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  2. Story is so bad it hurts <Spoilers>

    The story has potential, and if you read the chapters in the journal, you will know a LOT more about the game and why some things are how they are. Still, I feel the only mistake on it was how MC was included in the cut scenes and the story in general. I understand it would be impossible to make MC fight in cut scenes because that would require either a lot of smart scripting or a lot of cut scenes to show your MC using the weapon and class you have chosen. But, what they did instead was making MC act like the most ridiculously stupid character ever created for a video game. And not only cut scene, but scripting and story, all make MC act in an extremely foolish way. And that's the part that made me salty about the story. Might as well not include MC in cutscenes at all. Everything else? Very good story indeed.
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  4. Defeating Yunsang?

    If you mean the main quest version, a cutscene should be triggered when he reaches a certain HP level. If you are having problems, close your game and verify your files (launcher has a scan feature), and make sure your connection is good.
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  6. Incredible stutters during combat

    Yeah, that's looking like the current solution lol.
  7. Official Nerfs

    You can find the updated list in the patch notes here:
  8. A wish for upcoming preview streams

    Hi Coolesau, is there something in particular you're anticipating that you would like to see? Thanks.
  9. Rota nach Update

    jo, auf Verdammnis. Wenn Du Dir das neue Seelenabzeichen "Singvogel" farmst ändert sich die Rota.
  10. Rota nach Update

    Ist die rota aktuell? nehme mal an für Verdammnis Oder funktioniert die auf Illusion auch?
  11. Moon Refuge suggestions

    Cool suggestions. Though, how do you get a raven king animus/energy/ferocity through F5? (EDIT: eh, just found it. Through sealing.... And with F5 still broken they are hard to find) I have started to take this game semi seriously just recently (after years of just doing story and wasting money on F10 outfits and shape changers, kek), so I'm interested in ways to get my alts into at LEAST 100K DPS. And yeah, farming buds for 2-3 days just to be able to make a new weapon into a raven 3 can be fun for the first two characters, but boring and tedious for all the rest (I have 7 characters atm -_-). So anything to speed it up, without me having to derp into raids (not confident enough about it yet). Though you know what that bud merchant could also use? Aransu soul shields(EDIT2 AND I spoke too soon. they ARE already there -_-). They are becoming the new starter gear (I see a lot of HM13's wearing that). People are already discarding raven soul shield for it. And since orange story gives 5 pieces and the last 3 come from the initial raids mission (and MAY come as story rewards when Act 10 comes), more aransu stuff could populate the bud vendor. We could also use some starter soul badges too, while keeping the good ones in ToI.
  12. Current Event - Dragon Express

    When you open dragon express, you will see several tabs. The next to last one (the second one with a present box icon) has the stuff you can buy with those event tokens. Jus scroll down a bit and you will start seeing the stuff. The stuff at the upper section of that tab uses a token that you get from doing the event dailies. Sadly, they require a pretty powerful max level character and with a fair amount of slow to get gear to complete these quests. So if you are just starting out, just hang around, get whatever of the yellow tokens you can get, and continue buffing your character for whatever event comes next. As for the xp charm, nope. Not worth. You get a lot of those later. I'd say, try to aim for the sacred vial and/or the pet packs. They are both important materials to strengthen your character.
  13. List of ideas to improve

    Even though I don't do pvp at all, I agree with this. pvp is part of the game. A part the devs should pay much more attention to than they are doing now (hello class balance?). A part that I believe the Western population would like more than pve, since over here most players I have seen and know are heavily pvp minded. IF that's how it is, then there'd be less of a problem. Though something still bothers me. See, I'd assume your thread return will be diminished? As in: Pay 4 threads, get an outfit you don't like (or something that has an F10 version), dismantle it and get one or two threads only instead of the initial 4. Have to wait months again to get another rng outfit event to get more threads to try again (IF you are lucky to get another rng outfit at all). But I'd have to ask someone who has actually done it to see if you can just play this roulette until you get what you want. Chances are, nope... As for more ideas for the thread, I'd like it if most of the late story pve (Silverfrost+) and Mushin floors 1-19 (not only Naksun) were buffed to current gear and levels. Current Mushin 1-19 is a total joke for current fresh out of story characters. I mean, even I, the self appointed worst player in BnS history, can do these with my eyes closed. So unless there are people pausing their leveling at 45 just to do the first few floors, I don't see much use in having mobs anyone can one-shot there. Mushin's tower is supposed to be a sort of pinnacle of martial arts, after all. So even the first floor should have something as good as what's now populating floor 19. By now though, even Junghado, the legendary swordsman, is pathetic, and Naksun is soon to follow. I suppose they can just buff their HP, defense and attack power. Leave the rest as it is. I find floor 20 still adequate because new characters will still have to work a fair bit to chip through 6 million HP, and the fight is so reaction based that not everyone can beat it (I still haven't -_-). And as you level up in the story, the only content that MAY be a bit bothersome is the twisted grimhorn section..... and that can be 95% skipped by just going from point A to point B while avoiding the poison toters. The rest of it, MOSTLY bosses, are really disappointing. Shouldn't story at least try to challenge and temper people to do better with their characters before tossing them into multiplayer? It would be like a true single player game, where some people have to struggle through it to get to the other side, while learning more about their class perks, and about how to CC and evade. That way they don't have to go into multiplayer with only mashing keys as their only learned skill.
  14. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Let's start making those plans then! Blade and Soul has always been very cramped in terms of how it lets it's players communicate. We don't get buddy chat channels, we don't get global chat channels, we can't make our own chat channels, and we're only allowed to write one and a half sentences at a time. The argument against this has always been "well, spam bots" Well, you've had 3 years to get rid of spam bots. Did you? Did it work yet? And how much longer is a failure on NCWest's part supposed to effect the entire playerbase? You're telling me until the game dies we're still never going to be allowed to say more than a sentence at a time? We're still never going to have friend channels? We're still going to be punished for things we're in not in control of? But in other games they have no issues with this, they still have plenty of chat channels and chat space, and these games have even bigger populations than BnS. I understand spam bots are annoying and there's no way to truly get rid of them all, and that's why you do things anyway despite them. It doesnt make sense that players are robbed of normal functions all because of boogeyman bots for all eternity. I could understand it the first year, but after that it was just sheer lazyness. The very bare minimum least you could do is throw in a few more chat channels and increase the text input limit in maybe one of them or something-we're not typing in Asian language, so we need that space. and we need ways to talk to added friends/certain groups/everyone. I shouldnt have to keep tabbing out into discord to talk to friends who arent in my guild/faction. I have to leave the game to talk to friends I make in the game, do you realize how entirely backwards that is? lol It's bad enough our friendlists have been broken since the games release-we can't even tell who's on half the time...we can't tell who's on and we can't talk to them unless we whisper one on one..this is like..ancient communication tier. At this point we might as well be gifted carrier pigeons to talk to each other. So they can end up in F10 for 20ncoin each or something lmao zzzzzz
  15. Zusammenlegung der Server – 1. Mai

    Nur muss man sich auch irgendwann im Leben einfach die Frage stellen: Gebe ich mich mit dem ab was ich zum Problem mache, oder ist es mir einfach egal und ich lebe mein Leben wie ICH will und nicht wie die Leute meinen, wie es mir eine Krankheit vor zu schreiben hat. Nur weil andere es nicht anders erwarten und kennen. Man hat es am Ende einfach immer selber in der Hand. Aber sich immer und ehwig hinter etwas zu verstecken ist nicht nur feige, sondern macht einen auch früher oder später verdammt einsam. Und DAS kann man dann nicht mehr korigieren.
  16. Pvp is extremely dumb atm.

    KFM still takes over bg. Many higher paying players will swap classes because they know destro and kfm run the pvp game. For the 1 time whale he just quits the game and moves on. Blade and Soul don't mind this because more toons generates more revenue. Its sad but fair business strategy . They want the same payers to buy as a recurring consumer.However the consumers who are like this feed the games death. People dont want to pvp against a class that rolls every class.( buff this class this now/buff this class later) So they leave especially if there main was a waste of cash. They should be appealing to a wider consumer base. That's my opinion to why people are leaving BNS . I'm more worried about trade swapping between matches.(matches where people don't participate because they want to help a friend rank up so they swap/ rig matches) So you get someone who goes out and basically feeds kills or hands a cap point over.Most people don't but a few elites do it. That makes the game even less appealing to players. BNS is not responsible for this though. Its your elites who have lead the way.
  17. I'd like to inquire bout soul badge fuses

    They would have create a new set of codes for your new fuse that currently doesn't exist. And since ncwest doesn't code they'd have to contact a dev in KR. Just don't see that happening.
  18. Can we just ban Sins from Battle royal

    I kinda get what he means most kite then counter blow tab go invisible then tele cc you. That's a constant too. They will stay invisible till they can tele cc lift and bomb. The tele is a for sure disrupt too and its def piercing. So it allows them to get sap off more efficiently. Either way though with the sin skills that ll happen you cant really nerf the skill object in that instance because they'll just use the same tactic with other skill objects.
  19. I mean... you can always raise the suggestion, and see. Most fuses that are already available / will be made available in the future are already the best ones to use for each class.. Which badges are you talking about specifically?
  20. List of ideas to improve

    The costumes you talk about are the ones you salvage for the threads. Costumes that you buy directly from F10 can salvage into fabrics, however that same costume if you get it from a rng box, can be salvaged into threads. Tha is the difference here :)
  21. Waiting to rejoin faction

    it is not a design flaw, its intended this way. You are just looking at it from one perspective and not looking at the entire picture.
  22. Pvp is extremely dumb atm.

    As a Burning fist KFM i can agree it's has been the worst nerf with no chanse to simply win aganst flying kick blue buff is too op to be counter warden can just by pass my q and always have more stun than i do can't really do anything in pvp and if i change to flying kick everything is out control before nerf i could take on destroyer but now i better off playing something else and stop waste my time on pvp i feel bad cause i loved pvp but they took it away from me.
  23. I need help figuring out what to get out of this event. I'm a newplayer (2h in game) pretty fresh, i know nothing about this game and i'm receiving Legendary Orbs from daily login, i searched on google and i discovered that is part of the event, and that i can exchange this for some itens..Anyone can help me decide what is the best for me to exchange them for? I was thinking to trade them for the Special Hongmoon XP Charm (1,000.000 xp in HM) i think it would be good for my later game, but idk. And what is this "Wings" all about? like Grande Celestial Wings, are they usable for my character? Or just to exchange for the Empreror's Tomb something something? Thx in advance, and sorry for the dumb question, i just wanted to get what i can early on to help me in the future.
  24. Moon Refuge suggestions

    You failed to realize the difference, it's not the same effort. And you don't speak for me or some others saying that we'll learn to immediately hit J and remember to accept the quest. Press J, go to Quest Letters, scroll to the bottom, select Zavnar Zeal, accept it, and remembering to do so at that because there's no notice to warn you that you need the quest again. Repeatable dynamic quest that pops up on its own, so it's much more noticeable, you can easily just click and accept right after turning in. A quest that you have to turn in much less frequently because it takes any number of kills rather than 20 every 2 minutes. Idk about you, but I'd take the last 2 options hands down. I will also mention, it's not a necessity, it's not a change I'll beg for or complain about not getting, I'm fine with the system as it is. I'm only suggesting something to make it more convenient before some smartass tries to say I'm being entitled.
  25. Zusammenlegung der Server – 1. Mai

    Hi, Ich habe das leider erst jetzt gelesen, weil ich nen bissel runter fahren und mich abreagieren wollte. Denkst du wirklich mit deiner Rechtschreibschwäche bist du alleine? Nein. Das hat heut zu tage jeder dritte bis vierte Deutsche. Das ist nichts besonderes mehr. Ich habe auch einige Krankheiten, körperlich wie psychisch. Trotzdem kam es für mich persönlich NIEMALS in Frage das auch nur ansatzweise für alles und jeden in meinem Leben als "Ausrede" zu benutzen. Niemals. Ich sehe es einfach so "Es gibt immer jemanden auf dieser Welt, dem geht es viel, viel schlechter als dir!": Und so ist es auch. Meine Mutter hat auch so ne Kollegin. Hat eine Imunschwäche sagen wir mal (als Beispiel) und nutz dies für jeglichen Mist als Ausrede aus. Das sie keine Kisten schleppen muss, dass sie keine "leichten" Eimer schleppen muss..... Die steht jeden Tag blöd auf der Arbeit rum und zieht ne richtige hakfresse. Eine andere Kollegin hat das gleiche wie sie aber sie nutzt ihre Krankheit nicht als Ausrede. Im Gegenteil. Die Schuftet wie ne bekloppte, auch wenn es ihr mal drekig geht. Was meinst du, wer ist beliebter. Und so ist es auch im Spiel und hier im Forum. Es interessiert KEINEN was du hast. Du bist das was du bist und wie du dich gibst. Und an nichts anderem wirst du gemessen. Und da du deine Krankheiten scheinbar gerne als Ausrede für alles nutzt gehörst du einfach zu den menschen die bei mir unten durch sind. Das mag für dich vielleicht unverständlich sein. Aber vielleicht verstehst du es irgendwann wenn du alt genug dafür bist. Ich hoffe es. Schluss endlich habe ich hier niemanden zu irgendetwas gezwungen. Es ist traurig wenn man Sachen an den Kopf geknallt bekommt, von Leuten die nur das wiedergeben was sie gerne lesen wollen, und NICHT was wirklich da steht..... Schade... sehr schade.
  26. in case a X player suggests badge fusion between X and Y that doesnt exist ingame, and both badges go along pretty well, is there a case where devs will let this fuse badge into the game? Edit: Because such badge fusion certainly wont effect the class and make it broken, as it will offer different gamestyle to the class
  27. Spieler helfen Spielern

    Lern lesen. Das habe ich sogar erwähnt ;) Habe aber gerade keine Lust mich selber noch ein mal zu zittieren ^^ Ich kann michaber auch daran erinnern das mal nen Forenmod gesagt hat, es soll nicht alles so leicht sein. Das ist bewusst. Vermutlich wird das mit den Materialien auch so bleiben und ich finde es sehr gut. Wir haben ja allein durch die Events schon seeehr viele Farmmöglichkeiten. Sowas findest du in anderen Spielen gar nicht!
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