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  2. Merchant of Wonders - Unreasonable Prices

    You can get TT shields from feathers, MSP, or doing the raid...merchant of wonders is supposoed to be a bit pricy considering the rarity of items it sells.
  3. I wouldnt call the current pouch me at least...P2W means you get an advantage that no one else can get by normal gameplay and that simply isnt there. Ignoring the farming time, everything in that pouch can be gotten by gameplay (excepot costumes but we dont count those). All it does is make the farming time shorter, by oit does not give any advantage you cannot get in game already. Either way if tehy decide to remove the rng boxes / trove, that will hit the f2p players really really hard....because then the wealthier players will just control the market with the tradable materials. because lets face it, those rng events are what significantly drops the prices on market.
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  5. Ticket page bugged

    Every time I click the "submit a ticket" or "my ticket" on support page, it redirect to MyAccount page for no reason.
  6. problem with hongmoon cave area

    same problem here
  7. Merchant of Wonders - Unreasonable Prices

    The prices were actually twice expensive before. Though I agree that it is still startling expensive. Sure, TT SS has become much more easier to access, but SS box is a bunch of RNG. You may spend over 500g for a SS box 5-8 without a single desired stat, which you will have to replace, thus wasting 500g for nothing but a piece of SS that only servers as a placeholder at best. I think they should added gold+GC wings instead. Base prices should be 50g for SS 1-4, and 100g for SS5-8, and require GC wings that is only about one-third of premium dragon express.
  8. NC and all other companies will decide if to make things more fair for free players, or if it's better to change the games they offer in the West, or even simply pack up with their current winnings and go back to Korea, if bills limiting video game gambling are approved, have no loopholes, and are strong enough in the enforcement part. Other than that, corporate heads know plenty of ways to go around laws and other legal hurdles to aim for what they want. Also remember that law and justice are different terms as well. One deals with what is agreed upon in a society by those leading it. The other deals with what's right and fair. Not always do both are served together.
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  10. Merchant of Wonders - Unreasonable Prices

    Yeah... that's way to expensive for my characters' wallets to handle.
  11. I'm still in favor of being able to manually-select your idle animations. Just saying; it would be perfect for screenshots.
  12. I didn't think of it that way. That's interesting to point out @Hanuku; thanks for that. Additionally, from the articles regarding this Senator's bill, there are loopholes as to how he defines "Pay-2-Win" because microtransactions doesn't automatically mean they're P2W. Some people spend microtransactions on costumes, cosmetics, cool in-game aesthetic effects, basically anything that gives neither an advantage nor disadvantage, which isn't explicitly defined in what the bill entails. I agree. Making it where loot boxes give items that are all satisfactory to a player in some way, without the out-of-luck cards as you described, would certainly make these boxes avoid falling under what the bill declares "unfair gambling" such that they aren't unfair. However, keep in mind that any item that makes a player stronger, that can be bought with cash, is P2W; that can't be dismissed, and boxes like the [Lustrous Box] provide contents that are P2W, which is what this bill is trying to make illegal in the U.S. Interesting analogy you bring up as it relates to law, but law and in-game P2W are two different concepts. I agree, the small defense NCSOFT adds to Blade & Soul is that their events, with the loot boxes and such (Trove, Lustrous, etc.) have a small portion that can be obtained for free. However, the free might not be enough in the eyes of many F2P players, in which this defense is denied by a majority of them. It's a difficult balancing act trying to seal the gap between the "whales" and the F2P players because once a player is able to buy materials for upgrading their character, that's when the gap opens and becomes very hard to close. If anything, NCSOFT should look into making things fairer for F2P players. I can't stress enough how important that will be for the lifespan of this game. Then again, they're greedy... might expect the worst to come.
  13. Returning players looking for clan

    Feel free to join my Discord server! It's a smaller community, but already have several B&S players. We also span across PS4 and XBOX players. We also have a clan you can join that I run!
  14. returning level 50 player need new guild

    Feel free to join my Discord server! It's a smaller community, but already have several B&S players. We also span across PS4 and XBOX players. We also have a clan you can join that I run!
  15. Looking For A Clan (Crimson)

    Feel free to join my Discord server! It's a smaller community, but already have several B&S players. We also span across PS4 and XBOX players. We also have a clan (Crimson) you can join that I run!
  16. Returning player looking for active clan

    Feel free to join my Discord server! It's a smaller community, but already have several B&S players. We also span across PS4 and XBOX players. We also have a clan you can join that I run!
  17. Looking for a clan to join

    Feel free to join my Discord server! It's a smaller community, but already have several B&S players. We also span across PS4 and XBOX players.
  18. [LF> Fellow Yura Friends]

    Feel free to join my Discord server! It's a smaller community, but already have several B&S players. We also span across PS4 and XBOX players.
  19. Interesting point you bring up @Grimoir. Nowadays, parents are more lenient, or don't care, when it comes to their children playing videogames. I remember as a kid, when I first started playing my first shooter, which was Return to Castle Wolfenstein, my parents got really mad at me, but over time, they came to accept that this is kind of thing was a norm now. Truthfully, I didn't turn into some violent individual, but them being upset then compared to now just shows how far we've gone in defining what's right or wrong for our children to be exposed to. As for the government handling what's considered the "parents' job," I'd say they shouldn't get involved. It's not their business; it's the family's alone. If NCSOFT made it that way, then they would lose out on a lot of players, and not many adults have the time to play videogames. Most of their money [likely] comes from prepubescent children undergoing puberty, so as to dress up their waifus by spending money on the costumes available in the game to satisfy their fetish desires. Games restricted only to adults would push this game to the brink of collapse, and I'm not sure that's something we'd all want.
  20. Returning Player looking for a clan and some friends :(

    Hey, if you have Discord, join my server, and I'll get you added to my clan. Noob-friendly. Lol
  21. In the last patch notes, there was this "promising" sentence: Today I encountered this Merchant of Wonders in Sandstorm Temple: Dear NCSoft Do you guys have any idea, how much these are actually worth? Because it sure doesn't seem that way. Buying these Soulshields from a Sellraid would cost max. 50g per piece. Nobody would ever pay 280g for a Soulshield that isn't even BiS anymore. While this is one of the more extreme examples, there are dozens of items from that merchant, which are way too expensive. Please try to adjust these prices to make them at least remotely reasonable. Because AFAIK the Merchant of Wonders was supposed to offer items at a discounted price. And that is definitely not what he's doing right now. Thanks
  22. Wind or Fire KFM

    Hello everyone! I have a few questions about KFM, I just started play again bns yesterday and I'm loving the class KFM but it feels so different that was before. Before KFM wind was the main build and fire was ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, but now I don't now anymore... I like both, what should I chose to main? Which one takes more dps and which one is better for pve and PvP? What is the badges for which one? Sorry if spell something wrong my envy is not that good
  23. Loot box and p2w/p2c (pay to win and/or pay to convenience) are two different things. Banning loot boxes doesn't mean p2w/p2c would be made illegal as well. The reason p2w/p2c and loot box gambling is talked about together is because loot box is the usual method to extract more money from a good or service associated with p2w/p2c. But if loot boxes didn't exist, corporate heads would seek other ways to still insert p2w/p2c into the game. One method would be to make more legit chance boxes with items worth roughly the same value to players. For example, a box with costumes and only costumes. Or a box with materials of the same tier, used for roughly the same gear tier. These should not contain HP or buff pots, as those are the items people see as "you lost, try again" cards. Another method would be a sort of failure breaking point. A box gives you one or several of the chance items, and also gives an item that if collected enough times, allows you to buy the reward you were looking for initially or something of similar value to you. Pretty much like the lustrous box in the current event. Now, BnS may have some sort of defense in the fact that most, if not all of their chance boxes and chance based events can be accessed freely, just in smaller amounts for the free player. Trove has a free tier, and the current event lustrous box can be bought using HM coins which can be earned in game without paying a cent. Sure, we know that those who pay for more get a ton more chances to get the actual goodies. And at the level it's happening, we do see a marked gap between whales and free players. But still, in a court of law, the prize goes to the smartest lawyer, not necessarily to the one with justice on his side.
  24. If I remember correctly, there was another topic about this, with some users disliking it so much that they unequip their weapons when going idle. Being able to toggle this on and off (and the same goes for premium windwalk effects) could be a nice detail to have.
  25. A government should not enforce something which deep down is a parents job, especially considering most games with loot boxes and such can be played by minors only upon parents consent, tools are there to prevent minors from this, parents just dont give a s...t and blame everything on the gaming industry. Personally, BnS should just go to become pay2play at age 21+ and that would most likely do the trick. If the loot boxes / trove get removed, get ready to see costumes worth 50$+ like another game which title i dont want to mention.
  26. I don't really have any issues with character idle animations. I'm happy that characters even have idle animations to begin with because that's extra work on the animators. I'd really like it if we could choose our own idle animations though for the four races, similar to how we could do it in the character creation screen.
  27. I heard online about how the U.S. Senator plans to ban loot box gambling and P2W, on top of making it illegal to even have these features in any game made or imported in the U.S. To verify this, I found articles on the same subject matter, accessible via the links below: U.S. Senator Introduces Bill To Ban Loot Boxes And Pay-To-Win Microtransactions You Can Now Read The Proposed Senate Bill That Would Ban Loot Boxes In Games Kids Like [UPDATE] Loot Boxes Could Become Illegal In US If New Bill Passes We Shouldn’t Trust The US Government To Know How To Ban Loot Boxes And Microtransactions Game studios would be banned from selling loot boxes to minors under new bill Personally, I'm a bit nervous about what this could mean for Blade & Soul given this game has loot box gambling, P2W, and RNG all over the place, and concerned if NCSOFT might just make the dumb decision to pull this game from NA in response to this "because it isn't making them enough profit." At the same time, I'm happy that loot box gambling is being banned because kids are being exposed to "legal" in-game gambling mechanics that is gambling nonetheless and harmful for them due to risk of addiction. Ever since the whole Star Wars: Battlefront 2 problem that caused all of this, I'm content with not having to pay to excel in a game that I could get better at with time, but I really like Blade & Soul and am hoping this won't cause some executive decision to pull the game from the western market. These articles are worth a read, but for all those among both the NA and EU regions, what do you guys think of this? Keep in mind this could have an effect on the EU region as well.
  28. Unfortunately there is NO specification nor requirements that does not allow an RNG algorithm or anything run the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing thing from picking the same number more than once. That's how randomness works. Want another example ? Russian Roulette. You have 6 shooters load 1 chamber with bullet, leave 5 empty and roll the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing thing. keep playing and you may ended up blowing your head But remember that SAME chamber can get picked more than once. Means that if chamber num 2 got picked, then you roll again you can end up having chamber num 2 picked again, roll again same thing can happen. Until eventually you hit the one that contain the bullet.
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