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  2. Returning Player looking for a Beginner's Guide

    Hello, I close this thread since there's already a very similar one that was created. Please feel free to continue the discussion here: Regards, Amraith
  3. Hey there Michelle, as you could witness yourself, the game is in a bad shape right now regarding optimization. Every player is going to tell you the same, that no matter what kind of PC do you have (be it NASA setup or Potato setup), you're gonna have a bad time having stable FPS, specially in crowded areas/raids. If you are really thinking in playing back again, I'll recomend you to watch some videos of EvilDoUsHarm. He gives pretty neat tips and he even has a sort of "guide" for returning players. If you still need more information, feel free to DM me here so we can get in touch somwhere more user simpler and easy to use, like Discord, for example. Other than that, I hope this helps.
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  5. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    I have less gear and i do 1.9 Million in parse.
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  7. Heilige Essenzen herstellen

    @Wolfengel Ja das ist richtig das es ohne event gerechnet ist. Habe mich nochmal informiert Seele und Geist bleiben jetzt 1jahr lang auf der jetzigen höchststufe somit hat man echt genug zeit^^
  8. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    Wrong DPS requirement for clearing it was about 1.3M. For the time run you need about 2M You know that for most players cosmetics are the "true endgear" and more importent than other stuff? it highly depends on your class. Some classes need way lower gear than other classes to deal same DPS. When you play the wrong class, you are screewed. Let alone look at a 3rd spec BM and the enormous dps. even your own spec can make a huge different (Shadow / Ice WL, Wind / Earth Sum for example and so on) Also GC weapon dmg highly depends on rng progs. My damage can differ up to 500k in same dungeon depending on my weaponprogs. I already had fights in BC/ WC where i didnt get above 3 stacks on my GC-Weapon during the whole fight.
  9. Quite interesting topic you have going on here... The way I see it is that no matter what, the game is badly designed when it comes to certain ways to gather materials. You can't or rather shouldn't lock essential items under PvE or PvP barriers. PvE players shouldn't be forced to do PvP as much as PvP players shouldn't be forced to do PvE. Both should have the same accessibility to everything in game. "But then I won't make as much profit as I'm doing right now" Then, this turns into a greedy/money making issue rather than a way to give everyone what they need. If everyone has the same possibilities and access to the same materials, the market would be filled with them, sure, at a much lower price, but we'd be avoiding the screenshot OP posted before. I'm sure there are a lot of people, new and returning players mostly, that are struggling to get the materials needed to progress further and feel discouraged by it.
  10. Heilige Essenzen herstellen

    ^^ Du hast in deiner Rechnung die Event's vergessen wo man sowas regelmäßig Farmen könnte wenn man nicht gerade die Waffe oder Schmuck Leveln möchte ^^ Bei dem momentanen Event könnte/hätte man, pro Twink/Main, locker so 12 Kristalle des Gefährten bzw. 4 Heilige Phiolen Farmen können. Trotzdem wäre es nicht schlecht wenn es noch die eine oder andere Möglichkeit gäbe wo man an das Material heran kommen könnte. Grrr, bei mir waren es auf der Main nur 750 Kalte Kugeln und auf allen Twinks zusammen noch mal 800 Kalte Kugeln. Hätte ich das vorher gewusst, hätte ich noch soviel Kugeln umgewandelt wie es innerhalb von einer Woche Intensivfarmen und aufbrauchen der "Materialreserve" möglich gewesen wäre. Aber so . . . .
  11. Heilige Essenzen herstellen

    @Nemises Ich verstehe schon das was ihr meint! Jedoch bleibt die Seele nun 1jahr aktuell (Bis wieder eine neue komm) beim Geist weis es es grade nicht. In diesem 1Jahr schafft man genug: Wenn man jeden Tag PPT macht und das Solo zeug hat man ca 170-200g am Tag. Diese Aufgaben kann man 7mal die woche machen heisst 170-200x7=1190-1400g in einer woche! Dann kommt dazu noch BT/VT/TT (das man für TT bisschen besseres gear braucht ist ok man muss ja nicht mit schlechterem gear genauso gut an sachen kommen wie Leute die besseres gear haben) da weis ich das gold nicht ganz gehe aber für alle 3 sachen ca von 300-500g aus dann sagen wir mal nur durch den täglichen schnell gemachten kram und weeklys bekommt man schon 1500g ohne wirklich zu farmen. 1500g = fast 4 Heilige Essenzen! Und jeden 3ten Tag kann man sich eine Essenz herstellen das heisst es wären ca 6 Essenzen pro Woche. 488:6= 82Wochen= ca 1 1/2Jahre (und das find ich dafür das man nur Daylies/Weeklys macht schon echt gut). Klar hat man mehrere baustellen das man sich warscheinlich nicht nur auf eine sache konzentriert. Man muss ja nicht immer alle Essenzen selber herstellen! Wer schneller vorran komen möchte muss sich diese Essenz halt auch mal ausm Auktionshaus kaufen. Und das ist nur mit einem Charakter gerechnet (Ich selber spiele nur 1 Charakter). Dazu kommen anscheind immer irgendwelche events die das beschleunigen. Außerdem haben Sie doch schon die kosten für die Seele angepasst! Also ich hätte ansich nix gegen eine Anpassung aber sie sollte nicht zu extrem sein! Weil wenn ich bedenke die Seele jetzt 1Jahr so bleibt und nur mit Daylies/Weeklys auf 1 1/2jahre kommt ohne zu farmen (wenn man sich nur auf Phiolen Konzentriert). Ich mache die woche ca. 3000-4500 Gold die woche somit wären das für mich 8 Essenzen (die ich kaufe) + 2 die ich herstelle sind 10stk die woche. Also in einem Jahr hätte ich genug :D aber dafür farme ich auch und habe die Zeit! Durch eine änderung wäre ich zufrieden wen man mit Daylies/weeklys usw auf 3/4Jahr bis 1jahr kommt und wer schnelller sein will muss halt farmen oder cashen (bin selbst kein cashernur premium) ich finde man sollte schon etwas zu tun haben wäre ja langweilig wenn ich der vor 8wochen angefangen hat in 2monaten fertig wäre mit den Phiolen.
  12. i agree with you. They should lower the amount of bloodstones needed. thats also why i upgraded the PVE path of the PVP accessories and then just swapped them over at stage 10.
  13. (This was in Player to Player Support but there seems to be little traffic there-1 response-so after 5-6 days, I thought I'd post this here in General.) Hello all, I have not played in over a year, and would like to play again. However, it has been so long-and I have played another game, with completely different systems, in the interim-to the point that I do not remember even some of the basics. I have a Level 50, HM 9 ForceMaster (Gon) and a Level 46 ForceMaster (Gon) and would like to pick up where I left off with them and not have to start all over. If there is an ingame guide that explains the basics, that might do or a step-by-step guide in forums. I did look here in forums using various search terms, such as "guide" and found nothing, aside from a few dead-end links and seemingly outdated or irrelevant material. Examples of the BASIC knowledge that I do not remember include panning the camera view quickly which obviously is important in any combat, PvP or PvE. My first time back the other day, I saw that the mouse keys were tied to simple attack skills so the mouse keys don't control turning the camera unless I press the 'alt' key while simultaneously pressing the mouse key and manipulating the mouse. This seems unnecessarily involved, using both hands, not even able to use a skill comfortably, so there must be a better way. How does one make the character walk, not jog? That is trivial, granted but an example of the baby steps I may need to take and my guild is dead and I really don't feel like asking such silly questions in chat as response is somewhat hit or miss as I see no "World Chat." A guide with any updated material from the past year or so might also be helpful as I see that my weapon is not only outdated but unusable and my skills have mostly been removed and the system to add skills looks quite different. (Bearing in mind, my last time actually changing skills might have been as far back as late 2017.) So, again, a primer that explains basic stuff and the newer content would be appreciated. (I've been told that I must salvage the older weapon but would like some confirmation before doing so. Other games seldom gave back a BETTER, NEWER Weapon when you salvaged, just "useful" junk.) Worst case scenario, I suppose I could start a third character and relearn the basics with the tutorials given to newer players when they create their first character. That won't teach me anything about endgame content but would at least remind me of how to do simple things such as panning the camera, movement, and likely how to add skills, though perhaps not what Bangle I should be using now for my two current cL50 and L46 haracters. Slight update, I went back in game since originally posting this topic this past Saturday, to check menus, maps, etc., is there an FPS Issue? I'm getting 6-10 FPS just standing around in a market area with few other players. Thank you in advance for any help that you may be able to give. à la prochaine, Michelle<3
  14. So DEV's how about to finaly keep your promise...

    1. i didnt write this but it was sarcasmn in the first place. 2. I play booth PVP and PVE in the last months i prefer PVE because awakening destroyed PVP. My PVP Gear: Dragon Forge 7, Frist Gen PVP Ring Stage 3, First Gen PVP Necklace Stage 3, First Gen PVP Belt, First Gen PVP Gloves, Nova Core 8 Set, Of course i wouldnt mind seing them adding a new way to farm moonstones but it should take much longer to farm it via PVE than PVP same as 1v1 with the soul stones. I get 38 - 64 Soul stones (dont know the exact number) every 2nd win in 1v1 thats 26,6G - 44,8G Soul stone plains takes much longer. On the other hand i would prefer them simply removing all PVE Materials from PVP so you can get max gear 100% by doing pvp. Since i prefer Soulstones boxes i cant get blood stones aswell thats why my PVP stuff is still so low. There is simply no way to get Bloodstones via PVE expect for crafting guild and have you seen how expensive that is ? Totally not worth it. Now imagine a player who wants to get max gear PVP or atleast decent gear before entering 6v6. There is simply no way to get Dragon forge and Accesories Stage 10. I really want them to add a way to farm Blood stones via PVE. The only reason i have Dragon forge 7 is cause i play PVP 1v1 sometimes and the Soul stone Boxes you buy there can contain like 1 Blood stone Fragment.
  15. Returning Player looking for a Beginner's Guide

    Thank you for the reply, especially as it was your first one here on forums. "Controls; You can try to use a controller. I had to remap RB+RT to (X). It was difficult to hit RB+RT constantly." Are you talking about some after-market gadget I would need to buy? I am using a computer with a mouse and keyboard. "Things that helped me:" 1, I can probably use that first suggestion at some point, 2, I don't really understand. 3, Yes, once i know how to move and get a functioning weapon and skills I can do that or similar. I don't have a weapon, though as it was made obsolete while I was away. 4, No idea about any event giving away weapons. If it's a P2W event, I'll pass. "First priority:" 1 & 2, I can't finish the story, I can barely move as I do not understand the controls, have no skills, and no weapon. I think I have to salvage the weapon but every game I ever played, salvaging a weapon, NEVER gave you back a better weapon, just "useful" junk. I need to see a guide that says that YES I must salvage the old weapon for a new one. I don't want to salvage THEN find out that that was not the way to get the new weapon. Also FPS is awful. I'm just standing around in areas that have few players and getting 6-10 FPS. 3, until I get some comfort level with controls, a new weapon and get reskilled, I'm not paying for a game that I can't play. Aside from the ongoing FPS Issue. "Things to do:" 1, It might be too late. although you say you haven't played since 2016, so maybe not. But I don't really know what a Soul Badge is. I vaguely recall Souls being an added unnecessary complication about the time I quit the first time. WHY do they feel the need to keep adding new crap? I mean the basic story is I'm the Chosen One. Why does she constantly need cheats to access the magic inherent in her chosen status? :D 2-4, sound like things I need to try, although 150K+ DPS sounds like crazy talk. What is your basic attack power? That number on your weapon? 5, Now Mystical Badges in addition to the aforementioned Soul Badges. Peaches? 6, What level are those quests? 7, Now THAT sounds useful. There seemed to be no solo dungeons at all when I played which was a HUGE problem as toxic players wouldn't help at all and wouldn't let you join a team. I'd rather do a dungeon by myself than drag others down or listen to them ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and then kick me anyway. Are there other solo dungeons or has NCSoft added that option to solo any dungeon? My apologies if this sounds ungrateful. I appreciate your reply but I am lost and this game seems to just progressively get more and more involved and complicated. (Please don't regale me with your experiences playing much tougher games, I am a beginning teacher just out of school and really don't have time to make BnS a second job.) I need a guide I can reference for not just the latest and greatest, (I'm now seeing something about fishing. Really? They added the dullest activity known to man aside from sitting and doing nothing to the game?! The Magic, Secret Power of angling is an Asian Mystic Art? Who knew.), but also the absolute basics of why I can't even turn the camera in an efficient manner or walk. Again, thank you for at least trying, no one else did. I'm going to repost this topic to General and see if any players-who've been more active recently than we have-have notions about basic guides and current updates. Player to Player Support seems kind of quiet.
  16. Can we shorten bid timer to 10sec or less?

    make it 60 seconds instead so i can waste the time of those scum that bid in my MOML parties
  17. Totaly agree with this, best idea ever, plz do
  18. a valid strategy to make others pass abusing their impatience.
  19. @Baskerville Any update yet from the team regarding this matter?
  20. Can we shorten bid timer to 10sec or less?

    its even more annoying when people jsut wait till the timer is almost finished and then just bid that 1 copper....
  21. Hi folks, Returning player here from when BNS 1st started here in the US then quit a couple of months after. After some assistance from customer support, I was able to retrieve my forgotten account and was able to access my characters which remained at then max lvl 45. 1st thing I noticed while launching the game is that it takes 1 or more mins ( im not joking) for the game to launch from the client. Once logged into the game, the fps for some reason is locked below 30 fps no matter how I adjust the graphics. Im running the 64 bit ver of the game and Im running it with a newly built rig with i7 9770k, RTX 2080, and 16gb @3200 mhz so there is no way it is hardware issues. Looked up the issue and fixes to no avail including disabling the bluetooth, changing the profile in NVIDIA inspector. Any knowledgeable people in the community that can help me resolve these issues? I'd really want to get back into the game. PS. I dont remember having these fps issues back then, its unplayable at its current state.
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  23. I agree with the last sentence ;)
  24. Hello, I'm not quite sure if it's the passive itself being bugged or the tooltip simply being wrong. The tooltip says: "Triggers +3% Attack Power and +60 Boss Attack Power for 5sec. on a successful Unload (Max. 3 stacks)". From what I am seeing, at the moment you sometimes do get a stack from Unload and you sometimes don't. The tooltip doesn't mention any RNG ANYWHERE. Would like to receive an answer from someone higher up who'd tell me if it's another of those tooltip fails or if it's a bug (in which case we're losing quite a bit of dps for no apparent reason) passive tooltip image
  25. We need...

    No offence... but that made no sense whatsoever.
  26. Heilige Essenzen herstellen

    Ich stimme für eine Änderung voll zu . Ich hab damals 3250 kalte Kugeln wegwerfen dürfen da hab ich erstmal gut schlucken müssen. Wäre da nicht mal die Idee für die neue Farmebene (Mondscheinzuflucht) etwas einzuführen. Riesige neue Ebene die bestimmt viel arbeit gemacht hat zu erstellen und alle die etwas höher sind brauchen da nichts. Das würde es auch attraktiver machen dort hin zu gehen.
  27. Example: Soulshields. Their status change depending on the spec you are playing. Why can't this be applied to all items?... Raid Jewerly, Mystic Badge Right now is easier than ever to change specs yes, but it should be even easier, how about this: press K, choose the spec, done. The only exception is soul badges, probably. The problem right now is we are starting to get new items, and we will get new items that wont be able to change, example ET Badge I think. I believe the game should just let you play whatever spec you want at the moment, opening more options for player to enjoy the game is always good.
  28. was sucht ihr denn :D? Mfg OutOfSide :3
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