a specific gaming market with mobile gaming but when you open yourself to other regions, the least you should do is to fit these market standards. You can't be surprise to have your income being lower every quarter and say something like "But we're supposed to have made a deal !" while you're the one transgressing it, that's exactly what's currently happening with NC Soft.
  21. So...i just came back from a very loooooong time of not playing Blade and Soul and i remember having "some" ping issues in the past, u know, 150, 200ping... but this...this is a whole new level. Enjoy the video!
  22. Hongsil's Treasure 2020

    Yeah I do understand it always feels like a mini trove to me. I do like that I can sale the coins for gold cheaper then buying from NC. BTW whats your plans for trove? going to go all out?
  23. Hongsil's Treasure 2020

    I can't be bothered with treasure draw myself, Even tho i spend on RnG boxes and Trove, The hongsil's draw is just too much, Also nice to have a break in between the things that actully feel worth to spend on.
  24. Rare element pouches

    I agree with this rare element is something even returning players struggle with now that you get such a little amount. so are the limits really needed?
  25. Rare element pouches

    @HimeI noticed that the rare element pouches in mushins tower merchant are limited to 5 pouches per week and they give 2-3 elements per pouch. For a lot of new players trying to craft things like transformation stones and emp stones and other things to make upgrades this is hard for them. That's simply not enough rare elements in a week to do a lot of needed crafting. There really shouldn't be a limit on rare elements because someone getting a ton of rare elements easily shouldn't be an issue. I really think the limit on those should be removed so new players can have easier access to them and get all they need for their upgrades. I understand the imposed limits on the other items and those limits are valid but this one is not valid at all. Very dissapointed.
  26. What everyone's thinking?

    Thanks for responding everyone and also thanks for pretty much proving my point. The point was that it is a really good game and I've been enjoying it for years now. I have taken a break here and there but for the most part, I've stuck with it. Buuuuuuut there needs to be a huge overhaul on how some of these items are earned. I don't care if you PvP or PvE and I especially don't care at all if you're F2P. If you are F2P and never spend anything on the game to support it then I don't think you really have much of a say in anything. (BTW this isn't me trying to attack anyone. It's just my opinion in general about f2p because if none of us paid no game would ever survive.) I would think a company would somewhat cater to the consumer if they want to succeed. This shouldn't be about nickel and diming us if we are paying a monthly subscription and supporting the company. I don't expect something for nothing, but if you pay your monthly/yearly subscription. You should be able to login and just play how you want and earn the items you need. If you're always making adjustments to squeeze a little more out of the players, you're going to lose a lot of them and limit your income. It seems dumb to rely on a few mega spenders vs just making it better and having more players subscribe. I don't think telling people to "just buy them off of f5" or "wait for the devs to give you freebies in your rewards" or "it's the only way for PvP people to make gold" (hell half the people selling them on the market are probably gold farmers anyway) is a good argument to make for nothing needs to change. I do think it's complete bs that the PvP stuff has been put behind a timed window even more than it was before. It is horrible for those that are in different parts of the world but play on the NA servers. Also having a bit of PvP mixed in that you have to do if you're PvE is whatever as well. You need your skill books? Go do some arena. You want some of the older outfits and not farming a dungeon 1000 times with no luck? Go spend a day in arena as well. Who knows you may end up really liking it. But to have certain mats on complete lockdown for it is ridiculous. Especially when if you don't PvP or care to upgrade that stuff, you are going to get destroyed in either SSP or BG's. There are what 8-10 trash mobs in SSP that actually give you prestige points and they are all dead 99.9% of the time bc someone else is already farming them. The mobs you need for the quests are all timed and good luck trying to kill them depending on what faction you are. Oh and if you do happen to be the right faction that has it on lockdown. Good luck getting a hit on the mob you need since its damage based and you won't get credit for it anyway. The same goes for if you want to PvP and not do dungeons. Just put them all in bg or arena vendors and let them buy them with pvp currency and upgrade with bloodstones. But letting anyone rule the market for items needed to upgrade is idiotic. Let's look at this only way for PvP people to earn money for a minute. Battlegrounds are legit the one and only way to earn Moonstones and you can earn what 100s per box depending on your ranking there (same goes for ss in arena btw). If I do your party/solo dungeons you're walking away with what 150+ gold a day and with the market prices always being overpriced (ms are currently 10g apiece) on literally everything. You'll never be able to earn even close to what you need by buying them. Why lock materials behind this kind of content when it really serves no purpose. I'm all about play how you want and earn everything except raid content with how you want to play because it's supposed to be fun. Again this is NOT me saying waaaaahhhhh I want more in the game for free give me give me give me. This is me saying if they would quit limiting materials everyone needs in the game and making people do content they don't want to do then they would have more subscribes and would make more money. It's all about having fun and being rewarded for the time you are putting in. If players, whether it's PVP or PvE, feel screwed for an extended period of time they are just all going to quit so why not make it fun for both playstyles. What I think would be the easiest fix Add dungeon gear in PvP vendors purchased with PvP currency (which I think they have started doing this with the past couple updates. At least some pvp accessories anyway.) Let PvP players upgrade with bloodstones like some of the older gear vs the elder scales. Make the refined mats (i.e. crystals) be converted to unrefined with a 5 or 10 to 1 ratio. This would allow pve players to earn their unrefined mats they need while also letting the pvp players sell the ones they earn. This would more than likely lower the prices in the market and make it somewhat reasonable as well. Honestly, these could even be a subscription perk. Thanks ladies/gents and see you in-game!!!
  27. Hongsil's Treasure 2020

    Hongsil's Treasure Draw is a pay to win option in the game but its not as major as trove. It will only give you basic things {low for the money} so really play at your own risk. Along with the draw there is also a pouch "Jubilant Jackpot Event". This is a worth option for people to open. The pouch will open all the way to stage 10 and its fully RNG for the items you get just that stage 10 will give you Lion Cub. I hope that you all enjoy this vid and hope to you see in the next one. :) If I left anything out please let me know.
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