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  2. Warlock Spec Icons Transposed

    They fixed the icons on the right side, but also swapped the backgrounds of the icons at the top. It looks kinda weird and would be nice if that could be fixed too ^^
  3. hello i am returning player now i have a problem with optimize low end pc option imagine we r on 2017 i was playing bns. I was getting 5-10 fps when i open optimize low end pc i was get 30fps in dungeons 40fps in muhsin tower with ctrl+f. and game was windowed screed and 800x600. Now i install game again same laptop same equipments. I got same fps 5-10. I open optimize low end pc and i got 5-10fps again. Only lightnings are gone even game is fullscreen. I manually set ggame as a windowed and changed resulotion to 300x400 but sitem 5-10 fps. Is something change for optimize low end pc. I think i couldnt change it this time. About cards yeah i put priority for this game to nvdia Edit settings with nvidia inspector I set high priorty on task manager What else i need ? why optimize for low end pc is not working anymore??
  4. Ignorance sucht Mitglieder

    [GER Clan] Iɢɴᴏʀᴀɴᴄᴇ | Rᴀɴɢ 9 | Kᴀʀᴍɪɴʟᴇɢɪᴏɴ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ♔ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Unser Klan existiert erst seit kurzem und besteht momentan aus 12 liebevollen und hilfsbereiten Membern. Dennoch haben wir uns bereits einen eigenen TT Raid aufgebaut. Wir suchen Verstärkung für HM Trains, Raids und CBG ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ♔ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Aɴғᴏʀᴅᴇʀᴜɴɢᴇɴ: ✓ max VT Gear oder PvP Gear (DF9+) ✓ Sympathie, Humor und Hilfsbereitschaft ✓ Klassenverständnis ✓ Nur Mains oder sehr aktive Twinks ✓ Geduld und Spaß am Spiel ✓Discord Wᴀs ᴡɪʀ ʙɪᴇᴛᴇɴ: ✓ Familiäre und freundliche Umgebung ✓ Tägliche PPT (HM/NM) ✓ Spontane VT oder auch BT Raids ✓ Farm Runs wie z.B. MSP 1-6 ✓ Klan-PvP (CBG) (ꈍᴗꈍ)♡ Bei Interesse meldet euch ingame: bei Shugl, Qitô oder Discord: @Yuki#5095, @「ᴬᵀᴼ」#1108
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  6. Bug - Warlock training room

    Same problem kindly fix this NCSOFT, IGN: cZs Screenshot
  7. Unable to enter Fallen Aransu School

    Try making a ticket to support, maybe they can help you somehow.
  8. Battlegrounds Balancing

    I mean look I grind and have pvp gear. Not whaled out at all. Theres ways to do it. Trove is what these ppl pay money for. I mean thousands at a time. These ppl like to get paid for their job too. I dont work for free. No one does. There is a mode similar too battlegrounds like fortnite. Balanced as far as gear... skill a different story
  9. tfw you only have expired ones
  10. Battlegrounds Balancing

    so what should they spend money on?
  11. Stop making sense. You'll just scare them. BTW you can also add that DKV still drops regular gem hammers.
  12. Unreal Engine 4 (2019)

    Sounds pretty useless to whine about something that they don't know much about, though...
  13. Unreal Engine 4 (2019)

    I mean, they have to do something when they arent playing o.o
  14. Unreal Engine 4 (2019)

    If only this stopped people from asking about it...
  15. that is why there is BC, which drops guarantted 1-2 onyx scales, and the dynamic always awards fragments. Its much faster and more efficient to farm them there, especially since the dungeon got hit with the nerf hammer.
  16. 30-Day Premium Gift

    If it's your wife, then you could just buy it on her account instead of gifting in-game. As for giveaways, you could buy game keys for NC Coin instead of gifting 30 day premium memberships.
  17. I confirmed that MSP drops both types of expired and non-expired chests. For expired chests, it is during double-loot weekend MSP, when MSP daily quest is part of daily challenge. For non-expired chests, you get it during weekday MSP.
  18. Just wondering If yall r still recruiting And if so willing to accept sum1 new to the game?
  19. Currently, BT drops nothing, VT drops blackstones and TT drops silver scales. No doubt this trendwill continue onward. VT is the gear level that it starts to use silver scales, and TT is when it eats blue scales for breakfast. Especially if you go non-raid path which consume an even larger amount of respective materials. By the time people run VT, they don't actually need more blackstones, but silver scales. There are now five dungeons that drop blackstones from NS to HH. Same with TT, where players need a lot of onyx scales instead of silver scales, and silver scales are now abundant with guaranteed drops from four dungeon from DD to Shadowmoor. Yeah, I know that for first few weapon stages, you still need materials from previous tier (blackstone for VT 1-6, silver scales for GC 1-6...), but by the time you hit the bottleneck (a brief while with VT6-9, and TT 6-9), you should have enough resources of blackstone/silver scales already. If anything, the change would benefit new players. Assuming a new players join this game and start to working his way starting BT, then extra blackstones from BT will help them save a few dozens of dungeon runs/week. Same with VT and silver scales. Most importantly is for TT-gear players, cuz there are now too many things that eat blue scales. While blue scales will inevitably becomes abundant, just like what happens to blackstone and silver scales, I think dropping scales/stones according to what players need on that gear level will make those materials from raid more meaningful to players' gear progression.
  20. Stab des Raben Level 9, Upgrade auf...?

    Hallo, prinzipiell ist der Stab des heiligen Bergs besser, da er bessere Modifier (Werte) hat. Wenn du die Waffen vergleichst siehst du, dass du besseren Mystic Schaden und 300% auf Sonnenblume bekommst. Allerdings ist es bedeutend günstiger über den anderen Waffenpfad zu gehen. Du solltest auf Stormdragon (spiele auf englisch) gehen, da du viel mit fliegenden Nesseln spielst, das macht aber nur Sinn, wenn du bereits dein legendäres Seelenabzeichen und das Abzeicheichen aus VT (Tempel der Winde auf deutsch) hast, ansonsten erstmal die andere Waffe nehmen, man kann dann switchen, kostet auch nicht viel. Falls du weitere Fragen hast, kannst du mir auch gerne eine private Nachricht schreiben. :) Bis dann
  21. 30-Day Premium Gift

    I wanted to send a premium of 30 days for my wife to gift more in the store I only see the option of 90 days and would like to buy the 30 days! And on my Youtube channel I would like to do events that I could give the winners with 30 day premium in Blade & Soul would be really cool ...
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  23. I guess I would find that surprising given that all other gems have been account bound for a while. Certainly violates the "least astonishment" principle. I see no practical reason why they should be any different -- they are in class 'gems' so it shouldn't be difficult to extend that functionality to anything in class gems -- who knows maybe then it could be ported back to other, equally deficient versions of the game in other locales.
  24. u force pvp people to do pve content for gear ...force pve to do pvp content ...just the same ...... i can bet the next patch is 100 percent pve content and if they bat an eye lash at pvp content ill make a toast until then
  25. this game has so much potential but in wrong hands ....i heard tournaments are over even another reason y pvpers will leave and tbh most of the ranking are like eu players swarming ranking boards close to season reset .. if i have a soul now .... why would i spend thousands of gold trying to upgrade it when it will be free or for low low ..... rushing getting to aransu then soon 2 weapons be over u ..... its just the same thing so my point is when ppl get bored of this upgrade nerf ...refarm tatic what is left to do nothing
  26. the game is like this .... aniversary patch march/april -skill changes trove evey 3 months , rng box after then some fashion box rotate all over sept a new class ....its broken and ruin the game play for anyone for the next 3 months, nerf that class to nothing just to boost another new class. december a new place , and level increase aniversary patch decorate jadestone ... recycle an old event dungeon summer recyle the frog guy in glasses event all the same thing .... in all of this they haven't once look into making pvp better ..i see posting about some arena ranking bug . i made gold and i didnt get a thing come season reset .....on top of getting cc the moment i enter the field i manage to go that far even on my other class went 1670 .... if they continue down this path idk whats gonna happen .... i thought thats what new team would try to restore but this team more focus on power more than ever ..literally throwing everything out there .... isnt it better to have more ppl playing the game and talking about it rather than chasing away everyone leaving the the whales ???? i mean korea is pvp central and they have ping and pc and unreal what ever ......but at least implement some changes that makes everyone life easier ...all i see happening is copy and paste korea content .... imagine big skill changes and nobody pvping like come on. i see ppl trying to get 3 arena tag and they saying game is dead lol you want a tag match u have to beg ppl to join for 15 minutes then beg someone to make a party ....\ its a simple fix add 1 of the event pouches u guys throwing in dungeon in tag match daily when its a daily ...... SIMPLE BUT WILL U GUYS NO? idk if its difficult but only reason when new class drops the populations gets high is becuase old pvpers come back to pvp with the class ..... when they bored they leave
  27. i mean any body into pvp , will love battleground..and they will whale if thats what they want but ...thIS game treat pvp like a THIRD WHEEL ...pvp made this game popular from misty days and ssp but now idk i thinkn they given up and just focus on money money ..and no focusing on content ppl will love..its just a thirst for power and dps now...and farming your life away. arena quest are the same since bns started nothing has changed same silver .... its not rewarding and they try so hard to make arena a back seat in every patch
  28. Well i did PVP, both arena and 6vs6. I stopped playing 6vs6 when 6vs6 became a one shot slaughter festival which doesnt have anithing to do with pvp anymore and its pure p2w. Creditcard anicancel pro player have always max gear and you have less to no chance to kill them. I stopped Arena when nc-Soft decided it would be a good idea to nerf the season rewards, so only top 100 will get hm-coins. So why should i play arena, when 10 chars of same class, owned by one player, are in the top 20-50 ranking? So yeah, instead of saying you can do pvp with 10 chars of same class but only the highest ranked will get the reward nc-soft decided to nerf rewards above top100 ranking. So let these dudes play with eachother, but i dont want to help them making gold. Split the game, use items obtained from pvp to upgrade pvp stuff and items obtained from pve to upgrade pve stuff but stop forcing pve players to pvp and the other way around.
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