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  2. Optimize the game ...

    Well so i got a I5 6400, got my setting at combat optimization and i play with "hide caracters". But guess what in every stun bar when i gotta press "space" the game crash .... cmon i wanna have fun and chill while i am playing not ragging coz ur game is crashing every EVERYYYYY single time ... Hope you guys do something ,thank you.
  3. Simple. They won't. But we still can hope on something. Hope is free, unless someone has already found a way to take it away and monetize it.
  4. the guild war system

    Idea is intresting and there was somthing similer in kr before. It was called hell island. It was like guild vs guild for maps dominance and then last boss. But they removed it and we never had. With your suggestion i would ask 1 thing: What about gear? If gear matters then its just another whale fest same as 6v6 and only top pvp guilds with max gears will benefit mostly and lower/mid gear gona be just a foder.
  5. Bonjour, Combien de temps pouvons nous garder les sachets de sélection des astres ?
  6. Hallo zusammen, seit der letzten Wartung habe ich es immer öfter das beim Abschluss von Sturmspalter oftmals die Kumulierung für Tödlichkeit aus bleibt. Ist das was bekannt oder ist das anderen auch schon aufgefallen?
  7. Can we get the option to remove this effect?

    They can't even allow us to disable the cut scenes, so how do you think they will fix those effects?
  8. Gunslingers the weakest pvp class

    He would rather come here and complain.
  9. Today
  10. Zusammenlegung der Server – 1. Mai

    Hallo zusammen, aufgrund von technischen Schwierigkeiten, wird die Serverzusammenlegung um eine Woche verschoben. Das bedeutet, die Zusammenlegung wird nun während der Wartung am 1. Mai durchgeführt. Danke!
  11. Listen your voice please.

    So what if you can get those pvp accessories, no matter what you have in 6v6 you will get disintegrated by people that have already the 1 shot soul(long cd), what's the point of that? Might aswell make 6v6 with max gear already since that's their goal here is to make a 1 shoot battles that doesn't involve any skill whatsoever, it's just stupid. The server I played on was Jinsoyun and I left because it's easy to realized that the game state is in critical condition. F8 Dungeon Lobby is all about Raid Gear/DPS than Skill or Brain and 6v6 is how much visa cards you used on the last trove or rng boxes. I played long enough to know that even if I would come back now nothing would change, what I would come back and do the same thing over again, farm dungeons gear up and still be undergeared for raids and 6v6 because that's how bad the game is now. The game was good when Silverfrost Patch and BT Patch was but then after that they should no longer rise attack power of the gear, it's nice to have more attack power but 1million dps or more is an overkill.
  12. To add, you now use green stones and some sphere shaped material called lesser demon spirit stone or something like that. It's a hassle that they decided to put the merchant inside CS and him showing up AFTER the boss is beaten, making it one of the few (if not the only) merchant, needing either a party or a super strong-ish character to access.
  13. There should be an option to explicitly remove all visual effects and leave only the bare basic ones to function, without having to drop all other graphics settings. I agree to this so much...
  14. Where are we now?

    Which is completely misleading to what I said so what did you wanted to answer with that?
  15. Can we get the option to remove this effect?

    what does it even look like anyway?
  16. Latest patch introduced this new effect when reaching certain Unity stones milestones. Some may like it, some don't. I certainly don't because it's annoying and don't like my character looking like a big blue-flaming ball. Therefore, can we have an option in settings to remove this effect please?
  17. Disparition de mon personnage.

    Bonjour Onirique, Sur le launcheur, c'était bien sur le serveur américain, je suis bête, je n'avait pas vu, merci de ton aide, bye, bises.
  18. Listen your voice please.

    Worst of all, they made the soloable dungeons, Cold Storage, etc, you have to have a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ party to do it with. From just 4 million hp, to 80 million, just to what? Follow KR?
  19. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Greetings everyone, Due to technical issues we will be delaying the server consolidation by 1 week. This means the server merge will be happening during the May 1 maintenance. Thank you !
  20. Consolidation des serveurs – 1er mai

    Bonjour, À la suite de problèmes techniques, nous avons décidé de retarder la consolidation des serveurs d’une semaine. La fusion des serveurs aura donc lieu lors de la maintenance du 1er mai. Merci à tous !
  21. Gunslingers the weakest pvp class

    Why don't you try watching some of the good gunner streams, instead of rendering a verdict on the class based on your own inadequate abilities playing the class? This is also known as " learning the game"
  22. Ich meinte ja nur diesen Event bezogen das sie vernachlässigt werden da die kleinen keine Chancen haben es zu machen
  23. Game doesn't launch

    Hello guys i changed the compability mode in win8 from properties and now it works fine
  24. Obsidian/garnet fusion

    Hello is there’s any plan to implement this dyad garnet/obsidian anytime soon? We’ve been waiting for this too long for now and there’s no point to wait till square. Have you any info, plans?
  25. still waiting an a solution here plz, or atleast a reply from ncsoft i'm failing almost all 8 stone refinements, i dont even have half my page with epic stones and im lvl 61 already .... closing in on that extra stone slot fast .... and it would also help alot if you make the feathers bound on account and can you also explain to use how we get legendary ascension stones ? there is absolutly no way to get these besides trove
  26. Mich wundert es das der Granat/ Obsidian in ihrer Kombinierbaren Version bei uns noch nicht erhältlich ist, weiß man eventuell wann dieser bei uns gepatcht wird?
  27. Och, das mach ich meist nur aus langeweile
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