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  2. Korea summoner

    Does anyone know how summoner is right now in korea in terms of dps? Do they have the pink fused badges or not? Is wind summoner higher dps than earth?
  3. New launcher

    BnS already has very poor support and now we got extremely annoying Launcher.
  4. New launcher

    I wonder how many who are unable to load the launcher or play the game are using Windows 10 1809. If you haven't been following on Microsoft related news, they plan to ditch that version of Windows and push us into the more recent April update. Why? Because October's 1809 was a bugged mess that did a lot of strange things, games included. If any of you is using 1809, do a search for ways to revert to 1803 and try installing BnS again. The rest is the usual driver/firmware updating and keeping your PC as clean as possible for gaming. I know this may not be the golden solution for everyone, but it's always worth trying other things when what's available doesn't work.
  5. NC Launcher 2 cant download the game

    Greetings everybody, As mentioned above, please reach out to our Support team for individual assistance appropriate for your set-up. You can submit a ticket via the Support tab above.
  6. Kurzgefasst: die zusätzlichen Bezeichnungen A10, C01, etc. sind in der englischen Version andere als in Deutsch und Französisch. Nehmt bitte die Farbe als Indikator für die Seltenheit, das ist gleich für alle Sprachen und ignoriert die unterschiedlichen Bezeichnungen.
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  8. Starcaller RNG Box

    Hi all, there was no change to the event — just to this article on our website. We are investigating an issue were the grade descriptions (e.g. A10, C01, etc.) are different across the languages, which is why the information on the website wouldn't match. To avoid confusion we've removed this part of the table. This error happened due to a change of the aforementioned descriptions in the last minute, which unfortunately did not carry over to the German, French and Brazilian Portuguese localization. The colour coding (blue = normal, purple = rare, orange = legendary) itself still reflects the rarity of the pouches as it is supposed to in all languages just fine, so no difference there. We are sorry for the confusion this may have caused. We will keep you posted.
  9. Can we just ban Sins from Battle royal

    You might wanna actually read the title next time buddy, I'm talking about Battle Royal and i don't care about BG cause its not pvp. no other class in Battle Royal can one-shot someone. the closest thing to sin one shot with bomb is kfm making you tab and then using poison + sitting on you.Insert other media
  10. Ich vertraue dir jedenfalls. Du machst deine Sache sehr gut. Mach weiter so
  11. Beware of CS scams

    On a side note, why keep the merchant inside the dungeon anyway? He could have been placed, dunno, like, somewhere OUTSIDE? I mean, everyone skips cutscenes in the dungeons that have them. "Go to youtbe" they say.. Even I skip them even though I haven't seen them because I know people rush. So adding a merchant inside a dungeon that people want to rush if they have the orb to do it is also kind of asking for bad things to happen. BUT, I suppose that's for another thread.
  12. Trove 2.0

    Mich wundert ja eher, dass die neuen Wings da nicht drin sind :D
  13. Kann mir bitte einer nochmal das genaue Problem schildern? Habe gestern auch welche geöffnet und nichtmal auf die Bezeichnung geachtet... man siehts doch an dem was drin ist bzw. an der Farbe?!
  14. Ich gehe davon aus, dass der Support zu diesem Zeitpunkt sich dem Sachverhalt noch gar nicht bewusst war. Bitte nicht vergessen, dass Support-Mitarbeiter das von ihren Vorgesetzten auch erst mitgeteilt bekommen müssen. Zuallererst, wir löschen keine Beiträge, außer sie verstoßen ganz klar gegen unseren Forenrichtlinien oder sind ganz klar Spam und das ist so gut wie nie der Fall – dafür stehe ich gerade. Würden wir Kommentare, die uns nicht gefallen entfernen, würde dieses Forum manchmal wie ein Schweizer Käse aussehen. Die Kritik mag, gerade zuletzt, durchaus sehr negativ sein, die Aufgabe unserer Moderatoren und des restlichen Community Teams ist es nicht, das Forum schön zu halten, sondern eine Atmosphäre zu schaffen in der konstruktiv diskutiert und Feedback angemessen gesammelt werden kann. Das gelingt uns aber auch nur, wenn wir weiter faktisch bleiben. Wir verstehen den Unmut, die letzten Tage waren nicht ideal, um es gelinde auszudrücken. Das haben wir auch dem Entwicklerteam und allen anderen beteiligten mitgeteilt, das versichere ich euch.
  15. New launcher

    Greetings everybody, We are very sorry to hear this. Please reach out to our Support team, so they can take a look at each individual case and help you trouble shoot. You can submit a ticket via the Support tab above.
  16. Das wärs, nen Hasenkostüm :3
  17. Beware of CS scams

    How is this a scam? Sure he might of did that in order to get you guys to join him so I guess that could be the scam part. However, it was the community or to be honest certain players that feel like if you use the orb you should get the 1st boss loot as well which..Breaking News...Doesn't require a orb. As such, you guys could still do the 2nd boss if one of you guys had a orb or you could of always exited and recruited for only the 2nd boss as the dungeon isn't fully locked til you do the 2nd. Just saying.
  18. Greetings AboEyad, We are sorry to hear this. Please feel free to connect with our Support team for assistance:
  19. Listen your voice please.

    I'm sorry but we have cleared said stage without those players in TT gear and pretty easily I might add. It is up to the players to actually learn the mechanics and put in effort. Should everything be handed to everyone in dumbed down dungeons just because they can't be screwed with learning mechanics so they don't wipe the party? If they keep dying from the poison, learn to water. If they keep dying to him jumping, get out of his way. As for needing TT gear to get TT gear that isn't on the game but the community and it's screwed up logic by wanting to set limits to clear faster. Again, I did say this event could of been handled better and making it like some suggested where you got emblems based on total damage you done to the boss whether you killed it or not would of been more fair to everyone, it still doesn't really lock you out of getting the more important items which lets face facts, are the longer grind items to obtain in-game regardless. They use old content to make it more modern and not considered old content. How many of you guys still run things like Lair of Frozen Fang, Sogun's etc.. More then likely none unless you want the outfit, achievement for soul shield or need lucent accessories for breakthroughs..See what I'm hinting at?
  20. what can i do ?! i tried everything to fix this problem and still do nothing to me every time i press Update to continue the downloading it still always show me this msg Cannot find the file. Click the update button again. if the same error persists , it may be due to ISP authentication failure , NAC, or a virus. btw i'm using Windows 10 64x and i turned off my firewall , i turned off my windows security , i tried to make scan file , i tried to change my DNS server address and not helpful. Please help me >>>
  21. Beware of CS scams

    Solution - keep the quest the same but make doing Kaari first a requirement to open the second door. That seems the simplest way to address the issue. It would also give everyone as much time as they want at the unity merchant (no need to rush anymore).
  22. Aktuelle LootBoxen falsch beschrieben

    Hallo Elyarusch, da wir auf diese Meldung bereits näher eingegangen sind, verweise ich auf den entsprechenden Beitrag hier: Danke für die Meldung!
  23. Bonjour, Nous sommes en ce moment entrain de corriger un problème avec les rangs des sachets de sélection des astres. Nous avons remarqué une différence entre la version anglaise du jeu, qui donne aux sachets un rang composé de chiffres et d’une lettre (par exemple : A10, C01, etc.) et que la version française, qui n’en a pas. Nous pensons que tous les sachets sont affectés. La combinaison couleur (blue = normal, violet = rare, orange = légendaire) est, quant à elle, correcte. Nous enlevons temporairement le rang en chiffres et lettre de l’article, car la rareté peut être associée à la couleur du sachet. Cela pour éviter toute confusion. Nous nous excusons pour toute gêne occasionnée.
  24. Game doesn't launch

    exacly the same here! and when i resinstalled the launcher i just lost ALL MY 40GB GAME, and had to download it again, and now, when i try to download i'm having the 5385 error :C
  25. New launcher

    For me, Launcher 2 does not even open. Clicking it loads a bit and closes immediately. I do not know what that can be. I already uninstalled several things (Razer Synapse, antivirus, windows defender, nvidea expirence)
  26. New launcher

    I've been playing bns with 2 friends, have like 3 month, and when the new launcher came up, i felt that i should not got it yet because i already had issues installing the old launcher, so i prefered to stay on the old one, but yesterday u guys dont leave us a choice, the old launcher just gone, and i was forced to install the new one, so i installed it, and guess what? i just could not start the game, i clicked on start game and NOTHING HAPPENS, so i tried to reinstall the launcher and guess what? I LOST THE ALL GAME FROM MY HD XDDD 40gb to trash, but i like this game and tried to download it one more time, but the new laucher just dont work, keep giving me the 5385 error and this is happening with my 2 friends too, and a LOT of people on my guild, so i think i will just accept that, after trying so different ways to run this laucher (alredy put launcher on Firewall and windows defender exclusions but not worth, and i'm leaving the game now, so sad, so much time to trash, but the tip is for the company, this type of problem is very, VERY frustrating, just lost my desire to play, because there is nothing that i can do anymore :c
  27. How to Solo Samisa?

    Sometimes i manage to burst her down before she does the second tail attack and kill her, i just wanted to know if there is a way to avoid that because its super annoying.
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