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  2. Where are we now?

    Honestly, both NC and the community are to blame here. NC throws out updates that are clearly-intended for making profit at the expense of balance and fairness in the game, i.e. making the game P2W. There are players who buy into this and spend thousands to "get ahead of the game" and end up being overpowered in both PvP and PvE, resulting in the scale tipping loosely-over to one side. Because players are buying into these updates and spending more just to "get ahead," NC sees this as an opportunity and continues whipping out more updates that are recycled and clearly P2W content given the results from previous profit-making updates. Players continue buying into these updates despite knowing they're actually being scammed, and the cycle repeats. If players didn't listen or comply with NC's updates and spent money on them to "win" them, instead refusing to spend on microtransactions and only complain and negatively-publicize the nature that is this game, these updates wouldn't be recurring. It would surely ruin the game, but it would force NC to rethink their strategy on how to make money, which would've eventually forced them to deploy fair and balanced updates that pleased their player base, where those who would spend out of pocket for stuff in this game would do so out of supporting the game and enjoying what NC is providing, not to "win." The worst case scenario from reacting negatively to almost every update deployed would've been NC shutting the game down in NA and EU, but it's likely they won't do that because they risk losing even more profit from the western market.
  3. Why is the Marketplace Still Not Fixed?

    I tried the search option for the F5 Marketplace option and can confirm it's broken still. I see what you mean now...
  4. Sparkling Starcaller Chest in the Hongmoon Store

    One thing that was not initially clear to me and which I was rather surprised about was the fact that each chest requires gold to open. After actually paying real world money in my case with NC coin and then having to find out each box cost anywhere from 30 silver to 450 gold each (at least that I have seen) to open afterward just seems in bad taste. That is my personal opinion though and actually makes this event seem MUCH more expensive than a standard trove or other events that I have seen. Not sure if this is a new model on NCsoft's part - but may be something you may want to review with your Marketing team going forward. General NA server chat is already getting upset over the state of the game with the server consolidation and the mostly pointless Legends event. To follow up with this event just seems to be a really poor decision.
  5. bug jeu

    quand je vais dans mon gestionnaire de tache je n'ai pas xigncode ^^' et même en attendant 5 min je peux pas me reco le launche ne relance pas le jeu
  6. Starcaller RNG Box

    Everyone makes mistakes. As long as one learns from them, that's the benefit. Thanks for the update @Baskerville.
  7. Pet pods and pet pack farming

    But even then, there's still the "farming" aspect with PvP that's frustrating when given a horribly-balanced PvP system. If I'm reluctant to PvP despite me knowing that it'll help my character and alts. progress through the gear system, that's a sign that there's something wrong with PvP in Blade & Soul; I shouldn't have to feel that way, but I do because I know that there are some classes in this game that are broken for the reasons I described earlier. Incorporating abilities on classes that stun players is not an issue, but it becomes one if players could combo to stunlock players in their tracks and prevent them from doing anything, especially when the abilities used for recovery are few to none, and there's no way to escape at that point. What I said in this quote highlights my frustration with doing PvP, and it's not worth my time nor stress to endure it just so I could get "a little bit ahead" when I could be getting very far ahead farming Moon Refuge, CS, HM, and raids non-stop. As many PvPers on Blade & Soul pointed out: it's a matter of who strikes first because the one who initiates ends up stunlocking their enemy and killing them over time.
  8. New launcher

    How did you disable Windows auto updates? I mean, that's the main complain point everyone has with this version of Windows. It just pushes updates and pretty much tries to own our PCs, with no option to turn it off. Any registry tricks or third party programs? I'm running everything pretty much vanilla nowadays, but I'd like to take back control of my own computer again. It's also odd that the launcher is giving you in game issues like DPI changes. They are supposed to be two separate entries. In fact, you can even tell the new launcher to fully close itself when the game starts. On the other side, do try both 32 and 64 bit versions of the game. Maybe that can help.
  9. Starcaller RNG Box

    Hi all, we were able to identify the issue and are going to update the news article accordingly in the next minutes. Here's the proper description of the pouches in all languages in the meantime: Blue = Normal = C01-C26 Purple = Rare = B01-B23 Orange = Legendary = A01-A11 If you are encountering different descriptions than these, please make sure keep your game files always up-to-date.
  10. Neuer Launcher

    Ich habe durch einen Bekannten diesen Link bekommen: Nachdem ich den Launcher2 geladen habe, lief bis her alles zur Zufriedenheit. Naja, die Downloadrate is fürn Arsch, aber es läuft und läuft...... Bin gerade bei 85 %. Auch wenn es scheint, dass der hängen bleibt, einfach laufen lassen. Irgendwann läuft der weiter. Gleich kommt die 88%, da bin ich mal gespannt drauf :)
  11. Insel der vergeltung bugusing

    hey ich seh immer die selben klassen auf der Insel bd - destro - bm kfm, fm alles klassen mit grap andere klassen sind da stark im nachteil ! die oben genannten klassen benutzen ihre skills um spieler durch die wand zu werfen - ich bezeichene sowas als bug using ! unerfaire spielweise ! gegenandern über so werden diese Klassen gepusht und bevormundert kfm ist mom eine broken klasse !
  12. Hi zusammen, in der Zwischenzeit haben wir folgendes herausgefunden: Bitte aktualisiert immer euer Spiel. Wir wissen, dass es möglich ist den Client zu by-passen. Das resultiert jedoch darin, dass der veraltete Text angezeigt wird. Die folgenden Beschreibungen sind richtig, wir werden den Artikel entsprechend anpassen: Blau = Gewöhnlich = C01-C26 Violett = Selten = B01-B23 Orange = Makellos = A01-A11
  13. Hi zusammen, in der Zwischenzeit haben wir folgendes herausgefunden: Bitte aktualisiert immer euer Spiel. Wir wissen, dass es möglich ist den Client zu by-passen. Das resultiert jedoch darin, dass der veraltete Text angezeigt wird. Die folgenden Beschreibungen sind richtig, wir werden den Artikel entsprechend anpassen: Blau = Gewöhnlich = C01-C26 Violett = Selten = B01-B23 Orange = Makellos = A01-A11
  14. Challenge Mode Rankings/Rewards

    I would really like to see the standings at the end of each season, not just for Dungeon Challenge, but across all modes.
  15. Today
  16. So i understand that the challenge mode dungeons are not something that everyone does, but why is the rankings limited to only the top 70 teams? That is just an absurd number. Why isn't it something like the top 100 teams. If a team is going to be put together and pool together the necessary currency and get the fight done with some points on the board, i feel they should at least get something for efforts and not absolutely nothing. This past week was the end of the first season for the BC challenge mode, so i expected last minute teams to be put together for the venture tokens. but dropping down over 7 ranks in the last few hours just doesn't sit right. If it were increased to top 100 i'd assume their'd probably be a change in tier rewards for the bottom of the boards. Something like increasing the 31-50 rewards and moving the current 31-70 rewards for 51-100. Also with speaking to a GM in a ticket, there's apparently no tool in place to even see where your team ranked in the past seasons, which seems like a huge oversight.
  17. Neuer Launcher

    Da war vorher der alte NC-Launcher drin , den habe ich ja genommen, das ist der NC Launcher2, der bleibt bei 52% stehen, via Taskmanager beendet, neu gestartet, dann blieb er bei 88% stehen. und dann tat sich nichts mehr. Es kann aber sein, das er bei dir Besser läuft. darum Viel Glück, bei der Installation.
  18. New launcher

    I still use Old Launcher, but as of today surprisingly it's not working for me anymore also, Launcher doesn't even start, (Yesterday was working fine) I thought maybe they are pushing everyone to use Launcher 2 now, instead of Old Version, but seeing that people are having problems with Launcher 2 also might not be the case then. (Windows 10 Updates are Disabled for me since forever) I will try update to Launcher 2 for Testing, but the reason I downgraded is because in-game my Mouse DPI used to slow down and speed up randomly like client had acceleration on or something, was extremely annoying, and downgrading to Old Launcher fixed the problem for me, I guess I'll give another try. but seeing people having problems with launcher 2, doesn't look promising. Edit: Updating From Old Launcher to Launcher 2 Fixed the Problem.
  19. Korea summoner

    Does anyone know how summoner is right now in korea in terms of dps? Do they have the pink fused badges or not? Is wind summoner higher dps than earth?
  20. New launcher

    BnS already has very poor support and now we got extremely annoying Launcher.
  21. New launcher

    I wonder how many who are unable to load the launcher or play the game are using Windows 10 1809. If you haven't been following on Microsoft related news, they plan to ditch that version of Windows and push us into the more recent April update. Why? Because October's 1809 was a bugged mess that did a lot of strange things, games included. If any of you is using 1809, do a search for ways to revert to 1803 and try installing BnS again. The rest is the usual driver/firmware updating and keeping your PC as clean as possible for gaming. I know this may not be the golden solution for everyone, but it's always worth trying other things when what's available doesn't work.
  22. NC Launcher 2 cant download the game

    Greetings everybody, As mentioned above, please reach out to our Support team for individual assistance appropriate for your set-up. You can submit a ticket via the Support tab above.
  23. Kurzgefasst: die zusätzlichen Bezeichnungen A10, C01, etc. sind in der englischen Version andere als in Deutsch und Französisch. Nehmt bitte die Farbe als Indikator für die Seltenheit, das ist gleich für alle Sprachen und ignoriert die unterschiedlichen Bezeichnungen.
  24. Starcaller RNG Box

    Hi all, there was no change to the event — just to this article on our website. We are investigating an issue were the grade descriptions (e.g. A10, C01, etc.) are different across the languages, which is why the information on the website wouldn't match. To avoid confusion we've removed this part of the table. This error happened due to a change of the aforementioned descriptions in the last minute, which unfortunately did not carry over to the German, French and Brazilian Portuguese localization. The colour coding (blue = normal, purple = rare, orange = legendary) itself still reflects the rarity of the pouches as it is supposed to in all languages just fine, so no difference there. We are sorry for the confusion this may have caused. We will keep you posted.
  25. Can we just ban Sins from Battle royal

    You might wanna actually read the title next time buddy, I'm talking about Battle Royal and i don't care about BG cause its not pvp. no other class in Battle Royal can one-shot someone. the closest thing to sin one shot with bomb is kfm making you tab and then using poison + sitting on you.Insert other media
  26. Ich vertraue dir jedenfalls. Du machst deine Sache sehr gut. Mach weiter so
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