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  2. suggestions bc there’s never enough

    2 & 14. na does have some exclusive things, but true-- something that massive of a patch i couldn't imagine being NA exclusive. 4. ok so i get that this is the case for you, but some don't like pvp-- either because of their class get scuffed to being pretty trash in pvp, lack of frames, or just it's not enjoyable to them. also, i mentioned it to grimoir but i meant it as elys need a specific spot for farming, much like how soulstones and moonstones do. i don't think they should remove the items from pvp, but i dont think they should be available in such abundance only there, it's not very fair to pve exclusive players. 7. honestly, any form of a larger crafting guild would be great. 8. well see, you can complain abt the pve stuff being available only there! that's not fair to pvp players who want pvp accs but have to pve! what i'm saying is, i think the price should be lowered or available in another place (they did this with the foods for the hm skills) so people can have access to it. there's no downside to more availability bc that'll always be welcomed in a game. 10. exactly, which is why instead of giving scaleburn wep, they should just give the rift/dawn wep chest. 12. that sounds like a cool idea! it'd support people using forums more which would bump the activity in it-- idk abt premium itself($$$$$$$), but having some cool title in game or something would be nice. 17. kr has it for badges and so does na, if na made it an na exclusive thing it wouldnt be detrimental. as the other servers all have their own exclusive things as well. 18. atm we have this option available with solar energies, but i think it should be available with just the raw items without solars being needed 100000% agree. theyll just keep neck slicing you and doing like 2k dmg. i'll take the L for 20 please
  3. Fishing Guide

    Moon Refuge, took me 4 days of constant fishing there to catch it.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Another thing to do is to move all your stuff from your Basic Inventory tab to the Premium tab (after you've opened up space). Even after premium is done you will be able to remove items from there just not put more in. This could save on a lot of dragon trade pouches. And take advantage of the reduced cost of soul shields in the dragon express premium tab.
  6. thank you guys for the info. How about crafting order? i kind of heard with premium membership, it will give you more points?
  7. Fishing Guide

    I can't find your page. Also, i can't catch orange sworfish at all. What is its location?
  8. I personally don't run dungeons any differently when I have Premium, but it is a great time to push through any upgrades I can (discounts are nice!) or redeem any Venture Tokens I have lying around. It's also a good chance to try out any weapon skins you have for basically free (if you're into that). If you're interested in anything in the Premium tab of the Dragon Express (i.e. discounted shield prices) that's worth a look too. Oh! And don't forget to buy your 20 free outfit delivery stamps from the HM coin tab of the cash shop (make sure to buy the 0 coin ones if you want them free). I keep them in my Received Items until I have any spare outfits I want to swap between chars.
  9. You want to do basically all dungeons/raids accessible to you. Every Quest gives you extra gold for being premium. I'd recommend going into F8 and doing these daily: Heaven's Mandate, Cold Storage. As well as Irontech Forge and all the way up the list as high as you can, depending on your knowledge of the dungeons. You can generally do Irontech Forge up to The Shadowmoor with 0 mech knowledge. You also have Solo dungeons: Mushin F20, Outlaw Island, Circle of sundering, Den of the Ancients. if you do absolutely everything above, you'd end up with roughly 150-200g+ a day. Depending on the loot you see in those dungeons also. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As far as raids, same thing except these are weekly. Skybreak Spire, Temple of Eluvium. Then you also have your Weekly Challenge "Raids" Hall of the Keeper, Hall of the Templar, Snowjade Fortess, Fallen Aransu School. Generally also require 0 mech knowledge.
  10. Es gibt soviele,Alternativen um an Mondsteine zu kommen aber man muss auch dafür was tun man braucht nicht unbedingt PVP Spielen um an Mondsteine zugelangen :) a bissl Strategie und es klappt :) und mal ehrlich jedes mal liest man dass man Überlegt aufzuhören dann macht es auch (das sind mimimiim Themen weil man auf Deutsch zu faul ist was zutun ) Over and Out
  11. suggestions bc there’s never enough

    I got one, too. Suicide button in ToI. Whenever I see a sin, I have to beg it to kill me. It won't even do it on its own, and I'm never getting those 3 min of my life back.
  12. Hi all, Wondering if you have a premium membership for say 7 days, what would you do differently then? or what would you try to complete while you have it? Thanks for the advice!
  13. bound to account

    hi there is a posibility we can get this items bound to account plz? , in my case i hcange main and i have a lot of this in the other character but cant use in the new one, so are there like a waste.
  14. Wie lange lohnt sich BnS noch?!

    Das frage ich mich auch schon die ganze zeit wo die 6h immer her kommen. Es sind nur 3h die man überbrücken muss. Ansonsten, überspitzt gesagt, wenn jp denn bach runter geht juckt das kein schwein. Wenn aber Korea am schlicksen ist, dann haben alle anderen server auch ein großes problem. Ansonsten, schulterzuck.
  15. suggestions bc there’s never enough

    1. they wrote down performance will be better next update but thats probably not true and even if its true it will still run like crap. 2. They cannot do something like this thats actully a way to big update you need to write to the devs directly since nc will not hire devs themselve to do that. 3. Yeah clans are pretty useless for everything else than Klan BG and this is totally unbalanced due to gear. 4. There are some PVP/PVE players like myself who enjoy playing both so moonstone crystals and soul stones are nice in PVP aswell and i think its a way to farm so everything who is not interested in PVP wow i am not interested in some PVE stuff too but i am forced to play this too. Just dont be lazy and farm via PVP ! 5. They need a way to earn money so they will be time exclusives they sell better. This wont be changed. 6. Yeah thats just some money grab there are plenty of games who give a f2p way to customize your char. 7. Maybe they could give us something usefull we can craft in there. 8. Like i wrote in 4 already its a way to farm so dont be lazy ! I dont like some PVE stuff aswell but there is no other way to get the specific items i want. 9. We all wouldnt have a problem with talking to them for several hours what they have to change if they want to but we know tho how much nc can change so this is pretty much useless. They have to stop taking every update KR gets they have to think for themselve and try to make the best out of the trash updates we get but they do exactly the opposite. They try to do the worst cause PVP dosent give as much money as PVE. 10. Its only 5 Naryu Silver and Naryu Silver is considered as a trash item. 11. Thats a big problem but we know € is more important. If you dont do what a whale tells you its a potential money loss to you as a company. 12. I would even like a system where you can earn points by being active in Forums. Thoose points could be used to buy Premium or some other things. Of course you would get alot of minus points if you dont write about the topic in the forum. 13. Exactly and i am 100% sure if they asked the community there would be several players who would volunter to help nc. 14. Like i already wrote NC is not the dev they cannot create new things. They can ask for thoose but do you really think in 10 Years KR never thought about this ? 15. Thats one thing they could actully change themselve 16. Would love to see that. 17. not gonna happen if KR didnt do it till yet. 18. they will do this but its still to early for ET. They do not care about this games players. They do the absoulute minimum possible so the cost is low just look at PVP people like baskerville dont even respond to PVP topics. As far as i know the mods in Forums get paid to be our access point to the Devs. This tells me they got ordered to ignore PVP.
  16. Luncher switching server

    Thats a shame, i mean its not asking too much just for a simple checkbox or something to block the server of choice. The luncher keeps switching between servers for me randomly, sometimes i open the luncher and its EU other times it changes to NA, its really annoying
  17. Luncher switching server

    Not sure but i believe NC mentioned that the launcher will always use the NA server as default.
  18. Steelsabel weapons

    While they don't go into your showroom you can certainly use it as a weapon skin. Personally, I use the dagger/razor one.
  19. Still getting higher ms than fps, still waiting on some answers.
  20. Was für 6 Stunden absitzen? o0 Naja PVP ist nicht so mein Ding, deswegen beschwere ich mich da auch nicht, aber ich würde das Game noch ne weile gerne Zocken und wenn man diese Zahlen anschaut, dann sieht mann wie es abwärts geht..^^
  21. Will BnS Ever Introduce Region Transfers? + Poll

    Well to be honest, i dont believe in hear-say, but i believe in what i witnessed. Whale clanmate did a reroll from FM to gunner when gunner was released, He got Soul and Pet transfered while other clanmembers just got an answer that endgame gear wont be transfered. So yeah, some accusations may be false, but not all and even if it is just one player that get some advantages others dont get its freaking unfair, but thats how the world works, sadly even in case of a game ;)
  22. Mein Post bezieht sich aber nur auf Blade & Soul, falls du in der Lage bist zu lesen. ;) Die anderen Spiele haben keinen Einfluss auf BnS, deswegen sind die Zahlen relativ.. Und wir haben auch nichts mit Japan zutun, mir geht es ganz allein um den EU Server, denn wenn er nicht läuft, dann juckt es den JP Server nicht.^^
  23. suggestions bc there’s never enough

    2. really, just for a different afk spot that you can res-charm yourself in if you die in f8 (there's still really no actual point outside of this tbh, and even then heaven's reach exists), maybe access to all the solo dungeons to avoid having to go to the areas (again, not like it matters bc windstriding is free). it's a cutesy, idle idea that most games implement just because people want it(even tho it gets abandoned). active crafting inside of it would be cool too 3. this is true, but even then the amount is insane. the hongmoon point charms (which i doubt anyone crafts, but it's an example) is insanely expensive. (i'll get a screenshot later if possible) but also a lot of people are kinda just bodies in clans and there will be 5-10 actively donating and such 4. i have plenty of elys, i'd just like a definite place for farming specifically it-- i should've worded this better (since raids cant be farmed, and cb isn't a guaranteed ely) 5. agreed, if they did actually put access to all of them, itd get tired and dried out just like the current rotation is. we just need more selection imo. 6. to tweak it for profit, it can cost chromatic threads-- i'd imagine the people who get extremely picky about small details would use this a lot. 8. increasing the reward is actually a better idea, u get a valid stamp 12. i still think if they allowed more customisation to forums or adjusted the set up, itd make more people look into it, since it currently looks like a ghost town. but that's just my opinion-- id use forums way more if i could just change the profile picture lmao. also, itd probably make more people look into the game since forums normally reflect the game (this is also just how i view it, since it took me a HOT minute to even find out a subreddit existed) 14. it's useless, it has nothing to do the lore, and there's absolutely no benefit to it. but there are still people who'd want it(i personally think a mentor/mentee system would be better but those normally flop in games). so i'm giving them their 2 cents of acknowledgment before i see the annual "mArRiAgE sYsTeM" demand in feb from someone who played for a solid 2 wks and is still level 11
  24. Guílty Crown || Karminlegion

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️Update⭐️⭐️⭐️ ❗️❗️Wir suchen❗️❗️ Kung-Fu Master Soulfighter/Elementarkämpfer Assassin/Nachtklinge Summoner/Beschwörer ❌❌❌Aufnahme-Stop für❌❌❌ Gunslinger/Schütze ⭐️Wir freuen uns auf euch!⭐️
  25. Hello, i live in Portugal and many times i open the luncher it changes automaticly to the NA server and i have to switch it to EU or else it will log in NA, its kind of boring because many times i am not paying attention and i end up lunching the game on the NA server. I dont know if its my problem or if some other people have the same issue, but can you please make a way to lock the server we want to play by default? That way it wouldnt change by itself. Thank you
  26. Will BnS Ever Introduce Region Transfers? + Poll

    to be honest, you shouldnt believe hear-say cause in most cases that isnt true. I wouldnt mind if under the i will call it "extreme" condition that someone really is moving from europe to US and vice versa to somehow move / transfer their character via support, cause that is something that actually impacts their game. I wouldnt be for people swapping regions whenever they please and feel like it, it would just create a huge mess. Take for example: Premium stones on EU = 450g, Premium stones on NA = 290g, imagine someone transferring over, buying out the market and then transferring back, it would cause problems with the "market balance" (i know sounds funny xD) They COULD offer a 1 time swap, for those who actually want to play on another region, and that would be it, just a one time chance, no reverts.
  27. suggestions bc there’s never enough

    1. They said some optimizations will come on 24th and hopefully some more with the engine update so...something is moving in the good direction, at least in theory so far, we will see next patch. 2. Housing? why? seen plenty of games with it and in all of them it was ignored and unused because its a useless feature, not to mention it doesnt fit in this type of game. 3. Agreed, half the stuff is wayy to expensive but then again its made with the concept that you have a lot of clan members and they all contribute, its not supposed to be a solo thing. 4. Idk what you are doing but i get plenty of elysians. Most of them i get from basin (yes it gets boring after a bit but gives me what i need) and dungeons chests give fair amount of elysian crystals aswel. 5. Access to all of them would kill their profit. thats why there are 2 week rotations. Plus it creates some variety. Personally i wouldnt want them to release all at once, but they could increase the bi-weekly rotation to 4 costumes instead of 2 and rotate 2 new ones and 2 returning ones. 6. Conveniance, conveniance = money, given they could make it a bit cheaper, but adding it into game, would be a profit kill i'd think. 7. I kinda have a meh view on this, its not like people are acting like a real clan, everyone is mostly looking after their own nose. 8. Royal zen bean, as the name suggests already, Its fine as is. Instead of lowering the price they should increase a bit the sen bean reward from the arena tutorial quest. 12;. Its dead because people get more information by using reddit, discord. Has nothing to do with the forums like they are, simply player preference is anything outside the forums. 14. Imo, Marriage system is useless, even in games that had it and provided benefits people ignored it, from my view its a waste of time and resources and not even close to fitting in the game. If someone really wants a marriage system that bad there are plenty other games with focus on that and housing. 15. I like the idea.
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