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  3. Hello!

    I am new to BnS and I was wondering if I should invest in things like a subscription. Is the game fun? What are your thoughts? The only MMO's I have played are: WoW, SW, Tera and FFXIV. Thank you for your time.
  4. So I've been trying to look up online and in the forums for some RP Clans in this server, but my results have been.. less than desirable. I'd very much like so to know if anyone knows some clans in either faction I could potentially contact. I have a bunch of characters with unique stuff that I'd like to keep, and IRL friends that play this server, so I'd very much not be able to change server if that is needed.
  5. Sparkling Starcaller Chest in the Hongmoon Store

    I agree, it would be much better to have all the items in the f10 for purchase instead of spending junk box suits that are not worth it, with guto I would buy suits that I could not get in some trove or past event, but never but I will see them leave, or maybe they leave for 12hrs and I just can not see them that day. They should reconsider that marketing strategy they have in the end they will only stay with a group of whales they always buy, many people will lose. They should sell those things in the item shop as an option.
  6. Gunslingers the weakest pvp class

    True gunner is now hot mess noting now after awaken like other classes. I play pvp all time swing on gunner silver/gold some times I am top 4 some times back to square one xd. The point is gunner heal skills are way lower then other classes and its only main source of dmg is air-combo with can miss a lot. Lots of time this game got bad calculation what skill go first. For exp I cc target and can use skill to up-air it but its fail go in cd and person use evade or escape. Other times I cc and game take so long to process information its cost skill that is in same bar as up-air. Now in pvp fire deal less dmg then shadow but shadow hove clunky animation that don't let you use air-extension some times so bb dmg. Also fighting any spin class is cancer, gunner at start of game is so limited and in most scenarios vs destro who start game with lip on me I have to waist escape and run fast using hook away then he use shield and camp with heal or stun. Also I think the main problem of balance is that person who make class don't have big MS like 90% of players here so they have different statistic then other players. Gunner is good if you live near server with good FPS and MS. Also people who say gunner is not weak in pvp don't play this class and didn't spend so much time on it in pvp as people who did and know what I am talking about.
  7. In longgui-6 yesterday, I took screen shot of the problem I have -- the more people in a group, the worse performance gets -- and it isn't graphix power -- it's pure ping. The following shows screenshots about 5-6 seconds apart in battle: first shows 3 FPS and ping at 256ms 2nd shows 2 FPS and ping at 339ms last showed 1 FPS and ping at 453ms... Notice in each, damage numbers on the right at least 3 hits per image. But notice the DPS on the counters at the left -- mine was staying at 0. After last pic, I died...I got back before he died, but as soon as he died, the leader kicked me from group to keep me from getting treasure...Nice considering he started barely above me in DPS: How is this possible?? If this isn't indicative of a bug or a problem, I'm not sure what is.
  8. Old RNG Boxes Better?

    My own experience -- no where near as rewarding as last trove. Last trove was most rewarding of any I've been in, which had the bad effect of encouraging me to spend more. And some rare items seemed to be higher priced in this 'trove' compared to previous ones. However, 'mats', were still often around 1/3 or lower the price of the same on market, so it could be used as a source of mats for less money, though .. mats might still have been cheaper before. On additional benefit in this trove. The mid-range boxes are alot more common (obvious bell curve in distribution) -- and the advantage of that is that if you find a material you need, you might be able to hit max on the buy window and get multiples of the same item for the same price. It helps to do a sort on your window before you start going through them that puts more expensive items closer to top & left. A few of those I just threw out, too much for too little, and so far, 0 good accessories. This trove was alot easier to walk away from.
  9. Problem in the regular dungeons are knock-backs/knockdowns. As a distance fighter, I usually have a training dummy stand as tank and I can focus on maximum damage. I don't really know of any dungeon bosses that will be so kind as to not get upset when I wail into them and at least return the favor with a knockdown or such -- even if it isn't that damaging. Some of the worst DPS scores are on lower monsters that have mechanics that knock you down and you can't block (gunner's blocks/shields are worthless -- too long a cool down). I mean a real gunner wouldn't stand in melee attack range (where the monster can be on top of you in 1 jump or pull). In games where one can do distance - like with a bow, in oblivion for example, I can stand near 300 yds. away when I get to master level -- though even in stock oblivion, they nerfed stock archers by disallowing critical shots -- right -- like you can't hit them through the heart or head! And while you get double criticals for a sneak attack from behind with a bladed weapon, an arrow to the back of the head wouldn't have same effect? Fortunately, there, one can use extensions that restore those things. Otherwise archery is near worthless, because they'd run over to you and you'd still have to fight some other way (melee or spell) -- it would almost be a worthless as being a type of "distance fighter"[sic] in BnS where distance = 1 jump and Boss is on you.
  10. You can disable the boast window in options and -- not a great way to do it, but you can disable your character sounding like a western idiot hick "ye haaawwwwwww" , by dequipping the weapon. Also, I'd hate to have one of those lynn's that makes the weeeeeeahh sound -- I'd probably have to kill off my character if I sounded that bad. (*someone who actually paid for a character-change-voucher to change their voice* because one of my yun's grunted too much...very out of character).
  11. Everybody who is saying bnsbuddy is totaly safe and not bannable reason, here is a quote from a support letter for you: "* Use of VPN's/Proxies * Use of 3rd party programs such as BnS Buddy * Account sharing We do not condone the use or activity of any of the above, and they can result in permanent closure of your account.
  12. Optimize the game ...

    i bet its MSP when turle doing the AOE. Just turn off reflext context guide and your problem is solved.
  13. There is a chance that starbreaker bracelet does not active on lunar slash. It's not too often, but it does happen, and its quite noticable.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Angeln....

    Wenn ich mich nicht all zu sehr verrechnet habe, liegen wir schon lange kein Jahr mehr hinter Asien zurück. Momentan dürften es ca. 3-4 Monate sein, waren es zumindest noch im Dez. letzten Jahres. Einzig der Awakening Patch wurde bei uns verschoben. den hätten wir aber ursprünglich auch schon im Dez. bekommen sollen. Wenn sich also nichts grob verändert hat, sollten wir noch immer in einem Bereich von 3-4 Monaten hinter Korea zurück liegen.
  16. Ringaufwertung

    Den Ring hast du schon immer gebraucht. Für den BT Ohrring braucht man den Ohrring aus der Erwachten Nekropole zum durchbrechen, den kann man auch nirgendwo kaufen. Hat man zwar aus der Story mal bekommen, soweit ich mich erinner, aber wer keinen Platz im Inventar hat, der darf den dann noch mal Farmen gehen, wenn er den weggeworfen hat. Ist mir mit meinem Gunner passiert und ich durfte gute 10x durch die Nekropole rennen :S Der Schmuck ist halt alter Content, deshalb benötigt man auch Schmuck aus alten Dungeons für den Durchbruch. Aktueller Ring / Ohrring wären die aus TT. Mit ET (dem nächsten Raid den wird demnächst wohl bekommen werden) wird eine neue Kette und Badge kommen und die aus VT werden veralteter Content sein.
  17. Standbilder

    Habe auch dieselben Probleme. Bei mir kommt das aber nur bei bestimmten Bossen vor. Z.B. in "Tiefen der Flut" beim 2 Boss Kajuga, wenn er bei ca. 50% eine AOE castet, friert das Bild für mehrere Sekunden ein. Genauso in "Irontech Forge" beim Iron Monkey: wenn er die AOE castet, friert das Bild auch für mehrere Sekunden ein. Aber am schlimmsten ist es in "MSP" beim heiligen Longui: wenn er bei ca. 40% eine AOE castet, friert das Bild für 2 Minuten ein. Ich hoffe, dass das Problem gelöst werden kann.
  18. Angeln....

    Erst lesen dann kommentieren so wie ich es geschrieben habe erst kommen sachen die schon in Korea letztes jahr erschienen sind und die neue Klasse kommt bestimmt Herbst oder nächstes Jahr und das mit Angeln wird bestimmt erst nächstes jahr kommen wahr immer so das wir 1 jahr warten müssen bis es zu uns kommt
  19. Bd has frontal immunity when they grab. Thats 1/3 immunity while you guys have full on. Partial immunity while spinning too except for kd. They don't have a full on immunity yet. BMs are pretty hard to fight if they are good. Not as bad as a destroyer or kfm. See they are trying to make counter classes. FM>KFM, BD>Gunner, BD> FM, KFM> BD. They didnt think it through because it goes more like this. KFM>Group, Destroyer>Group, FM> group, wl = running backwards with your pants down,SF >group, warden> group Bm single target, Bd single target, Gunner single target, sin single target. Reason I say that is because they have group burst that wipe full groups if your in the area. You have aoe vs single target attacks. So if you have a group 1 shot is that better then a single target 1 shot? Its kinda like comparing a loud sniper musket vs a Missile made to wipe a group. I dunno about you but if a group of enemies are hanging out in an area and my loud musket will give off my position I would just call for fire. Basically it goes use immunity/stacks wait till you can use your missile and then fire if you miss repeat . BG likes to put all the missiles on one team and all the loud sniper muskets on another. They ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up by putting 1 shots on aoes and mixing them with people that have single person 1 shots. Truth be told AOE>singliar targets anyday. People don't need skill to know that. Just like 10 i frames vs stacked i frames. 1 ends 1 continues. Shouldn't have to run from your opponent to get the i frames to leave. Especially if your guarding points. It should go more like this. BD=all classes, kfm=all classes, BM= all classes, WL = all classes so on and so forth. They should move all one shots to single target and reduce the dmg of aoes. That means all classes can 1 shot a single target. If you miss with it learn how to get it off with your ccs and removal of immunity skills via skill cancels. They haven't though of that yet though.They rather give some classes immunity with no way of removing it except time. Last time I checked all matches have time limits.
  20. and it would also be nice to get the feather merchant OUTSIDE CS, atm if you go outside, or go kaari, the door closes and you cant get to the merchant
  21. Not really. BM has immunity plus soaring falcon. Just make bd tab and f roll then soaring while in immunity. The thing now is have immunity to cc and cc your opponent. Classic stupid ass skill why have ccs?
  22. Angeln....

    Ach, du arbeitest in Korea bei NCSoft? o.O
  23. Ringaufwertung

    Wollte meinen Ring aufwerten, was ich aber dann gesehen habe, hat mich aus den Latschen gehauen, man braucht tatsächlich den Ring der Flammen, aus der Verlassenen Gruft. Die anderen Ringe, wie vom Wurzelstamm kann man kaufen, den von der Brise auch, aber warum in aller Welt, muss ich nun in die Gruft rein? da geht doch eh keiner mehr rein. Langsam hab ich das Gefühl das den Machern die Ideen ausgegangen sind, andere Erklärung habe ich nicht dafür. Glaube auch nicht, das die Unteren Dungeons bis Kältelager angepasst wurden. Zumindest die Zitadelle der Dunkeldraken wurde nicht angepasst, da war ich gestern noch drin und hatte mühe da durch zu kommen. Dazu kommt, das einige gar nicht mal wissen wo das ist. Das ganze macht für mich so keinen sinn.
  24. Listen your voice please.

    Ok so let me get this straight, 6 vs 6 is not pvp content but pve content? Seriously, you got me confused by your wording and spelling. Also, sure you have to do some pve to get pvp gear but who cares? If you want to pvp and do it correctly using the gear that is for pvp, then suck it up and do it. Also, please tell me your not trying to pve 6 vs 6 using items you would inside dungeons and expect to not to be killed easily? I'm sure that isn't what your saying but by not listing your gear when your being one shot or even mentioning who one shot you, their gear comparison or even class...seems fishy unless of course your are trying to do pvp w/ pve gear then that is the issue right there. Also, don't expect to compete with whales at least at first until you get your gear up to par which now a days means Dragon Forge min. hellion pvp accessories maxed and at least Ivory or Nova Soul Shield with proper primers. As for your other comment, I can count more mechanics in say Brood Chamber then the dungeons you listed. Also, have you tried challenge mode at all?
  25. Optimize the game ...

    its that option that causes you to crash. you need to disable it under camera .
  26. NC2 Launcher problem/error

    Greetings everybody, When you get to the download page, please do a hard refresh with Ctrl F5 before downloading the file. If this does not help with your issue, please submit a ticket to our Support team, as mentioned above, so they can take a closer look.
  27. My 2 cents on the subject, first it has only been out for a month. They do this for most new systems/gear. It looks very time consuming and/or expensive to achieve end tier, then after a while they make it easier or more accessible. If my memory serves Obsidian could mainly be achieved through IF for the longest time as the non pay method to get them. Now we have them with solar energy, CoS and BC. When Garnets first came out could only get through Koldrik without paying. Took a month for those who weren’t lucky to even get one hexa. Now we have Garnets in MSP some hard modes and randomly in the stage 10 boxes. This is is also reflected in gear 100 runs> 10 runs. Have to beat boss of a raid to get weapon upgrade>become sealed (and raid gets easier). The game is designed in the way to facilitate income, but also to get gear to everyone over time. As long as they introduce more ways in the future to get these stones it will end up working out ok. One suggestion i would have with this tho, I heard the merchant of wonder can have the sparkling chests (never seen it or a picture so I can’t verify), if they don’t there should be a rare chance for them to have them in CS and HM. Then in HM increase the chance of rare MoW to give more incentive to HM as well, as CS is currently designed to be equal or more rewarding then HM for less or equal cost.
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