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  2. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    the answer is simple for guners . if they cast AC on start they lose 1-2 buletstorm if they do it at the end they lose the rng 3 skill also they have 0 benefit from the 2nd buff set cause the soul is on cd also if the Z skill cast on start the bulestorm not synchronized with the 1 min CD buff on 3d buff cast ,tldr Z = lose dps
  3. Sometimes you just want to play the other spec for fun, but is just too expensive to make more badges. Also would be nice to add a cheap option to change bracelet, like ring and earring. Removing this option was a bad change, it was fun changing specs whenever you wanted.
  4. 12. Char Platz

    Meines wissens her stimmt das auch, dass man pro account nicht mehr als 11 Charakter slots haben darf/kann.
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  6. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    Yeah thats something they never should have changed. With the removal of the 4 player Veteran / 6 player normal system our NORMAL mode suddenly became the new HARDMODE what just was a joke. I remember doing Awakend Necropolis, Liar of frozen fang, Yeti, Asura, Shatered Masts, Glomdross, Ebondrake Citadell, Desolate Tomb and Naryu Foundry with 4 men veteran parties and it was a real challange, when only one died a wipe was nearly inevitable. We had Hongmoon-Weapon and Hopngmoon- Assessouirs to upgrade, we could even wipe in Yeti 6 player groups as in every other dungeon and we did wipe quite often, but we tried to clear the dungeons and on one left after the first wipe, we took the time to explain mech when nessesary. Oh and no one of us expected a carry through the higher dungeons. You finished the story, well good but you didnt expect to run asura or glomdross or shattered masts untill you had at least a decent gear to do these dungeons. Well Ok we also could farm our gold and mats in lower dungeons, maybe not that much gold like in the higher ones but at least we got our mats. They made a fantastic challanging gam with the best combat system to a braindead Hack n' Slay game where everyone fresh out of storry expect to run endgame content. And now they train the players even more to ignore every mechanics and then they wonder why people start crying raids are to hard. They can stop crying, TT-nerf is already on its way and will come within the next weeks. So even TT will become a braindead content :/ With all the other bullshit they have done the last few weeks i'll guess sadly its time to look for another game. I havent played a game continusly for such a long time like and it just makes me sad to see such a good game going down the drain...
  7. Back in time when the game was released we had a Hongmoon weapon and Hongmoon assessouirs which needed to be upgraded. We need to farm all areas, dungeons and field bosses like Gold Deva, Lycan, Jingshi to upgrade our gear. Now you get all you need from the Story mainline, upgradeable gear doesnt exist under level 50+ anymore. thats why all these areas are abandoned. Even if you still would have to walkt from point to point tu unlook windstride point, you wouldnt meet anyone. The lower areas are not less populated, they are already completly abandoned since about 2 years. There are maybe a few people doing the story and most of these chars ar alts off veteran players who did the story multiple times and just rush through it. So forcing people to walk and unlook all windstride point would unnessesarily make the story much longer and would frustrate people. When you start leveling an alt you would know what i mean.
  8. Let's Get That Bread!! (Breadfast Club is recruiting!)

    im new to the game and trying to play but the update isnt working properly and need help im also a lyn summoner and i like to join
  9. 1 want my 1440 HM coins.

    Because people spend to many HM-Coins and way too less NC-Coins on trove and NC-Soft lost not only player but also quite some premium abos and money. So they need a way to rip players off even more by reducing the amount of obtainable HM-Coins.
  10. Qílyn Clan (Lyn Only) Crimson Legion

    im new to the game and trying to play but the update isnt working properly and need help im also a lyn summoner
  11. New Idle Animations

    How hard is it to add 2 disable animation for premium , disable animation while idle?? I hate guitar ani of my female warden screaming like a Banshee and I wear full white outfit and weapon to have black stripes running after me... it is just ugly. Please, put that option to disable those effects,
  12. Let's Get That Bread!! (Breadfast Club is recruiting!)

    Hi there! Do you still have room? I have been playing since day 1 beta. I play almost every day. But had to take a few weeks recently off due to a death and I had a stroke. When I came back to the game, my guild pretty much is all gone. I am looking for an active and social group to hang around with. Somewhere that everyone is welcome and there isn't a lot of cliques/ inner circles / or people left out. I love chatting on voice chat and running things. So it is getting lonely having no one to hang with anymore. I do have MS. So my damage isn't the greatest at times, due to my hands deciding to be stubborn. But I am a fast learner and am good with learning mechs. So if you don't mind a semi decent player, let me know. I really would love to run things with an active group again. Thanks for reading! <3
  13. Wind Archer Tab is inconsistent

    Works perfectly to me
  14. Yesterday
  15. oops yeah lol i counted the week double cause the damn windows calendar greys it out -.-
  16. 1 want my 1440 HM coins.

    It was a miscommunication between them and the dev's
  17. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    I'll start using AC when tanks go back to using threat.
  18. I already hit the surprise field twice in the daily dash and got two sacred vials, i want my HM coins back instead , i could buy 5 sacred vials for that in the store. why you do this?
  19. Maybe in whatever universe you came from but here Oct 16 to November 13 are only 4 weeks.
  20. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    Honestly, neither is a bad option, however, it'd likely be best to wait for buffs to run out (or close to). That way, the person who cast the buffs doesn't accidentally re-apply the buffs thinking they may have lagged somehow and didn't apply the buff in the first place. Also, another good time to apply AC is after the initial burst. For the example of Fire Gunslinger, when Tombstone/Bulletstorm ends. That way you pump as much damage in while the buffs are going. For Archers, when your Fireworks detonate is also a good time (when your main Z skill is beginning to cool down). However, so long as the buffs have been applied, you can AC. =p
  21. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    I was curios when is it better to use AC: 1) when buffs run out (wings disappear, abilities return to normal versions) 2) or AC can be used right after buff started? Is there any difference?
  22. i did, normally its 7 weeks but last week weeklies are excluded :P the 6x weeklies is actually correct.
  23. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    Hey, folks! So, I've noticed this trend lately... for almost 3 weeks on every single dungeon I've run on my characters (mainly my KFM and Warden) this keeps happening. I've run dungeons with Archers and Gunslingers and in almost every single dungeon I've run for every single DC in that 3 weeks, the same thing keeps happening - the buffs activate, they run out... and nobody casts Alpha Call. So, this is a quick PSA for all of those Archers and Gunslingers out there (of which I have as well)... DON'T FORGET ALPHA CALL! It's really easy! For Archer, press 1 to block/counter and any time after, press Z. For Gunslingers, it's even easier... no pressing 1... JUST press Z! Easy! Alpha Call resets the cooldown of all main buff skills. Fighting Spirit (aka Blue Buff) for Kung Fu Masters and Assassins? Reset. Soul Burn/Soul Flare for Warlocks and Wardens? Reset! Heck, even party resurrection spells from Summoner and Soul Fighter? RESET! It's a second chance at some big damage or to save from a potential wipe! Why would you NOT use this ability?!? And, even better... they've changed Alpha Call's global cooldown to be reset when you go through most portals in dungeons! Killed a boss on Stage 1 of a dungeon, but there's a bigger boss in Stage 2? No worries! Alpha Call will be ready to go again! BRILLIANT! So, Gunners and Archers, remember... Alpha Call is a handy skill that benefits the entire party and is a quick, easy cast. There's no reason you shouldn't be using this skill... unless, of course, you're lazy... and why would you EVER want to be lazy? Wouldn't you much rather prefer the dungeon to be over faster so you can move onto the next one? OF COURSE you would! Everyone in the party would like to progress faster! So cast Alpha Call! Learn it! Live it! LOVE IT!
  24. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    I've gotten both Venture Tokens and Brilliant Venture Tokens from various rewards chests. I don't always have premium, so I often will stockpile them until I get some and use them then in order to maximize the HM from refining them =p
  25. Daily Dash

    I decided a while ago i wasn't gonna give you guys money anymore, so I do not have premium status. Since Daily Dash has come out I realize how unrandom it is. For I have landed on every Star square possible along my trip. No bonus for me thou I'm not premium. Today however I actually landed on something useful to my char the weekly reward chest. Exciting 2 GCSteel for my main. Oh wait a minute no reward at all. No reward when i landed on moonstone nothing for when I landed on Elysian crystal no Exp charm nothing. So the chances of hitting every special square along the way are pretty slim. To not get any bonus reward because i am not premium kinda sucks, to take away my reward all together. Test your patches men and women this is getting ridiculous
  26. Well no idea why I got locked out then. Unless performing a trade inside locks you out due to some bullshit spaghetti code.
  27. 12. Char Platz

    selbst im shop kann ich nit kaufen max 11 plätze wird mir gesagt
  28. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    Well those are about the values of some of my random alts, with random classes, I don't even know how to play. Apart from everything else you friend should check if he got all the quest equip (main and orange quest) and also check the rotations to DPS with his class.
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