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  2. Rot/Grünschwäche

    Hm Danke, so schnell gebe ich nicht auf. Vielleicht kommt ja von NC was
  3. Rot/Grünschwäche

    Tut mir leid, dass man dich vertrösten muss, soweit ich weiß, gibt es aktuell keine Lösung für. Ich habe einem im Clan, der ebenfalls eine Rot/Grünschwäche hat. Der erkennt die Flächen anhand des Grautons, soweit ich es mitbekommen durfte. THEORETISCH, wo du KEINE Chance hast und NICHTS machen kannst, ist Hangar0 im Hardmode, weil da ein Buff am Boss ROT und GRÜN ist und es random ist welchen er bekommt. Diesbezüglich sagte er, dass er es nicht erkennen könne. Das war aber schon gut 1/4 Jahr her. Also hast du nur zwei Optionen - Quitten oder dir nen Weg suchen wie du das erkennen kannst.
  4. Why so many Jubilant keys?

    Wohoo, with the shop update for june 17-24 we can buy even more Jubilant Keys in Hongmoon Store for just 3 Ncoin each! At that point i would like to add a suggestion: make those keys also sell-able for 3 NCoin pls (HMCoin is OK too)
  5. Rot/Grünschwäche

    Hallo, ich möchte mal fragen ob es noch mehr Spieler mit Rot/Grünschwäche gibt und wie die das mit den Gemeinsamen Angriffen machen. Ich mache z.Zt. auf gut Glück weil ich die grüne Spiegelung nicht sehe, aber das wird irgendwann auffallen und ich werde aus den Verließen raus geschmissen. Vielleicht gibt es ja auch von NC eine Lösung die ich nicht kenne
  6. Rot/Grünschwäche

    Hallo, ich wollte mal fragen ob es noch andere Spieler gibt die eine Rot/Grünschwäche haben und wie die das mit den gemeinsamen Angriffen machen. Ich habe die Befürchtung das ich oft aus Verliesgruppen rausfliege weil ich eben diese grüne Spiegelung nicht sehe. Bisher mache ich auf gut Glück.
  7. @PhoenixMitra Der linkt war nur als Richtung gedacht, da ja Popkultur extrem Groß ist. Ich hab da aber mal eine Frage, wo kann man Template für die Anderen Rassen herbekommen, also Gon + Jun + Lyn? Hab bei Google leider nichts gefunden.
  8. Starting on June 3, 4:00 a.m. PDT / 13:00 CEST, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Below is the list of changes introduced within the update: Routine server maintenance and modifications. For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  9. A la date et heure suivante, nous effectuerons une maintenance de tous les serveurs. Blade & Soul sera indisponible pendant la durée de la maintenance. Nous vous invitons à consulter régulièrement ce fil de discussion pour en savoir plus sur l'évolution de la situation. [Date et heures] Le mercredi 3 juin de 13 h à 17 h 45 m (heure de Paris) * La durée de la maintenance est sujette à changement. [Serveurs affectés] - Tous [Détails] Maintenance et modifications de routine Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée. @BladeAndSoulOps
  10. Hallo, wir werden am 03.06.2020 ab 13 Uhr Wartungsarbeiten an den Blade & Soul Servern durchführen. Während dieser Zeit werden alle Server nicht erreichbar sein. Im Moment gehen wir davon aus, dass die Arbeiten 4 Stunden und 45 Minuten in Anspruch nehmen werden. Um sicherzustellen, dass ihr keine Informationen zur Serverwartung verpasst, folgt bitte unseren Twitter-Accounts @BladeAndSoulOps und @bladeandsoul_DE. Tweets von @BladeAndSoulOps
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  12. What everyone's thinking?

    I agree. The thing that is frustrating to me is that while it is true that you have to worry about today or there won't be a tomorrow, that mentality is what NCsoft has been operating on for years now, and the result is that they had over 10 servers, and are now down to 1. That is around a 90% decrease! They don't seem to make the connection that they have been putting off fixing the game for so long that everyone has already quit. They always focus on today while today is still today, and they never get to what needs to be done tomorrow. This prevents sustaining long term player retention. As a result they produce for today, but they can never hold onto those gains for very long because what needed to happen tomorrow never gets done. It is like scooping up sand into a sieve or a pot where the bottom has rusted out to the point there are holes in it. You can do it, and it will fill up for a little while if you dump enough sand in all at once, but what is the point if you can't keep the sand from spilling out? The fact that they refuse to address the holes in the pot is what is killing them, and they refuse to fix it! As you said they insist on focusing on what makes them money in the short term, but then that income isn't as sustainable as it could be because the players that paid that money leave because of problems NCsoft chooses not to fix. Building more and more house on a broken, poor foundation is foolish! Why can't they see this, and fix the foundation first?! I am sure the NA team has told Korea, but Korea needs to fix it and they just aren't because... why? I would like to know the answer to this question. Is it because they simply don't care about the PC gaming market anymore? Capcom made that mistake too. Sure, it made money in the short term, but in the long term it nearly destroyed them. Now that Capcom went back to console and PC titles, they are back on the horse, but they were hurting pretty badly for a while there. Failure to learn from the mistakes of others. I mean what needs to happen for NCsoft to learn? Maybe they need to get the short term boost like Capcom got from the mobile market, then nearly go out of business and have more than half of their IP titles collapse on them despite having multiple great titles? Then wallow in their failure for a few years, and THEN MAYBE grow a brain, and if they are lucky enough to have enough money left, maybe fix a few things then? I mean really, what needs to happen? Does the fecal matter need to impact the overhead oscillating unit until the sparks are flying out of the engine, and lights the house on fire? If so, can we accelerate this so it happens sooner so they fix it? They could just avoid all this happening if they would just be smart and do the dirty, thankless work that needs to be done to ensure long term sustainability. (Not totally thankless. I will thank them. Keroppi probably will on his you tube channel. I don't know about EvilDoUsHarm though. He is pretty disgusted, and mostly out the door at this point. Jarke will thank them on his you tube most likely. I am sure most of the community would be thankful, not that most of them would say so, but they would show it by not bleeding players as fast.) As far as regaining players who left? I hate to say this, but it might be too late for that. NCsoft might have messed up too hard for too many years now. Those players might never come back because they might never look back to check to see if NCsoft fixed anything, and honestly, why should they be obligated to? NCsoft has taken FAR too long. I guess new players... would start over, and NCsoft has already squandered their, "Hey we are a new game honeymoon period," so to a certain degree, they will have to start over building a new player base without it. I can see that they want to get that initial burst back with their remakes of B&S, and... I am NOT going to play those if the game is dumbed-down due to being mobile version and if I can't keep my progress in both games. Does NCsoft think we are going to put years of effort into B&S, and then decide, "Hey look! B&S 2! Start over just because NCsoft wants that "our-game-is-new period" again? Sure!" NO! Not going to happen. Make due without it NCsoft. Why would I trust NCsoft to treat the new game right when they refuse to fix this one? If they want me to consider a new game they make after telling us they will take care of that one, they need to show us that they are serious about that by fixing their existing games first! Another thing that is so frustrating to me about this is that B&S wasn't always like this. NCsoft actually broke it! It was fine, and then the people running it actually came in and made it worse little bit by bit with various changes over the years. STOP SELLING POWER! Fix the lag, and FPS issues, disconnects, bugs, sync issues, glitches, and stuff! The way I perceive NCsoft Korea's response: "Nah. Go pound sand" *Turns to look at some data about their game* "I just can't understand why we are down to 1 server. Hmm. Maybe if I wasn't so dumb. I should ask for a raise. Maybe we should have an NA representative who can actually speak English so he can read what his own players say on the forums... Nah. We should ask the players for more money than they are already paying." And I will tell the company about that graphics update... if it doesn't address FPS lower than 30 in dungeons AT THE VERY LEAST... it will also be a short term boost. Graphics alone are NOT going to save this game. We need performance.
  13. Localization & Translation Error List

    Forgotten Grand Celestial Soul Shield has an incorrect tooltip by featuring 'Acquired from' names based on the KR localization
  14. Khanda Vihar

    Bump, still a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ problem
  15. khanda vihar

    Same issue, can't even get to the quest to complete it
  16. asension orb shard

    You are 2 weeks too late to the party
  17. LF BB 2.6k+ IA Raid

    Hello, we are looking for a KFM/SIN, who supports our Team for Iron Arc, the new Raid. The requirement is you have decent gear and obtain round about 2.6k AP. We kill Boss 1 safe and still progressing Boss 2. In our Raid we bid on accs, weapon, costume, but distribute the soul shields fairly. There is no clan bond needed. If you are interested, just send a short message to me Nialen ingame so we can discuss further details privately. Best regards, Nialen
  18. mise a jour du 3/06?

    Bonjour quid de la maintenance du mercredi habituelle ? l'évent de Hongsil se terminant a quoi devons nous nous attendre demain ? Je ne trouve rien sur le site alors qu'habituellement nous avons les patch notes , ou avis de maintenance la veille ? Merci ^^
  19. asension orb shard

    did nc just reduce the supply to 0?
  20. Hi

    Hey :) Unser Klan (BossMachtFaxen) is ein familiärer Feierabend Klan ^^ Wenn du lust hast kannst du gern mal bei uns vorbeischauen auf Discord ^^ Adde einfach mich Céline#0948 oder einer der Co-Leader: Legit?#0001, ShadowLight#1240 oder Frontline#9429 :) Oder schreib uns im Spiel an.. Cassîdy, WasIstEinTanki, AlisDieGroße oder Frontlíne. Liebe Grüsse Céline
  21. Designwettbewerb 2020 beginnt in Kürze

    Hallo zusammen, um den oben verlinkten Wikipedia-Artikel etwas zu vereinfachen: Das Thema ist eine Richtlinie und es liegt wirklich am Designer es zu interpretieren. Popkultur umfasst eine Menge, von dem, was relevant war, als wir aufwuchsen. Angefangen von Musik, über Promi-Mode bis hin zu Fernsehsendungen.
  22. Fishing In Mushin

    Fill your pockets with water and fish and you won't need to move at all.
  23. Returning Player Guide

    Hello, You might find this topic useful:
  24. Das hatte ich mich auch gefragt, aber dank Onkel Google hab ich das hier gefunden:
  25. Have to disagree. Atleast in EU there is only 1 Destroyer that even plays as good as you let it sound like. They are broken and totally op thats true but atleast in EU there is a huge lack of good Destroyers if you know how to play against them its pretty easy. Expect for this one Destroyer i mentioned it dosent matter if you know how to play against this class if you encounter him he will just use godmode skill and burst you down. As if its new tag team is not attractive to new players. If you are a new player you dont have enough knowledge to even beat top 30 players even top 100 might be a problem but in 3v3 you will encounter top 5 players and RU Players on a regular basis. (This is not an insult to any region if you know PVP in EU RU means players that come from Russian server and are top 5 there they are usually even better than the EU Players). BTW RU Players are forbidden to play on our server at all cause it is supposed to be locked for them. (TOS) This sounds like you are triggered for some reason. 3 Classes for exapmple Destroyer is a disadvantage for them not advantage. They have global cooldowns on Party protection just like BM or Assasin. You always take Destroyers as example and its simply not true they are super strong but you can beat them while Assasins are another story but again there is a huge lack of super good Assasins too litterly 1 player in EU but of course with 200000 chars. A team comp like: 1. Soul fighter, 2. Blade master 3. Assasin is way stronger than 3 Destroyers. If we ban team comps cause they are to strong why not ban every team that could work together since teamplay is even more broken than 3 of a class.
  26. Suggestions for Systems & Items changes

    If you change your class/char you will not be able to sent over: Soul shields, Unity Stones, Achivements, Hongmoon level. I think if you want to play another class and already have to pay thousands of gold to sent over your stuff you should be able to sent your whole stuff. Thats why i never changed my class even tho i wanted to. Now i simply play my 2nd class as 2nd main and give it some Gear. Most free to play People are HM 21 - 23 most casher are around HM 25 - 27 and hardcore cashers (only seen 2 yet) are around HM 30 - 35. I think its definetly the case we should get the XP requirement put down so you can actully reach HM 35 in a humans lifetime without cashing. Or atleast they should reduce the cost of transforming 1Million Xp charms to 5 Million Xp charms + removing the 24 Hour Cooldown. I am HM 23 and the Account/Char i play is 2 Years old.
  27. Enough is Enough

    Personally i am fine with my ping probably cause i live in germany but i think your argument is lacking. If they simply increased one or 2 server locations ping for most players would be way better. Why is this impossible for a multimillion dollar Company but Indie Games released on Steam have no problem ? My point is simply Ncsoft can do so much to better the ping but they wont due to cost savings probably. I do agree here but most people or rather not a single one i asked thinks there where any good events in the last probably 2 years. I think majority thinks so this tells us something. Thats why some people requested bots in Low ranking up to 1600. 1. People would have a chance to actully learn their classes cause New players will not encounter top players on a regular basis. 2. Que would be alive to atleast 1800 probably even 1900 Rating unlike 1700 like its the case now. 3. Top Players would be forced to play up there so there is actully potential people reach Diamon on a daily basis. 4. It would decrease wintrading. 5. There is a certain RU Bm (this is not against a group) thats playing like 10000 BMs just like a certain EU Destroyer. Instead of 20 chars in top 30 they would have like 3. Overall i do understand your concerns but i dont see any downside in making a class raking instead of a char ranking. Worst case: Game is dead in another rating region. Best case: More players get interested cause they actully have a chance to reach decent spots in ranking and whole PVP is alive. Not exactly. If you just started the game even Sandstorm temple can be a challenge. But most people dont think about it cause even one player with like Aransu Gear is enough to solo this dungeon.
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