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  2. Adding event quest to daily challenges

    When Koldrak was part of an event it was added to the daily challenge as well
  3. Can we get a revert on the bracelet for us who salvaged AND leveled an Starbreaker/Divinity foolishly thinking you wouldnt lie about stuff AGAIN like you did with the White Orbs/resets/DSS? so we dont have to go through the chode that is farming hong? "For Blade Masters and Kung Fu Masters, Legendary Stage 10 or Awakened (any level) Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings can be evolved to the third specialization through Manage Equipment with a Spectral Blade Emblem or Iron Claw Emblem. These can be purchased from the Dragon Express for 5 Naryu Tablets. You can swap between specialization accessories with the specific specialization emblem from the Dragon Express." NCWest does it again, we gonna come with the "ups, miscomunication" excuse again?
  4. Consistent would be every acc using the same mats to swap specs
  5. Adding event quest to daily challenges

    I am merely voicing an opinion. think about it: Daily challenges are supposed to be challenges you complete by playing the normal game content. events are events. Lately players want everything instant so they have to do less and less in the game, and that is not how it should be. Might aswel add a auto-complete coin for daily challenges for 1k ncoin for those who claim tehyy don't have time or for whom "real life" prevents from playing the game.
  6. If you look at it, it is actually consistant: Raid accessories - You need moonstone / elysians Non-raid bracelet - you need hong bracelet to evolve the bracelet to the current spec, so with a third hong bracelet you can evolve it to the third spec If you look at it, each accessory is following the same path.
  7. New perf + hanging probs today

    I have not noticed anything in terms of ping and so far no crash so idk, I asked my friends and aside the normal issues nothing really weird going on so idk o.o
  8. Perhaps its just me but I would prefer to see a consistent approach, some acc you can swap specs with a noonstone/ely crystal, some accs use other things. I have no issue with paying a small cost to change specs but it would just be nice to have a consistent cost across the board
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  10. Adding event quest to daily challenges

    If I remember correctly, they have added the event daily quest to the daily challenge in the past, around the time when msp was the latest content, personally I wouldnt mind seeing it added back to daily challenge now that they are trying this new system
  11. sala hongmoon

    boa noite tenho duvida voltei a poucos dias e peguei char lvl50/60 q começa na sala treinamento fiz trteinamento do 2 tipos ataske defesa dai so tem dgs mas como sai odaki:? nao tem opçao sair ou algo mais?
  12. Is something wrong w/the network or is there a DoS attack going on? My pings which were hitting 99ms yesterday afternoon, are hitting over 300ms with some activities causing a connection drop & game crash. Heard similar from others, including outright crashes from people who'd never had it crash before. Ug.
  13. Adding event quest to daily challenges

    Have you ever thought that the real absurdity is you dictating what others "should" be doing?
  14. Minor change to simple mode (Earth)

    The point of simple mode is that it's meant to be a non-perfect base rotation for the class for people who are new to the close to get a feel for how it plays. you are meant to evolve from using it. If it was actually good then everyone would end up using it which takes away the skill aspect. It's great for people running BT but once you get your VT acc and badges you should stop using it because of that reason you stated. Stonebreaker really isn't as hard to learn as people make it out to be. you just need to have good MS and micromanagement of your CDs
  15. Bans for game crashing

    The timer was put in p-lace because people were simply dropping groups left and right and that ruined the gameplay for everyone. now if they want to pvp they have to stay or go on a cooldown timer and waste time. This is a very good thing, the fact that for some players the game is crashing,, butlooking at the big picture the cooldown timer is good.
  16. Invisible mode

    Nope there isnt. if you dont want someone to see you online on friendslist you have to remove them.
  17. Adding event quest to daily challenges

    sounds good but i have to say i dont like the idea, simply because events are events, and thats what they should be, they should be completely seperate from daily challenges. Also if someone cant "remember" that there is currently an event going and cant see the letter popup on his screen, thats not a game issue, thats a player simply being brainded and not paying attention like he should. A game should not change because players cant pay attention to their own things, its absurd.
  18. Looking for Friends / Clan

    Are U still possibly alive and looking for somebody to play with?
  19. Considering NCWest seems want to abuse the new 3-4-5-quest daily challenge reward system for future events. If anything, it helps alt players a lot, which are pretty much the most active and gear-relevant players (on their main, at least) in this game. Also, it will help to be a good reminder for players to remotely get their quest inside dungeons, in case they forget to accept it before going inside.
  20. Select Region on Log in

    Yes, this setting has no reality altering properties I am afraid. Jokes aside, there were no changes made to servers and their location. Before logging into the launcher, you will have to choose the region and on that basis, we will display the games that NCSOFT is publishing in this region. After you have logged in, you'll choose the game you want to play. In the case of Blade & Soul, before you can start the game, you will have to choose the server location — North America or Europe.
  21. Cuz they want you to play their contents, of course. Server A don't X, Server B should not be able to do Y. Nice logic.
  22. BnS Startet einfach nicht

    @Grinsess Sind die Energieeinstellungen auf deinem PC auf Höchstleistung eingestellt? Was hast du für Teile in deinem PC? (CPU, Grafikkarte, Arbeitsspeicher, SSD oder HDD)
  23. Please dont put MSP in future events

    b&s is still mmorpg right?
  24. Invisible mode

    Is there an invisible mode for online status? Thanks!! :D
  25. New Tag Match Que Times

    Auxtra here! i've done well over 2,000 tag match games and i would like to say that 6:00-9:00 is way too early. Tags never seemed to be alive around then anyway and most people have work during that time, atleast make it 9:00pm-12:00am or 6:00pm-12:00am
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