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  2. The most p2w patch i’ve ever seen in this game LOL

    They offer another way to get the same item everyone else can get with some time invested, who knew? Also, it has been said a bunch of times, they never said that the badge exchange would be forever as it was mostly in place to help players transition to the new awakening system so they could change badges for the most part for free / try out new specs to settle into. They honestly didn't even have to offer that but they did. New outfit pouch I assume your speaking about the one that contains catwalk? If so, it is and it isn't considering the price of fabric these days, I opened 1 got 3 fabric back, got another 3 more fabric, made back more money then I put in.
  3. Nightfall Sanctuary

    Hey, i have been looking all over for a way to find teammates for nightfall sanctuary, but i havent had any luck. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how you got a team or maybe how i can join one some
  4. Arena/BG times...

    "To increase pvp population, you are not allowed to play after XX:XX PM"...logs out.
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  6. This game to toxic .

    every game is toxic, and tbh everyone ingame should probably experience some form of insulted in past ....when sundred nexus was a thing ....i mess up the most important mech of luring the drills ina cricle as back then pc was trash and my fps froze and stack them on top of each other rip wipe .... or even ransack treasury now never liked that dungeon even tho i have gear to clear it ... what you need to do is familiarize your self wtih the mechanics considering most dungeon mechanics can be out dps or ignored .... to find a clan. 2.recuit people for the dungeon and ask for help. 3. ask in fraction chat for someone to carry you . 4. ask a friend. 5.let the team know you cant do a certain mechanics. dungeon that goes with your gear, not every dungeon is low gear friendly ,yea people could carry you, but if you get kick when you try to do a dungeon higher than you should understand ... its simple to just carry you but some dungeon requires gear and some brain,and 1 person can carry the whole team shadow moor altho shadow moor easy as can be but if you mess up first boss rip. point is don't take what people say seriously its a game, they don't know you . block em!!! and move on. also toxic isnt against newbie even high gear people get it . gotta understand alot of people playing this game and they all have different life problems so forget them .
  7. reduce the cost of beluga ss and wwv ss make ascendant cheaper

    That is true but at the same time seeing how you can farm it without bloodstone doesn't really mean they will reduce it like I mean they more or less phased out the other 2 pvp soulshield sets making ivory the new standard, but you don't see them reducing the cost of the one in misty woods or the 50 starter soulshield do ya? If they make adjustments they also need to lower the cost on nova core some as well since it is no longer the best in slot for pvp. Also, they did make reductions to the new starter pvp weapon already since removing galaxy tier.
  8. Casual PVE player looking for Clan

    Hello, Looking for clan that isn't too hardcore but likes to go through dungeons and just having fun while making friends :). I want to find a clan that can show me the ways of going through dungeons as I especially want to get through the legendary dungeons one day. My in-game name is Saint xTeresa
  9. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    That's why i'm also not active anymore don't waste your time on this game anymore...
  10. Please bring back badge exchanging system!

    I dont like telling people how to do their jobs but youre announcing in under 24 hours before the patch that you are removing the badge exchange. I thought you guys wanted to improve communication? What is this all about? Atleast bring back Badge Exchange for One Week/7 Days/ 168 Hours/ 10.080 Minites/604 800 seconds incase the dev team doesnt understand what a week is. They are incompetent, someone should tell them that! One week is enough for people to finalize the spec they wanna focus on at this point.
  11. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    Well said! I play BnS since 2014 till 2 months ago and im fed up with how the game is treatted. Imagine having a gold mine of a game and yet they only think of how to fill their own pockets instead of giving it the proper quality updates and attention it deserves. They increased the RNG Box frequency and their earnings still dont go up,unless its with a big patch[skill revamp or 3rd specs]. Why? It doesnt matter how many whales play,a bunch of em still quit. I moved on FFXIV and most likely Astelia as well as the devs there actually listen and even before the game releases. NCWest may be just the publisher but they got power and options,yet its always like "the dev team makes the decisions". The Dev team is Korean not Western,what do they know? the game shifted from being fun to "When are we getting the next trove and rng box" The core players of the game keep up with the Korean updates we know what will come but they treat us like we are dumb.
  12. This game to toxic .

    Hello everyone i hope u having a great day, not complaining but i going to quit that game it was alot of fun at the beginning but now the game feel to toxic i try to ignored them etc but i cant handle it anymore being insult because i am newby at new stuff etc for dungeon , or event,,, where is the fun if we cant enjoy it ??? ppl just want to rush stuff, if u mess a thing u get alway insult, it digusting, well it time to move on i cant handle having stress everytime i go in a dungeon , i hope u guys having fun tought good luck on you adventure and sorry for my english not first language, bye guys!
  13. Localization & Translation Error List

    Skyreach Gloves - Stage 1/3/6/10 in Equipment Upgrade Paths has an incorrect name At this point I'm pretty much all out. The only other thing I picked up was how Den of the Ancients on the World Map doesn't have 'the' in the name.
  14. just because u can farm something else where doesnt mean it cant reduce . so they should do the same for for wwv ss ..phase it out and reduce cost of beluga ones ... but tbh seeing this event throwing out bloodstones may be they have it in mind to reduce some pvp cost
  15. Event upgrade materials limits

    Do you even know that higher stages cost more oils? Next stage of my soul alreay need 10 Oils ;) Do you even know how many oils you need for your gear? Lets see: Soul from Eventsoul* to max.: 221 Oils Heart from 1 to max.: 144 Oils Talisman from 1 to max.: 376 Oils Soulbadge: 8x3 Oils = 24 Oils Mysticbadge 8x3 Oils = 24 Oils Assessouirs eacht tier 6 Oils for Breakthroug but ok we skip those *assuming you got the first legendary stage from one of the Soul / Pet events, and btw: my soul is an antique one an once was a Hongmoon soul bought with shrads farmed from naryu labyrinth long long time ago Overall you need 789 Oils without the Breaktrhoughs 789 / 5 = rounded 158 Weeks what is a bit more than 3 Years, but hey its ok to reduce oils even further, not to mention the upcomming ancient wepon level or reffinement system that will increase stats of weapon and soul further and guess what, you need oils for this in asia, it also is RNG where you can drop a few levels when an upgrade fails. Since we presumably dont get the RNG version cause the community would go on another rampage, it will for sure cost a ton of oils. Also there are for sure more upgrades for soul, heart and talisman comming up in future which also need a lot of oils. It already bad enough you need 11 chars to keep up with main for endcontent raids. Why not limit Oils from trove to 5 per week, oh sorry i forgot, they make money with trove but not with events
  16. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    I also stopped the ncsoft financing train. Considering how expensive ncoins are... and the fact that you don't even offer a little bonus for getting more... then they do a trove, and after getting a 3 star crit, you basically get 10 soulstone worth of rags and second hand costumes. No more, they don't have a customer service, they don't have community admins although they`ll lie to you that they do! Moreover, their game runs on an old engine and it runs bad on even the latest core i9. So no...i wrote them a love letter so they can keep track of all the ppl leaving: I write you this letter to remind you of the fruits of your labor. With your last trove you decided to rip off half your userbase that does not about costumes, and love stats way more." Just seeing that my premium membership expired. This is the first 124.99E you lost from me. Considering trove is next, add at least another 100E to that mix. I`m sure this is chump change for you and i`m sure you wont miss a couple of extra k's minus. Cheers
  17. Game dying

    Things need to change based on our gaming market. While what might work in Korea doesn't mean it will work here. If they continue they need to understand that and make adjustments that suit our region. I agree with those points. Still though I will voice my opinion as you all will yours and while we might not agree on things we both enjoy the game for what its is, a time killer.
  18. I actually did a topic more than 1 year ago, 3v3 was dying but no one cares, i hope they notice this one..
  19. Event upgrade materials limits

    why do you limit what people can buy? anyone can take what they want. if ppl dont want do event with 10 alts, they can limit themselves. but there is some ppl wanna get more vials. they are dont want limited obtainment for event items. IDK why NCsoft makes things harder for players?
  20. Lets put in some context to start. For 3v3 season ending 8/14, ~101 characters(reminder, multiple characters may have been registered to the same player) were listed as ranked for season rewards overall. With upto 300 slots of rewards FOR EACH class, (11 classes->3,300 rewards), there are seriously some empty slots. Daily challenge Removal: I'd would consider putting the 3 match participation on the daily challenge list for days with tag playing window open. 1600 score threshold: With the very limited play windows, low queuing participation, losses at the end of the deciding period discourage casual participation (either from the gap to reach 1600 from where you stopped, or the threat of losing and dipping below 1600. A 1400 threshold (6v6 originall had 1600 threshold but was altered to 1400 quite readily) sets a lower bar for less competitive, while encouraging them to play a few more matches to stay in the top 300 for their class or to hit the more achievable 1400 target. (Thi ELO gain/loss tweaking: Very limited play windows, the points for a match loss could be eased. Rewards: Increased frenzy. Queue party composition: Limiting tag party max size to 2 players (something similar was done with 6v6 from its initial implementation, removal of 6party queue option) could help break up some of the premade domination that discourages solo/casual queues(some skill gaps between players/matchups can mean a 1v3 win still). Restricting Third specialization: with 3rd specs banned from shackle (and it working successfully in keeping them out), its quite odd that 3rd specs are allowing in 1's/3's. I hope that my feedback is constructive towards attracting more players to 3v3. (at least 2 players were removed later that day)
  21. Hello ,how should i start ,well guess first i leave this video here and i explain after . System broken Upgrading ET Badge What happen : I salvage my Aransu Mystic Badge Stage 8 to get the 8 oils +8 divine stone grave + chest with aransu badge , so when i start upgrading the ET badge ( require an Aransu badge ) i didn't know that doesn't matter what spec is your Aransu badge ,it matter only to be Aransu and i didn't see that for upgrading got automatically my Dynasty Mystic Badge ( top right corner in inventory) .So next instead to upgade the Thornbreaker Badge i upgrade back Aransu Mystic Badge to stage 8 . Question 1 : Why Thronbreaker Badge require an Aransu Badge to upgrade ? The spec doesn't matter when it select as material ?? Question 2: Does all members from support staff do they really know how game work or they just copy paste answer from a list ? Question 3: Do they really care only of milking people money ? Here are their answer from support ticket : 1: Aug 22, 20:25 PDT Hello, We have reviewed your request. As a one-time exception for this account, we can offer to revert your Awakened Aransu Mystic Badge - Stage 8 down by three stages only, from Awakened Aransu Mystic Badge - Stage 8 to Awakened Aransu Mystic Badge - Stage 5. These are the items that you will receive: Game Money 195 Gold Divine Grace Stone 9 Sacred Vial 9 Awakened Aransu Mystic Badge - Stage 5 If you would like to use this one-time reversal, please update this ticket so we can process your request. Your character will need to be offline to process the request. We will wait for your response. Regards, 2: Aug 23, 06:53 PDT Hi there, Upon re-investigating our logs, I have verified that you consumed your Dynasty Mystic Badge to upgrade your Awakened Thornbreaker Mystic Badge - Stage 1. Unfortunately, as what GM ******* previously offered is already the best that we can do regarding your Awakened Aransu Mystic Badge - Stage 8. Please know that reversions are a courtesy service (not obligatory) that we try to provide our players, on an extremely limited basis. This is because these types of actions directly conflict with the intended mechanics of the game. So there are limitations to what we can provide. However, our offer is still open for you to accept. Thank you for understanding. Lastly, if you think that there should be changes and improvements regarding this matter, we encourage you to post your comments and suggestions on the forums, where our community team gathers player feedback so they can suggest game improvements to our development team: Feel free to contact us again if you have any other question or inquiry. Regards, PS : I will keep making ticket/answer until they give back the 24 oils, 24 divine stone , or they ban me for rage or whatever so i can delete this GAME . PSS : So ya never trust NCSOFT for they bugs in game and check 10 times every upgrade or anything you do in game in term of spending materials otherwise they close the door in ur face.
  22. Issue with open world pvp

    You have people that kill low levels for numerous reasons. Personally if I'm doing faction and someone attacks me I don't bother to check level before I kill them. If its a low level, it is their fault for attacking while not checking the target's level. I mean the fact that all of my characters are in a clan should be a dead giveaway I'm not a NPC. Any case those who stated that the outfit before equipping even warns you, you can be attacked by the other faction should be a warning. Don't want pvp, don't wear the faction outfits.
  23. reduce the cost of beluga ss and wwv ss make ascendant cheaper

    You know you can farm the Ivory SS from moon refuge so why reduce the cost?
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