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  2. Because the shards are sellable I would also agree the orbs should be account bound at least. I have no real reason to play devils advocate with this one as other items that are similar are account bound.
  3. Gem shop

    I understand the request, but why build a way in game to work around common sense of a player and logic? I mean, unless it was one of the really really old events, where there were fixed 1-2 gems as reward, now you can choose what gem you need so if you make the wrong choice thats on you...
  4. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    While I do like this comment, there is another side of it. The F2P players who aren’t willing to spend money to be able to even mail, or people who aren’t willing to buy premium if they enjoy the game, stating how P2W this game is. Recently they have been giving premium members more quality of life benefits that helps close the gap between the P2W aspects of the game. For the last 2 months premium members basically got 3 oils a month and F2P got one. This month F2P players basically get a pet pack and premium members get an oil and a pet pack, while also putting pet packs in the daily dash (with the premium benefits I think a player could expect 4-6 pet packs). With the other bonuses that Premium gets it has been becoming increasingly easier to catch up. There are areas that still need to be improved on and I am in no means saying there aren’t P2W aspects in this game (specially in regards to 6v6), but how much difference should a Premium member get over a F2P player? And how much should be offered to those who want to put a bit more money into the game to make up for the players playing for free? There has definitely been a shift in gamers expectations. I largely blame the easy accessibility of free Mobil games, because if you can play games for free why would you pay to play games? Combined that with corporate greed/needing to please share holders I would say has made it harder for game developers to make the games how we would like them.
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  6. hallo, ich bin nach langer zeit nun wieder dazu gekommen b&s zu spielen....durch die lange abwesenheit habe ich nun eine quest die sich meister hongs lektion nennt, da bin ich gerade bei lektion 7 bei der ich 3 tag teamspiele machen soll, wenn ich aufs duellgelände gehe und nach spielen suche kommen aber absolut keine zu stande, wahrscheinlich weil dies keiner mehr spielt. ich habe einige ausrüstungsgegenstände die nur begrenzt gültig sind.... nur wenn ich sie innerhalb von 30 tagen auf stufe 10 aufwerte kann ich sie behalten, aber dazu brauch ich die belohnungen aus den quests von den lektionen. irgendwie fühl ich mich verloren :( ich habe den support bereits über das problem berichtet, diese sagten mir ich soll es ins forum schreiben wo das community-team rückmeldungen von spielern sammelt, um dem entwicklerteam konkrete verbesserungsvorschläge bezüglich der tag-teamspiele machen zu können.... ich weiß das es wahrscheinlich hier die falsche stelle ist, aber ich weiß nicht wo ichs hinschreiben soll und vorallem wird dies ja dauern, eventuell hat ja jemand noch ein tipp für mich was ich nun machen kann?
  7. Komischer Bug?

    Das ist der Markte, den es im RU und KR gibt ist wohl irgendwie in die EU Spieldateien geraten.
  8. So, about me basically I'm a returning player and I'm gonna talk on what happens in my case what my perspective of this is. (Simply put it, it's INFURIATING) So let's talk about soulstone plains for a bit, when I took an hiatus from BnS it was like 2 years ago, when max lvl was still lvl 50 and people hardly were above HM 15/16, I repeat this was 2 years ago. Soulstone plains was intruduced WAY before I left. The intention of Soulstone Plains was to give players a open world pvp/pve farming content which at the time (AGAIN, 2 years ago) was one good place to farm mats and etc. Everybody could farm them, there was reward there was enough going for a lot of people, there were a lot of different servers, and a lot of channels. Now i noticed one of the big differences from before is that Ugon and the other now gives a garanteed plus a % chance to drop evolved stones. Which is good cause also to get it you need to be able to get 2 badges from that boss, that is you need to kill him 2 times on respawn. That is good, that is around 1h 30/45m to get both. NOW, let's talk about THE REAL PROBLEM, see this in MY PERSPECTIVE as a still relatively low geared player, compared to almost every other player in this game, ESPECIALLY THE ONES CAMPING Soulstone plains. I CANNOT FARM FOR ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, LITERALLY FOR ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, in a open world content that was open 2 GOD ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ING YEARS AGO. Before the max dps going about was around 300/400k dps something around those numbers. NOW, let's just say you see 1 low lvl geared player taking that same ammount of damage competing with other 30 players one shooting everything with a 1M dps. Let me tell you just show an example of how bad it is to try to farm anything right now in Soulstone plains (again a 2 year old content with 2 year old untouched mobs): You know those mobs that spawn on the side in the last 4 minutes of the mining phase? I've came back to this game almost 1 month ago, and still haven't even been able to complete the quest to kill them, EVEN DOE I'M THERE AT EVERY SINGLE SPAWN AND CAN GET 1 HIT IN BEFORE THEY DIE I CANNOT EVEN COMPLETE THE QUEST. in 1 MONTH, I'VE NOT BEEN ABLE TO COMPLETE A SIMPLE DAILY QUEST LIKE THAT TO THE POINT THAT I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY DROP (IF THEY DROP ANYTHING, but of course they do cause you have 30 gorillas trying to kill him as fast as they can). This is not normal. I've been literally trying days and days to farm soulstone plains, and I can say that at ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ING BEST I can get 200 prestige points p/hour. 200 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing prestige points p/ hour. Let's see another example for this: I get 200 points after 1 hour, and the other player lvl 60 HM 19/20/21/22/23 is making about 1500 p/hour. Why? Cause even doe i'm beating that single mob like for 2 full rotations already and get him to about almost half of his hp, that one OVERGEARED guy in a 2 year old content just 1 shots the mob and i get about 20 prestige points and he gets around 180. It's FAIR RIGHT? Let's say i give up to try to farm the mob spawns at the cerulean base, and instead go around killing the mobs in the field, i'm trying to kill one of the unbound, that HM 20 gorilla is gonna one shot those 2 mobs above and come running towards me and finish off mine as well. BIM BAM BOM, i got 10 prestige points trying to kill 1 unbound while the other guy made 450 prestige single handedly killing the 2 mobs in the cerulean base and still with enough time to come down and steal half the points from the one i was killing. IT'S FAIR RIGHT? Or i can i just be trying to kill one unbound and the other guy is going to kill the entire field and be with enough time to go to the spawns at cerulean base, and even if i try to go with him, i get around 10 prestige points for killing the 2 of them with him and he gets 400 or so. AGAIN, i'm going to repeat this is a content that was intruduced 2 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ING YEARS AGO. Back to talking about those "field bosses" that spawn, on 4 min left of mining phase and ugon. 1 month of playing this, and i've not got 1 chest, or completed a quest out of them. Why? Again 30 HM 19/20/21/22/23 gorillas 1 shotting and charging their ult's that do not require a target. 1 ONE ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ING ENTIRE MONTH, 31 DAYS, 7 TO 8 HOURS FARMING EACH DAY, AND I HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN ABLE TO COMPLETE A QUEST FROM A 2 YEAR OLD CONTENT. ALSO, in 1 month i've not been able to get above the Ascendant level IN 1 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ING MONTH. Now, I understand that high level players can just simply get to somewhere in soulstone plains and clean how they want, that is normal about any kind of MMO, that is not what i'm complaining. They are free to farm as well, BUT SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE, because the with the current situation, in a "currently" low level content, low level players adjusted to that same content, CANNOT FARM THERE, there is LITERALLY NO WAY, for them to compete WITH ANYTHING against all of this HEAVILY high geared gorillas. It's at the point where YOUR OWN FACTIONS HURTS YOU MORE THEN DEALING WITH THE TIME TO TIME PVP ENGAGEMENTS AGAINST PLAYERS FROM THE OTHER FACTION. It's to the point that even when you get those 200 points after 2 hours or so, and you're either trying to lvl up your rank or trying to get that 300 points soulstone pouch, you're are probably always gonna get that 1 HM 21 gorilla from the opposite faction killing you cause you have been already going about for 1 hour or more to farm those 200 points and it's more then natural that farming for that ammount of time in a row is gonna get you killed. ONE WAY OR THE OTHER it's IMPOSSIBLE FOR LOW GEARED PLAYERS TO FARM IN A LOW LVL CONTENT. Be it for soulstones, quests, chests, or faction ranks. The 4 REASONS to be in that low level content ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO DO. Now, here is the solution for this, we have 2 options: 1º the most simple one to fix this, create a new faction zone in Solak with the same kind of content that Soulstone Plains has, with more something beffiting better the high geared players with rewards that interest them to farm there and not make them SoulStone Plains as worth as it currently is for them. 2º Well, this one, it probably needs to happen in all cases so that high geared players stop abusing over on low level content that low lvl geared cannot farm. The first thing is make so that the prestige points are EVENLY distrubuted towards all players that agro the mobs. WHY? SIMPLE, because AS IT IS NOW, LIKE SAID ABOVE IF I TRY TO KILL ONE MOB ALREADY DOING 2 FULL ROTATIONS ON HIM AND DROP HIM ABOUT 60% HP, THAT ONE GORILLA IS GOING TO SHOW UP AND KILL HIM IN 1 SEC AND GET MORE REWARD THEN ME AND CONTINUE TO KILL THE ENTIRE AREA ALL BY HIMSELF BEFORE I HAVE A CHANCE TO LAND A HIT ON ANYTHING ELSE TO GAIN THAT MISERABLE 1 POINT OUT OF IT. So now that we distribute evenly the points to kill that mob, here comes the next part for this change, AND THE BIGGEST ONE. Make it so that Ulok (or whatever his name is) and both the 2 King Grindthooth that spawn at each side of the quarry at 4 min in the mining phase ARE ONLY DAMAGED BY PLAYERS WITH A MINIMUM AMMOUNT OF POINTS. The same mechanic you have for using the drums when you get enough points to not die to that particular boss (i don't remember his name) MAKE ALSO THAT YOU NEED A MINIMUM REQUIRED TO USE ONE OF THOSE DRUMS TO BE ABLE TO DAMAGE THOSE GRINDTHOOTH AND THE OTHER LAST BOSS. WHY THIS? to stop the abuse from high geared players coming to a low lvl content, DOING NOTHING, and TAKING EVERYTHING. IF THEY ARE GONNA TAKE EVERY SINGLE REWARD FROM THAT LOW LVL AREA, AND ON TOP OF THAT STEALING THE FARM FROM LOW LVL PLAYERS TO THE POINT WE CAN'T EVEN COMPLETE ONE SIMPLE QUEST, AT LEAST MAKE IT SO THAT THEY WORK THEIR ASSES OFF BY OBTAINING THOSE POINTS THROUGH OUT THE 2 PREVIOUS PHASES TO BE ABLE TO GET REWARDS TO KILL GRINDTHOOTH AND ULOK. Now, since i know there wouldn't be enough points for everyone and it would be a little unfair in many aspects of that, of course i'm going to say, that with this change you also need to increase and add points through all the mobs in the field. So that whoever is actually trying to farm, CAN ACTUALLY FARM. AND NOT GET A HEAVILY GEARED PLAYER STEALING EVERYTHING FROM EVERYONE THAT IS LOW GEARED. AND NOT GET LAST SECOND CAMPERS ONE SHOTTING ALL 3 OF THE BOSSES AND MAKING THE SITUATION WORSE. YOU WANT THE REWARDS? FARM FOR THEM. Now i know that increasing the ammount of points obtained would cause as well an unnecessary increas ammount of soulstone farming and that would also affect marketplace. SO, it's simple, increase the ammount of points needed as well to obtain both pouches and chest. Simple I'm gonna be real quick here, if anyone is interested, if i care about the HIGH geared gorillas being opposed to this change: I DON'T GIVE A ****. All you guys do is literally one shot the mobs in a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing 2 year old content stealing every possible way of farming in that area for those same said low geared low level players. You do not deserve an opinion if you are completely against changing the way how soulstone plains currently work. It's already bad enough that you clear the entire ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing area while we kill one mob, you still have the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing digusting attitude of coming and stealing that one mob by 1 shotting him and getting 80 to 70% of his reward when we are in agro with him for the last 10/15 seconds. It's literally DISGUSTING. As it is now, you can't farm points, you can't farm quests, you can't soulstones, you can't upgrade your faction rank, you can't farm chests, you can't do ANYTHING cause it ALL gets taken unfairly by heavy high geared/lvl players. Change that based on what i said. IF THEY WANT TO FARM THOSE CHESTS AND ETC MAKE IT SO THAT THEY WORK THEIR ASSES FOR IT AND POINTS ARE EVENLY DISTRIBUTED TO SOFTEN THE FACT THAT HIGH GEARED PLAYERS KEEP ABUSING THIS SYSTEM TO HURT LOW GEARED PLAYERS.
  9. Gem shop

    It depends on materials requirement for exchange . If materials required for the exchange are feathers + gem it would be significantly hard to do . Maybe it will have consequences on gem transmutation but all of gems will be usable. Also if exchange is for lower grade gems up to Heptagonal it wouldn't effect transmutation .
  10. Stuck At Splash Screen

    What version of Windows do you have? I'm on windows 10 1803 and I'm having no problems with this game. You may also want to send a support ticket, and while at it, checking your pc for things like drivers, open background programs, and even a malware check just in case.
  11. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    People: Also People: I spend 1000$ on this game and can confirm it's not p2w. People:
  12. Stuck At Splash Screen

    I know this is an old post but I have recently run into the same issue. I have tried starting BnS multiple times, have scanned the files a few times and have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice but, to no avail. The issue seems to have started after the latest ".net" framework update of windows from 4/2019. This is NOT the only game affected. Also, Bless online fails at the splash screen, Tera will start but crashes upon NPC interaction, Neverwinter will not start as well. Therefore I am assuming it is something having to do with windows. Might anyone be able to shed some light on this problem?
  13. Client hängt sich auf...nach Wartung

    Hallo aronso, tut uns leid, dass du solche Probleme mit dem Client hast. Bitte wende dich doch an unseren Support - der kann dir bei technischen Fragen besser behilflich sein. Grüße, das Moderations-Team
  14. Hallo zusammen, hatte mich heute in das Spiel ganz normal eingeloogt,als ich dann aus dem Ladebildschirm kam hatte ich das Fenster offen,das ich nicht mehr schliessen konnte.Es ist wie ein F5 Fenster,allerdings kann ich dort ALLE handelbaren Gegenstände des Spiels sehen. Kaufen der Gegenstände ist nicht möglich,ist alles nur zum anschauen.Hat das jemals einer von euch schonmal gesehen? Das sind 2 Screenshots davon. Nach einem Sprung in die Charakter Lobby und wieder ins Spiel war das Fenster übrigens nicht mehr da. Keine Ahnung wie es dazu kam.
  15. Marketplace Not Working Properly Again

    Actually you don't long as you make sure to have 'exact match" checked before doing search.
  16. Marketplace Not Working Properly Again

    I can buy things but search doesn't work. You basically have to look for things by going through the pages one by one. It's extremely tedious in some cases.
  17. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    Hi all, This is a fair point, we've forwarded your feedback as suggestion to the Development Team :)
  18. Der Klan Himmelsdiebe sucht Weggefährten! (Karminlegion)

    suchen weiterhin :3 meldet euch! am besten ingame per Postfach oder whispern :>
  19. F5 its broken

    Greetings, Thank you for reporting. We encourage everyone to keep an eye on our Known Issues thread :
  20. As per title, it's a disgustingly glaring issue that really bleeds the experience of an honest player, dying a miserable death after performing well only to get ganked by a team of two, three, four, FIVE people, who never once attack each other? And then it happens in another match, and another one after that? Can I have an official statement to ease my mind, is such a thing allowed? Can you freely make your teams in solo-que before going in, to trade 1st and 2nd place? If it's not allowed, why isn't anything being done about it? Would a report with video proof help? Or is nothing going to get done in that case either?
  21. They could just make it where fighting these Faction raid bosses would scale with one's level. That way, even if such a boss is in a low-level zone, it would always be powerful. There wouldn't be constant insta-killing of bosses, and if these bosses are defeated, then it would be rewarding to the players who participated in the fight.
  22. Forums Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    Yeah, but if Blade & Soul did that for their forums, it would be copying. It has to be something unique and different without copying how another game handles its own forums.
  23. Forums Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    world of warcraft solved this issue perfectly. You can post on forums as in game character. Your avatar=small portrait of your in game character. You can change it by posting as other character :)
  24. Race Change?

    It's not so much the ease of the level that is problem with just making a new character, but the amount of farming needed just to have half of the outfits, items and gear again, not to mention the fact that some things aren't just character bound but only accessibly in limited time events. There is also the fact that it takes up an extra character slot, and makes you unable to reuse your name unless you delete your prev character, which would be a waste of all the investments you had put on them.... Question is, why should it be necessary to do all these extra things, when they could just make a race change voucher that actually works and/or a class change voucher that can be used alongside it as well as on it's own? NC Soft certainly would gain more if players went to buy class change + race change than if they simply went with the free option of starting from scratch with a new character... Which is something nobody except new/returning players exactly likes, but will still resort to when the alternate option either doesn't exist or is too expensive.
  25. Pvp is extremely dumb atm.

    I just want the previous patch back. You are not going to get new players in with extreme changes, but you sure are going to lose players who have been dedicatedly playing the game for years. Another nail in the coffin for bns.
  26. How to install the new Laucher?

    Excuse me, I have the same exact problem like Thece Is there any way to resolve it now? i already press ctrl+f5 and already shown like Noala first picture but still have the same result :(
  27. Blade Dancer race change?

    Really don't see the point of a race change voucher if it doesn't work for about half of classes.... The fact that this is somehow more expensive than a simple alteration voucher is kinda insulting. They should either make it so that you can change to any race regardless of class, or include some class change voucher to make this more useable, among other things.
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